Tuesday, July 3, 2018


Be me FASHION for I have sinned.
I just never get tired of being a shopaholic! 
Oh yes, SALE is one of my favorite 4-letter word,
And it's definitely something that makes my heart skip.a beat.
My style is never a Plain Jane,
Nor is it a t-shirt jeans type of girl.
My fashion sense is very much sophisticated & modern.
You bet, I'm more of a trend-setter than a style follower. 
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Lately, I have been oh-so-obsessed with online shopping.
Believe it or not, online shopping has its perks.
The styles are so unique & stylish that I can't help but click & click!
Lo & behold, in just 10mins, my shopping cart is already full.

So my dearest readers,
The current online shopping site that I can recommend is a steal!
Yes, it's so easy to get ALL DOLLED UP with just one click at ToSave
Save. Shop. Splurge 'til you Drop.
From the name itself, you can tell that you are in for a treat!
Just enjoy your shopping spree as the best deals don't last forever.

What do you think of my embroidered turquoise WOMEN LACE JUMPSUIT?
It's already a statement in itself right?!
No need for much accessories on this one,
As I look all dolled up already with my OOTD.

Don't be afraid to play with pops of colors like what I did.
Be daring, be bubbly, just be you.
Let your high slit skirt & embroidered WOMEN LACE JUMPSUIT do the talking.
And let your feathered earrings & matching stilettos be your icing on top.

If you like my look, feel free to follow me to know more about my style tips.
 Just enjoy your online shopping at ToSave
And you'll thank me later for your ultra fab shopping loot!
Til the next style secrets,

Monday, June 18, 2018


Bless me FASHION for I have sinned.
Time & Time Again, I find myself doing online shopping.
It's simply an every day chore I can't resist doing.
The finds are so fab & stylish that I can't help adding stuff to my ZAFUL checkout cart.
So let me share with you my secrets to my A-LISTER look.
Oh, trust me, your Hollywood look is just a click away by shopping at Zaful.
Being an 'It' Girl means having that 'X' factor and with Zaful,
You'll be a head turner & eye catcher in no time.

So how to get that Red Carpet look?
These are my 5 style must-haves from ZAFUL
A classic black dress will always be a win for every girl.
But I say, owning a statement black piece is a VAVAVOOM.
So if you want to stand out, get this ultra stylish bodycon dress here at ZAFUL.

Metal Chain Rhinestone Sequins Decorated Crossbody Bag - Light Pink

I just love this sequined bag.
It's so girly and fashionable at the same time.
I've never seen a bag this stylish.
It's a statement piece in my must-have list.

Faux Suede Lattice Mini Dress - Purple M

Dare to bare with skin that shines in & out.
 Go for that party in front & conservative at the back look!
 You'll definitely get those heads turning alright.
It's simply a two face look that'll keep every girl & boy talking.

Floral Patched Fishnet Panel Sheer Dress - White L

White is always a sight no matter what reason nor season.
Keep it sexy with the fishnet panel.
It's sexy without revealing too much right?
For casual days when you just want to rock the boardroom,
Wear this ultra chic army style bandage dress.
You'll get everyone's attention.
It's power dressing to the highest level.

How do you like my style picks, let me know!

Your Fashion Stylist,


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Thursday, May 31, 2018


What to do in my version of Flores de Mayo?
Let's try out FLOSSOM Kitchen + Cafe!
Of course, I have to be in my best floral OOTD to be in full blossom!
So let me tickle your tastebuds in my newest food trip.
Be captured with this simplistic laid back garden themed cafe,
Where every entree served is oozing with so much flavor & goodness.
Oh, I have an insider tip for you!
Request that orange couch for that IG-worthy snap.
Yes, you can make reservations,
And I suggest that you as this place is always packed especially on weekends.
So we started our Flossom experience with their version of Buffalo Mac & Cheese!
The kick of this dish was unique & interesting. 
I just loved how perfect the fusion of the blue cheese & spice cheese was.
And the buffalo chicken tenders was simply AAAAH-mazing.
So if you love seafood & risotto like me then your best pairing bet would be this!
Flossom's Pan-Grilled Salmon with Mushroom Truffle Risotto deserves a round 2 with me.
If you ask me, this is Flossom's must-order dish.
The salmon was simply a fresh catch on the bed of the aromatic risotto.
The Four Cheese Pizza needed some extra work.
Wished this was cheesier and wished they had an all-meat pizza!
Hope you enjoyed my Flores de Mayo experience!
May went by so fast and summer's almost over.
But no worries, florals will always be "IN" no matter what season nor reason.
Check out Flossom too & let me know if you enjoyed my recommendation.
'Til my next food trip!
187 N. Averilla St, Sta. Lucia, San Juan
(02) 238-5857

Monday, April 9, 2018


Sun's Up.
 Surf's Up.
Shades Up.
 It's time to hit the beach baby!
For those who are not familiar with what a Bandeau is,
It's basically a strapless, off-the-shoulder, tube top worn around the woman's breasts.
As the material is very elastic, one's curves will be easily highlighted.
Yes, this is perfect for those girls who have several assets to flaunt!
Bandeau up this summer, will you?
Flaunt your curves in either a bandeau style bikini or a floral bandeau maxi.
Don't be afraid to bare your shoulders in this scorching heat.
It's the perfect excuse to wear something more revealing & adventurous.
I love classic prints because I can wear this OOTD no matter what season nor reason.
Minimal accessories are required as the bandeau dress is already a statement in itself.
Perfect your look by the beach with a casual wedge or stylish stilettos for clubbing.
No matter what occasion you're attending, you'll never feel under dressed nor over dressed!
For ultra stylish dresses like this one, go ahead & check out ROMWE
You'll always be a head-turner with their fashionable & highly affordable outfits!
There's so much daily steals & deals you shouldn't miss;
hence it's paradise for fashionistas & stylistas like us.
Let me know how your shopping experience went.
Or simply steal my look here.
Your Fashion Stylist,

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Tuesday, April 3, 2018


You blush when you see your crush.
You blush when you're in a rush.
It has been a week of hush hush.
Hope everyone enjoyed this break as much!
Shades | SUNNIES
This long holy week break has made me blush.
Recharged, renewed, revitalized.
Yes, we all need that break once in a while,
From that girl boss down to that laidback girl next door.

I like sporting blush on.
It's an instant face uplift on the cheeks down to the hips.
Aside from the color being so seductive & romantic,
Blush gives you that instant "turn you on" look.


The color blush can be sweet yet edgy when done right!
Mix 'n match with the right cuts, shapes & accessories,
And you're ready to make the streets your runway.
Go on girl! Make those slits count.

How do you like my peek-a-boo OOTD?
I like flaunting uneven cuts and shapes,
'Cause it complements my sophisticated personality.
It's fresh, fun, flirty rolled into one look.

What do you think? Did I nail this A-lister look?
Feel free to follow me for more style tips.

Your Fashion Stylist,

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