Wednesday, August 9, 2017


You are cordially invited to attend a thanksgiving party.
Kindly come in your best Deep Purple Dress!
Yes, let's be original ladies & gentlemen.
Let's stay away from B&W first as we're approaching the holiday season soon.
So what do birthday parties, wedding receptions & costume parties have in common?
They all have a theme, a motif, a dress code!

So let me share with you 5 types of people you can meet in a party.
You can tell their personalities by simply looking at the kind of outfit they're sporting.
The devil really is in the details so have fun mingling with your kind of crowd:
1. The "It Girl" or "Blair Waldorf" Look

Embroidered Long Sleeve Velvet Dress 

Nothing is ever too dressy for the "IT Girls".
It's always better to be over dressed than under dressed. Duh.

2. The "Let's Get This Over With" or The Shy Type
Hooded African Style Midi Dress

Dress down or do the hoodie look. 
Standing out from the crowd is just not my thing. It's better to just blend in.

3. The "Femme Fatale" or "Strip Tease" Look

Velvet Criss Cross Zip Short Formal

Let their imagination work.
Be sexy yet sophisticated ; sensual but not trashy!

4. The "Homey" or "Plain Jane" type

Cricket Long Sleeve Knitted Sweater

Any comfortable purple outfit would do.
I'm more important than my outfit so who cares?

5. The "I Didn't Get The Memo Look " or "Feeling VIP"

Colorful Dot Print Plunge Bodycon Dress

Why be a follower when I can be a trendsetter?
I'm still wearing a shade of purple & the colors of the rainbow!
Remember that if you're a guest, be sure to come in your Best Dark Purple Dress! 
We have a dress code so best to follow it.
If not, you're most probably not part of my guest list!
You wouldn't want people staring at you for being kill joy or a party crasher, right?

Your Host,

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Thursday, August 3, 2017


This sweater weather makes us feel oh so lazy. T-shirt, blue jeans and a cardigan may be the default choice at this time of the year, but why be boring when your look can be so much interesting? Say goodbye to your Plain Jane look and hello to your Modern Barbie peg. How? Just say it with a maxi!
I just love how fun & stylish my Romwe Two Tone Shift Dress is. Who would have thought that a grey-orange color combination would look this stunning? The shade of orange is so cheerful and inviting that no gloomy weather can dampen your spirits. Lovin' the bold yet playful vibe this OOTD brings! 
Like the yin & yang, which strikes a powerful balance, this eye-catching combo is bold yet subtle in every way too. The vertical stripes makes you look tall, instantly elongating your body. Best of all, the color scheme is so original that you’ll make heads turn as you walk by. Yes, neutral colors can make you look dull at times so feel free to experiment and splash more colors into your wardrobe. You never want to look predictable, right?

However, if you really prefer sporting a basic look, why not try wearing something two-toned just like my outfit? Trust me, this is the simplest way to make the most boring girl stand out. Two-toned outfits are very eye-catching 'cause most play with a dark-light color combination. When worn right, they can in fact give you a very flattering figure.

Maxis have that instant ‘Look at Me’ effect. I don’t agree when people say that maxis are a no-no for us petite girls. Truth is, I love sporting maxis because they can disguise so much of our insecurities. Take for instance, if you weren't able to shave your legs for your date night, maxis are your best bet. If you feel bloated from your lunch and you have a party to attend to at night, a maxi can instantly cover your belly with its flowy and breezy material. Trust me, no one would ever notice you’ve become bigger. There’s a reason why preggies usually opt to wear maxis aside from these being flexible and stylish.
Shoes can make or break an outfit so choose something fashionable yet comfortable. Nude stilettos, strappy wedges or caged block heels would be the best pair of footwear for your maxi dress. The extra height boosts my confidence, making me feel ready to conquer the world with a bang and not a painful pang. Flats are not advisable unless you're already model tall. Maxis are and will always be the ‘dress for all seasons and all reasons.’
I just love how flirtatious and stylish maxis look. It's so easy to wear that there's no need to mix 'n match. You can never feel over dressed nor under dressed with this one. And to complete my look, I usually cinch my waist with a belt to accentuate my curves more. Proportion is key to get that slim elongated look. Picture perfect! Thanks to my ROMWE OOTD.
Now that you know my A-lister secret, it's upto you if you want to recreate my look. If, however, you’re not the belt type of girl, you can opt to give your outfit an extra ‘oomph’ factor by wearing dangling accessories. A tassel or feather earring would be perfect to spice up your boho chic. Yes, cool and very laid back effect.

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Monday, July 17, 2017


If Cat Woman, Poison Ivy Or The Bond Girl are your fashion style pegs then your style is definitely that of a Femme Fatale!
Top | Romwe
  Skirt | Forever21
Shoes | Payless
Wearing a zip-front skirt is very stylish for me. I love how sexy the look is without revealing too much. To temper the sex appeal, I always choose to pair this leather skirt with a conservative plain top. This way, each piece of my OOTD becomes a statement in itself.
I just love how ultra-stylish and sweet my top from Romwe is. The fit of this Pink Mock Neck Frill Trim Long Sleeve Bodysuit is just perfect. I don't have to fix this top every now and then whenever I stand, dance or sit down. Oh, this bodysuit really complements the curves of your body all in the right places.
Sugar, spice and everything nice. Us girls change our looks as fast as we change ice cream flavors for the day. Sometimes we're sweet, sometimes we're sour. Sometimes we're plain vanilla, sometimes we're dark chocolate. Oh, don't underestimate the girl next as she too could be the best 007 spy if need be. 
As a fashion blogger, I love experimenting and spicing up my looks. Behind this sweet girl is a woman who isn't afraid to dress as she pleases. Trust me, by sporting lace & leather, you'll instantly change your look from a girly girl to a punk with attitude. Good or bad girl, eh? That's for them to find out. Just keep them guessing alright.
You got it right! Black & Leather combo are usually the choice of femme fatales. Aside from this tried and tested sizzling look, they also go for dark, sexy and bold colors. The aim is to flatter, seduce and catch the attention of the prey. Flirt a little, play a little, just don't get trap in your own game. Sometimes dressing up really is just for fun. It's all about the perfect Mix 'n match.

Seductive. Sophisticated. Mysterious. This is one interesting look we can sport either in black tie events, costume parties or date nights. Just make sure you have a sexy appeal, not a trashy one. You wouldn't want to be called a slut right?! So if you’re wearing a more revealing top, choose to wear a more conservative skirt with it and vice versa. Always choose to wear clothes that flatter and accentuate your assets.

Nothing else says stylish best than the perfect pair of shoes. Don't forget to wear killer heels that you can walk in. If you can't walk well in it then don't wear it. The streets are your runways so walk with confidence & you'll definitely steal the spotlight.
Wearing something sexy doesn't mean you have to expose a lot of skin. An off-shoulder look, a backless tease or a high slit will do the trick. Remember that if you reveal too much, you'll lose your tasteful appeal. It's best to tickle everyone's imagination and keep them wanting for more.

So what do you think of my look? 
Can I pass as the next Bond girl now? 
Haha! **Wishful thinking**

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Friday, June 16, 2017


Sometimes in our ever so crazy work schedules, we forget to unwind and hit on that brake pedal. If you are looking for a quick getaway, where you can just stroll around appreciating art & nature, then I just have the perfect place for you! 
Getting to Pinto Art Museum will take you approx. 45mins to 1hour from the metro before reaching the captivating 1.2 hectare property also known as Silangan Gardens, which is interestingly located inside a private subdivision in Antipolo, Rizal.
Don't forget to bring your cameras too as this place has those IG-worthy snaps alright for just a Php200 entrance fee. Yes, go enter Pinto (means "Door" in Filipino) and be mesmerized with how talented and expressive Filipinos are. Yes, for those love birds who do not want to travel far, this place has been the venue of choice for Pre-nuptial shoots lately.
So allow me to walk you through this world of art and nature. What's best is you don't have to travel all the way to Greece or to New Zealand just to have a peek and shoot behind those white-washed walls, Mediterranean-inspired gazebos and a Hobbiton-inspired home. Truly picturesque and snap worthy despite the heat. 
Wear comfortable cool clothes as there's a lot of walking involved. It took us around 1.5hrs to explore Pinto. Yes, burning calories can be fun too. Exhale the stress away.
We could have stayed longer, but the heat pushed us to go get our iced lattes already. There are no air conditioners in this museum so everything glows in natural lighting.
If you ask me what piece of art captured my heart out of six gallery spaces, I'm particularly impressed with Alab Pagarigan’s creation “The Hollow Man”. The way it's built is intriguing---a man built out of wire and perfected with a resin face sitting on a swing. Oh, I wonder what the artist was thinking.
Pinto Art Museum is located at 1 Sierra Madre St., Grand Heights, Antipolo, Rizal, Philippines. Pinto Art Museum is open Tuesday through Sunday, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Do take note that the museum is CLOSED on MONDAYS!
Hope you like my little adventure!

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