Tuesday, November 12, 2019


Us fashionistas always want a new look for every occasion.
Yes, we always want that IG-worthy snap or FB-worthy profile picture.
So dressing up can be a dilemma when we are pressed with time.
Don't worry, I've discovered an online shopping site that can help you with your OOTD.
Lover-Beauty can solve your fashion dilemmas. You'll definitely find something to wear here for all reasons and all seasons. Lover-Beauty is the top name in online Shapewear, Sexy Lingerie, Sportswear, Swimwear Fashion Dress, and Women's clothing shopping! What more can you ask for?! With over 10,000+ styles, whatever your shape is, you'll have your check-out cart full. Oh, you'll love them as much as I do.
So below are my Top 5 picks at Lover Beauty that I highly recommend for all women of all shapes & sizes. Imagine Hollywood Red Carpet look is just one click away by checking out this online shopping site for cheap womens clothes online:

Go seal that deal with an outfit the commands & demands.
Charm the public with fresh beauty that glows.
Seasons change. Go take my breath away.
Private moments cherished.
Be Scene-Zoned & not Seen-zoned

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Sunday, October 27, 2019


Sunny days make us crave for the sweetest & freshest mangoes!
Maxi Mango is a modern twist of the classic Mango float.
Go indulge on that luscious juicy treat that will make you feel like a kid again.
Oh, falling in love has never tasted this yummy.
MAXI MANGO is my latest fashion get-up right now.
As my yellow maxi reminds me of the recent dessert craze MAXI MANGO,
Thus, I wanted to share with my readers how to flaunt the perfect maxi look!
How do you like my MAXI MANGO pun when it comes to fashion? A hit or a miss?
Bright colors are so vibrant that I instantly catch everyone's attention.
You'll never look monotonous & boring as long as you pair this OOTD with stylish heels.
The cut of my maxi is very attractive because of its 'high-low effect'
You won't look conservative at all baby, a hint of seduction goes a long way!
Wearing a maxi is one of the easiest ways to make a statement look.
This look is so polished and elegant that you will never be underdressed nor overdressed.
Just play with accessories and perfect with stilettos.
Now you're good to go from the ballroom upto the boardroom.
Til the next style secrets,

Sunday, August 25, 2019


I was born to be a star, even a style icon would do.
The streets are my runway every single day.
The Red Carpet & Hollywood OOTDs are my style pegs.
So wherever I am, I always make it a point to dress to impress.

Bless me FASHION for I have sinned.
Time & time Again, I find myself so obsessed with online shopping.
It's simply an every day chore I can't resist doing.
The finds are so fab & stylish that I can't help adding stuff to my DRESSLILY checkout cart.
Yes, I am indeed a shopaholic & a fashionista! 
Fashion is simply my way of expressing who I am.
My style is never a Plain Jane, nor is it a t-shirt jeans combo type of OOTD.
I dress up like I was born to be star!

My fashion sense is very much sophisticated & modern.
You bet, I'm more of a trend-setter than a style follower. 
Being an 'It' Girl means having that 'X' factor and with Dresslily,
You'll be a head turner & eye catcher in no time.
So how to get that Red Carpet look?
Just check out my (8) style must-haves from DRESSLILY 
And you are on your way to achieving that A-Lister look as easy a 1-2-3.
Oh getting dolled up has never been this easy, stylish & convenient.

DRESSLILY gives you more reasons to save, shop & splurge 'til you drop.
And I have a special treat for my dearest readers who love to shop as much as I do:
Feel free to use this code: DLBF20 with 20% OFF  
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It's time to refresh your wardrobe! DressLily prepare the best high-quality but low-prices products for you, make you free under all occasion for Monday to Friday.

Dress to Express 'cause with Dresslily, you will always be born to look like a star.
No more waiting in lines 'cause online shopping is such an AHHH-mazing experience!
Another online store I highly recommend is DRESSHEAD.
The dresses are so cheap, but the quality is A-lister.
I'm always a head-turner when I wear their dresses.

Til the next style secrets,

Monday, August 12, 2019


Welcome to the world of online shopping & courier shipping.
Online shopping is so addicting that I always have my cart full. Before, I limit what I buy though for fear of undelivered & lost packages. But now, I became worry-free when I discovered that I have eyes on the sky. Sky's the limit in shopping as my drone is always working 24/7, with real time updates!
Thanks to Ordertrackinga free web-based bulk tracking solution; I'm 100% sure that my packages will arrive at my doorstep. If, however, loss of parcel is confirmed, there will be compensation. Cool, right?! No need to spend tons of money for a plane ticket just to buy something overseas as online shopping & order tracking have transformed our lifestyles for the better.
Upon loading Ordertracking page, customers will see a pretty simple page. You just have to enter the tracking number and you're good to go. Tracking packages has never been this effortless! No need for phone calls or unnecessary stops to the post office baby.
With just one click, I know when my parcel will arrive. There are real-time notifications on the delivery status of my parcel. In fact, Ordertracking sends SMS too for delivery updates. Now, that's convenience at the highest level.

Ordertracking is a global order tracking system in one platform. It can do bulk tracking of major global carriers such as USPS TRACKING, CHINA EXPRESS TRACKING and many more. Ordertracking makes everything easy to track & trace as this is accessible on the PC & mobile phone too. This is the solution for international online traders to manage their China post parcels & USPS packages even in bulk orders.

United States Postal Service, commonly known as USPS Tracking was founded in 1775 and ships to more than 190 countries. With Ordertracking, all my transactions are now worry-free & hassle free.

China Post Tracking , established in 2005, caters to air mail tracking, epacket, small packet plus tracking & post ems tracking.It supports shipping to more than 200 countries & regions. Delivery time is about 16-35 days unless there are special or unexpected circumstances. 

Ordertracking is the ultimate tracker of orders and packages of couriers worldwide, suitable for online traders who have lots of parcels to track, decreasing the package loss rate with real-time delivery status updates. What more can you ask for?!

Now, it's so easy to chill & wait for my package while Ordertracking just gives me "Alerts". Positive or negative updates may arise such as package is either detained or confiscated by customs, delayed due to weather or holidays, rejected by shipper due to incorrect shipping address of receiver. Or if all goes well, the parcel could have reached the destination country already and is already en route to your location. The alerts are very specific so you would be able to precisely estimate when you will receive your order.

Just shop 'til you drop 'cause online shopping has never been this simple. Time for me to fashionably strut this runway with all my best finds. Online shopping coupled with Ordertracking are my ultimate style secret combo. And you bet, Ordertracking has never failed me that's why I highly recommend this reliable tracker. Try it now and thank me later.
Til the shopping experience,

Wednesday, July 31, 2019


Believe it or not, my tummy is always growling for new restaurants to devour.
And Chateaubriand, located at Williams St. Corner Roxas Blvd, is my latest food stop.
Yes, this foodie has high expectations when it comes to taste & ambiance.
So allow me to satisfy your taste buds by sharing this gastronomic experience.

The exteriors & interiors of Chateaubriand are an AHHH-mazing sight.
You'll definitely be excited to check this place out.
Do get your bellies ready for their premium Churrascos taking the spotlight.
Get ready for beef overload baby! 
Chateaubriand--- perfectly-cooked inner roast, here we come.
Every nook is so enticing & comfortable that you can't wait to start dining.
Upon sitting, the waiter will start briefing you about their Churrascos & ordering sytems.

So if you want the waiters to keep on serving you your favorite Brazilian Churrascos,
Just make sure that your Green Signal for 'Yes Please' is seen on your table.
If you've had enough though, just turn it to the Red Signal for 'No More'.
Lunch & dinner have different entrees due to price variances.
Feast over Rib Eye, Tenderloin, Garlic Steak, Porkloin, Lamb, Sausage to name a few.
After satisfying your meat cravings, time for you to check out their other dishes.
Chateaubriand has stations ranging from Mongolian, Japanese, Italian & more. 
Do ask them to cook your favorite pasta dishes, baked waffles & bingsu concoctions too.
You're definitely in for a gastronomic feast & a memorable dining experience.
There's always room for dessert & their cheesecakes are definitely a must-try.
Don't attempt to leave this place without surrendering to their sweet treats.
This is the perfect place for all those sweet tooth too.
Cravings Satisfied! Quality Assured!

Are these cheesecakes making you hungry?
You bet I am while I'm typing this post for you all.
These are just some of the slices we finished up in one sitting.
My, my, it's heaven in every bite---paradise.
So for all those foodies who want to try something new & something classy,
Give Chateubriand a shot the next time you visit Manila area.
After all those eating, time for you to freshen up in their extra stylish comfort room.
Freshen yourself up to get ready for a quick photostop at their 'Cherry Blossom' like area.

I felt I wasn't in the Philippines when I visited this place.
The set-up was so dreamy & elegant that I'm amazed I haven't heard of this place sooner.
Hope you like the hidden gem I discovered.
Til the next food adventure,