Wednesday, July 8, 2015


"Would you go to a Museum or a Concert?"
Let's be honest.
Most people would definitely choose the 2nd one,
As I, too, will certainly pick that one!

Museums usually paint a serious vibe,
So I'm not the type who's very much into it.
But admittedly, whoever said that museums are boring hasn't visited the right one!
And trust me when I say that I've found the one.

 Yes, ART IN ISLAND, is in no way bland.
Let me share with you 31 reasons why you should hop on too.
1. Be as tall as a giraffe
2. Tame A Pussy Cat

3. Torro Your Way to Death!
4. The Seven Year Itch Casting Call
5. The Pharaoh's Chosen One!

6. Pyramid Hopping!
7. Recognized by Time Magazine as the "Person of the Year"
8. Cover Girl of  National Geographic
9. Message in a Bottle
10. Shipwrecked!
11. Caveman

12. Life in Prison
13. Divergent!
14. Yes Master!
15. Stairway to Heaven
16. The Mummy Revisited
17. Paint a Picture
18. Hide & Seek 
19. Gulp!
20. Blow It Up
21. Pet a Tiger
22. Tarzan Finds Jane
23. The Little Mermaid
24. Surf's Up!
25. Under the Sea

26. Seasons of Love
27. Some People Are Worth Melting For!

28. Maleficent

29. Winter Wonderland
30. Wish Upon A Trevi!
31. In Full Bloom

Oh yes, I've finally crossed out several items in my bucket list!
For those who are looking for real fun & adventure,
This 3D Art in Island Adventure is just for you.
Kid or not, you'll definitely feel like a kid at heart.

Trust me, whether it's for a bonding session, a random activity or a date place. 
Art In Island gives you the flavor you're craving for!
It's simply up to you to paint the picture.
As they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words."

So I've just got 5 tips for you when you decide to visit:
1. For the entrance fee, bring Php500 cash; Php400 for students.
2. Bring socks or you'll have to walk barefoot/purchase socks.
3. Allot 2-3 hours at Art In Island for hundreds of photo opportunities!
4. Bring camera & your friend to capture the moment at the marked suggested proximity.
5. Have fun, be creative & loosen up! Just paint a picture.

15th Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines 
9:30am to 9:30pm 

<3 SOPHIEsticated