Monday, February 5, 2018

February Sweetheart

Swipe left, swipe right!
Can my display pic find a match?
Just kidding!
I don't do Tinder.

Oh, you don't need Tinder or any dating app just to have fun this month of hearts!
Single or not, V-day is all about spending time with the ones you love.
Go out with your boyfriend, fiancee, husband, friends, or family.
'Tis the perfect time to show people they matter.

Valentine's day is just around the corner.
It's a bittersweet occasion alright.
It may be memorable for some,
And it might be heartbreaking for a few.
But no matter how the month of hearts has treated you,
Do make sure that you have your OOTD IG-ready!

There's no excuse not to dress up.
Who knows your Prince Charming may just be around the corner right?
Dress up and let those heads turn baby.

Let's paint that February Sweetheart look in (5) Red/Pink Outfits from Zaful.
So here are my style picks from my favorite online shopping site this coming V-Day! 
Their Valentine Day Special is definitely a steal for me. 

Check them out:

Backless Cami Mini Dress 

This is perfect for those who have barbie-like built. 
Heads will definitely roll with this sexy backless design.

Open Back Self Tie Bowknot Blouse

Cover your arms, flaunt with your back!
 This blouse is perfect for those who are not confident baring their arms.

Floral Belted Bowknot Cut Out Romper 

Some people feel more confident in pink than in red.
Feel free to glam up your regal look with this floral belted bowknot cut out romper.

Bowknot Tube Lace Mini Dress

Lace and ribbons when paired together brings out that modern Princess look.
Who wouldn't love the intricate design of this pastel dress?!
The off-shoulder look is always so classy on everyone.
And with red, you can seduce anyone.
Just wear RED, enough said.
It's such a vibrant color that captures the passionate tale of love.
It’s the perfect cheery color to spice up the love this V-day.
If red is too loud for you, then Barbie pink will be the next best choice too.

Trust me, you’ll fit in while standing out.
Don’t be afraid to be an eye-candy, sweetheart.
There's no reason to lock yourself at home,
When everyone deserves to be loved and give love.
Come in your best RED outfit, 
whether you're single or not!

Grab those Zaful OOTDs now 'cause luckily they're on Valentine's Sale as of the moment!

Your Fashion Stylist,

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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Your Next Food Stop is at THE ALLEY by Vikings!

Have you ever thought of pigging out in an alley? That's not the most appetizing sight, right? But trust me on this crazy idea---a walk in this new alley is something you can't say 'No' to! 
Don't worry, my fellow foodies, I'm not talking about a creepy narrow stinky alley. Who could eat when there's shit, right? Oh, you'll be amazed with the newly constructed alley I've discovered just this December 2017. You better pass by this newly constructed alley because it's the most fulfilling way to feed that hungry tummy. The sight will make you mouth-water and surely, all your cravings will be satisfied. My pockets are happy and so is my tummy. It's a win-win baby! 
The Alley by Vikings just opened to the public last December 2017, and I knew that I just had to pass by this #FoodHallYouCan & #DrinkHallYouCan Alley. You'll love the concept of this place! Imagine 15 unique food concepts to choose from. Feast your eyes to a fusion of international & local street-inspired food cuisines with catchy names such as: Wings & Fries, Just Steak A Minute, Antipasto, Hunnycomb, Lost & Pound, Hao Chi, Monte Calvo, New York Pizza, Nord’s Coffee Bar, O’Sean Eleven & Street Wok, just to name a few.
What's remarkable in this alley is that the food served in every food concept store is so presentable. You can see all the work put in it. The presentation of the entrees is just 5-star, considering it's just served in a small stall. Just point at what you like and they'll cook it for you Al-Dente style. It's definitely IG-worthy too. 

You'd notice that every nook has a theme of its own. You'd feel like an instant globe trotter and food blogger alright. So whether you're craving for Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, Filipino, or any other cuisine, the Alley just got it all for you. You'll have a taste of the world with just a snap of your finger. Voila. 
So simple, yet so delicious! These are just some of my ultimate favorites here at The Alley by Vikings:
Cap off your wonderful lunch or dinner with perfectly brewed coffee.Its aroma will just wake up your senses and make you crave for more. So whether your craving for milkshake, coffee frappucinos, flat whites, iced mochas and so on, don't leave the alley without having a coffee-stop at Nord's Coffee Bar! Let it be your bittersweet ending for a caloriefic night that's so worth it!
Sugar, spice & everything nice. I bet you can't take your eyes off these heavenly slices. Oh, this alley has all kinds of sweet treats for everyone. Give their hunnycomb a try for something different. You'll love the dry ice effect too! Also, try their egg waffle pops. Feel free to top it off with ice cream if you want that crepe ala mode effect. Yum! There's simply no place here for those who are watching their weight as this sugar house gives you that 'La La Land' heavenly effect.
The Alley by Vikings has indeed tickled my tastebuds and I want more of it. Bravo! If you ask me, I actually enjoyed the food here more than Niu and Vikings. It's a more different experience, way better than my expectations. I can't wait to be back for 2nd round. Oh, I'll let you in a little secret, if it's your birthday, you'll get to eat here for free just by bring a +1. It's a perfect deal right?! My twin & I's birthday is coming up on February 13 and I'm thinking of celebrating it here too so my family of 5 can try it too. It would be a blast to dine and celebrate here for free! Will my birthday wish be granted? let's pray and see!

So what are you waiting for? Do drop by this alley and thank me later! 


Adult Weekday Lunch: 688 (+5% service charge)
Adult Weekday Dinner: 888 (+5% service charge)
Adult Weekends/Holiday Lunch & Dinner: 888 (+5% service charge)

The Alley by Vikings
2nd Level, Phase 2, U.P. Town Center, Ayala Mall,

Katipunan Ave. Central Diliman, Quezon City

Your Best Food Hunter,

Monday, January 15, 2018


New Year means new set of shoes & clothes for me! Yes, you bet, I always have reasons and excuses to go shopping, eh? This 2018, I want to start my year right by cleaning up my closet. So I say: "In with the new, out with the old."
As I turn 29 years old in a month's time, I look for more outfits that are crisp, polished and elegant to wear. And what better way to show this than through a blue & white look to capture that everyday casual chic look. The colors are so calm and effortless, in no way intimidating, truly inviting. 
I am no plain Jane so I like sporting edgy and unique pieces that flaunt my sense of style. In fashion, the devil really is in the details. A plain look can be sophisticated as long as you pick the right statement pieces.
Notice the ribbon detail on my lace top that perfected my 'no necklace look'. Simple yet sexy without revealing much! With this feminine vibe, I like to pair it with my everyday wear kind of skirt too, which i got from Romwe. Flowy, comfy and stylish---just the way I like it! 
The buttons on my Romwe denim skirt instantly gives my style an 'oomph' factor. I just love how chill and relaxed my look is. And trust me, you'll love this skirt more as it has secret pockets too! Don't worry, you're not gonna look bulky or baggy as the skirt's garterized & cinched on the waist for a more sexy look. 

I don't go over the top with embellishments anymore. I prefer to wear statement pieces that complement my bubbly personality. To top off my OOTD, I leveled up my shoe game with a lot of attitude. Don't you just love my golden blocked heel?! It's so stylish yet comfortable to walk in. Just tie it up and I'm all set to make heads turn alright.

If you love my look for today, get my look at Romwe too and you'll not be disappointed. They have styles for all seasons and all reasons. Time to change your look this 2018!
New Year. New Season. New set of clothes.
Looking forward to what's in store for me this year. I have so much to be thankful for. May I continue to inspire and make a difference in more people's lives. I am Skyfall and I'm ready to start writing the pages of the next chapter of my life. 
Your Stylist,

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Skirt | Romwe
Shoes | Payless

Monday, December 25, 2017

You BLUE Me Away!

'Tis the season to be jolly 
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
'Tis the season to bring out your best O-O-T-Ds
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
Don we now our BLUE apparel 
Fa-la-la, la-la-la, la-la-la.
Polo | ROMWE
Pants | Zara
Shoes | SO FAB!
Shades | Fly Shades
You are cordially invited to attend a thanksgiving party.
Kindly come in your best BLUE me away outfit!
As we celebrate Christmas & New Year, surely, there will be occasions here and there. Not all events require you to dress up in glitz & glamour, so you have to be ready too with a casual chic look that can easily make heads turn. 
Blue is that breezy cool color that can always perfect your bubbly personality. With a statement polo top, well-fitted pants & killer heels, you'd surely rock any party alright. For your finale, don't forget to swipe your favorite red lippie 'cause that one swipe will make all the difference. Go get that spotlight from the ballroom upto the boardroom. It's easy as 1-2-3, eh?!
Were you blown away with my look? It's simple yet effortless--- just the way I want it! The colorful embroidery instantly gives you that hint of sophistication. Keeping it classy & sexy doesn't require you to reveal too much skin. Just wear your look with confidence and your suitors might just fall head over heels for you.  
Yes, ROMWE BLUE ME AWAY! You see, this polo is just perfect if you're feeling blue. The color itself is so calm, inviting and breezy that you'll feel cheerful in no time. You'll never feel under-dressed nor over-dressed with a crisp classy polo. 
Notice too how versatile and stylish this Romwe polo is! You can easily step up or downplay your look in no time. If you want a more subtle corporate look, just wear the polo as it is. But if you want to oomph up your style one notch higher, go ahead and tie that ribbon specifically cut on the sides for easy styling. Who wouldn't feel sexier with that sexy ribbon?
Looking fierce and fabulous has never been this easy! Thanks to Romwe, one of my favorite online shopping sites, for offering so much stylish selections. They always got all my events covered from the most casual ones upto the most formal ones. I can't wait to go online shopping again this New Year. 
New Year. New Season. New set of clothes.
Your Stylist,

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