Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Oh, let's start 2017 right with a bright sight !
It's just been 17 days after the New Year and I've been hearing engagements everywhere.
My, my, this is an exciting year alright, aside from the fact that I'm turning 28 in less than a month!!!
A hopeless romantic that I am, I swoon over love stories & sweet beginnings.
Yes, I believe in 'Happy Ever Afters' 'cause love makes flaws still look perfect.
I don't know with you, but I start every new year with my 3-step mantra:
1) Hook up with a new look ! 

Your hair frames your face. It can either make you look young and blooming or old and boring. Yes, it is indeed your crowning glory so make sure your locks can captivate that hunk you're eyeing. Highlight, color, rebond, relax, shorten, extend---whichever your choice, wear your look with confidence. Everyone would love to have that 'Look at Me' effect!

Clutch | Asos

2) Bang it up by flashing your sexy back ! 

New Year gives me reasons to sport a new look & a new dress. And this is by far my most favorite New Year look. "How so?", you may ask. It's trendy yet versatile. It's simple yet stylish. It's sexy without revealing too much. Yes, I can wear this even on the streets without looking overdressed. So for those of you asking, I got this OOTD from Sammydresshttp://www.sammydress.com/?lkid=353972 ), one of my favorite online shopping sites!


3) Play that flashback!

Life is something no one can fully comprehend. We strive hard to get the things we want, but sometimes end up not getting it. We wish for a man who is this and that, but end up having someone completely opposite. God really does move in mysterious ways. Sometimes things happen when we least expect it to and what we once thought of never made sense anymore. It is in those years, in those moments and in our precious experiences that we grow in wisdom. We cry, we smile. We fall, we rise. In the end, what matters most is standing right back up when we thought we never could anymore. Yes, it is in the learning experience that every journey becomes more significant than the supposed destination. Take time to reflect as to how your 2016 has been. Don't be afraid to turn your 'what ifs' & 'what could have beens' to 'been theres' and 'done thats'. Aim to be better than yesterday. Aim to be a better version of yourself every single day.

Dress | Sammydress
Shades | Shana

'Tis the beginning to tick off more items in your bucket list. Yes, like you, I am afraid yet excited of what 2017 has to offer. I do not have everything I need and want, but I will continuously be thankful for having such a blessed life. Even in those trying times, God gave me someone to lean on and that's more than enough for me. Hopefully, I have inspired you to face 2017 with a breath of confidence, knowing that even the simplest thing you do can inspire & make someone smile without you even ever knowing it.

Remember, your outfit is your statement of confidence.
Own your look, smile & stand out amongst the crowd.
Who knows you can be the sunshine in someone else's life?!

‘Til my next SOPHIEsticated post,

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Oh, I'm definitely into Hue!
Single & ready to mingle.

Yes, you've got me,
From the moment I wore this Sammydress jumpsuit.

A jumpsuit is a no brainer choice if you want to sport that instant posh celebrity look! 
For that fierce & stylish vibe, a Cruella De Vil animal print look would be fun.
The hues and patterns are so vibrant and lively that no other accessories are needed. 

So if you like my pre-holiday OOTD,
Get my look here at:
Sammydress ( http://www.sammydress.com/?lkid=353972 ) has the perfect OOTD ideas!

'Tis definitely the season to wear that jolly OOTD of yours.
Green. Red. White. Bronze. Gold. Silver.
These ain't just the hues that are in this season,
'Cause I tell you animal prints is the best statement tint baby!

Been naughty or nice?
Oh, who can tell when your outfit roars like a tiger? 
Yes, this jumpsuit is an effortless yet chic choice this Christmas Season.
This is a Great Gatsby Streetstyle Look I'd love to flaunt all year round.

Don't be afraid to go with animal prints,
Christmas ain't just about glitz & glamour, shines & sparkles.
It's effortlessly standing out with a vibrant aura.
Oh, spread the love this season with a smile & an outfit that inspires positivity.

Ho, ho, ho.
Merry Christmas!
Choose to wear bright & colorful hues that make you rock & roll!
After all, it’s a holiday staple look that'll make heads turn and hearts swoon over you.
Believe me, having a pair of jumpsuit is very versatile.
 Pair it with the right pair of shoes, and you’ll be ready in a jiffy! 

For that day look, choose that cute pair of wedges to add height and extra comfort. 
Yes, you can still look cool and stylish with a casual look.

For your night look, simply change your shoes! 
Bring out your stilettos and pointed pumps to create that elegant yet sexy look. 
You’ll be a head-turner alright.

I hope you were inspired with my pre-holiday look. 
More glamorous OOTDs to follow in succeeding posts.

‘Til my next glamorous post,

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Monday, November 14, 2016


"The best fashion show is definitely on the street. Always has been, and always will be."Bill Cunningham
Yes, time to pig out in a couple of days!
Oh, do you feel your bellies bloating, ladies & gents?
‘Tis the season to be jolly,
Fa la la la la, la la la la

Time to dress up everyone.
‘Cause our most favorite season is just around the corner.
If you’re at a lost as what to wear this Christmas,
Just leave that party look to me!

So recently, I’ve found the perfect sweetheart look,
Which of course, I’ll share to my style followers.
I’ve been so hooked with Sammydress,
That I’ve purchased casual to formal wear in just one go! 
It’s definitely an eye-catcher for me.
Yes, stop, look & stare.
It’s that kind of sexy without having to reveal too much.
Hope you like my Sweetheart Look!
Just wear RED, enough said.
It’s that perfect cheery color to add that sparkle this Yuletide season.
Trust me, you’ll fit in while standing out.
Don’t be afraid to be an eyecandy, sweetheart.
Feel free to check it out Sammydress in this link too.

For those who wish to steal my look,
You may check this link out and purchase this lovely dress too.
"If your hair is done properly and you're wearing good shoes, you can get away with anything." —Iris Apfel
"Style is wearing an evening dress to McDonald's, wearing heels to play football. It is personality, confidence and seduction." —John Galliano

‘Til my next post,

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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Shop Globally with Uskoop

Uskoop Girl Here.
 And I've got the biggest scoop ever!
Uskoop PH is finally here.
Yes, Gossip Girl is making its biggest come back via Uskoop Girl.
Now, we're bigger, better, bolder and juicier.

Call me superstitious, but I’ve got a feeling, you'll love me more this season. Let’s face it, I’ve been at this a long time. Monitoring the 'IT GIRLS' & 'IT GUYS" has been my life and gossip is my source of breath. But age breeds wisdom. And this I know: the best is yet to come with my new obsession! What’s old is new again. I may not have much time left, 
but some things are just forever--SHOPPING!

One of my many sources ShoppingAddict91 sends us this. 

"Spotted in the Philippines. 
Blair Waldorf taking a vacation!"
OMG! Don't believe me? 
See for yourself.

Lucky for us, ShoppingAddict91 sends us proof.

No need to waste money on airplane tickets and boat rides since Uskoop is a one stop shop for all your global needs. Best of all, shipping, custom and insurance rates are included. No more hidden charges and unnecessary trips to the post office 'cause you'll get your items right at your doorstep.

Sources tell me that Blair Waldorf has decided to secretly spend some time here in Manila after Chuck Bass has been spotted with another woman. Don't worry B! We feel you.

Tracking her computer IP Address, I've discovered her obsession with Uskoop PH. Who wouldn't right when one can choose from more than 10 million products from Amazon, Macys, Zappos, Walmart and more?! Oh wow!!! Take a look at Queen Bee's top 5 picks. Surely, these will sell like hotcakes tomorrow!


Yes,I know you've been dying to know more about Uskoop PH because Queen Bee trusts this online shopping platform! As I'm now Uskoop Girl, let me tell you why I love this awesome shopping paradise too. 

So after you've decided on the items you want to purchase, paste the product URL you're interested with in the black space. Yes, this is exactly the screen you'll see once you open the Uskoop PH page. One click. One Price. Yes, Global Shopping! 

Yes, navigating around Uskoop really is a 4-step process:

Best of all, I love Uskoop PH because I can buy more for less! Yes, imagine I can buy the same Canon PowerShot G7 Digital Camera being sold in Lazada for Php41,890 at Php 33,911 only via Uskoop PH ! That's Php 7,800 worth of savings!!! How cool is that?!

                                                       PHP 7,800 !!! <3

International purchases doesn't mean they're more expensive. 
In fact, Uskoop PH has proven that it can be actually cheaper!

So fellow shoppers & A-listers,
Why bother falling in line & driving thru the crazy Manila traffic when you've got Uskoop PH?
Check this online shopping site and just like me, fall madly in love with it!
Oh, I'm going loco over here!!!
My finger are hurting with too much clicking and bookmarking.
Now that you know Queen Bee's secret shopping site, leave that manicure behind and start clicking your way to the best finds globally. No more hidden charges as whatever amount you see flashed in the Uskoop computation is the final price! 
Yes, Christmas definitely came early. I'll just wait for my orders to reach my doorstep.
And as a little treat to my followers,
Get a discount worth 10% off on shipping and handling by entering this promo code:

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