Sunday, March 31, 2019


Each one of us has his own dreams and aspirations. If we didn't, then what's the point of living, right? Our dream can be as simple as finding Mr. Right, settling down and starting a family or be as complex as amassing an empire greater than that of Bill Gates or as dramatic & prestigious as competing to win the title of Ms. Universe like Catriona Gray.

We live in a City of Dreams, where people crave for luxury goods & upscale lifestyles. That's just how life is. Everyone wants the best. Who wouldn't, right? So today, I dreamt of becoming like Ms. Universe Catriona Gray as I had the perfect excuse to flaunt my ear cuffs at the wedding reception I attended last week. For this wedding OOTD, I decided to keep my look simple with an off-shoulder rose gold gown in a mermaid cut. My fashion statement would focus on my Catriona Gray-inspired gold ear cuffs, complemented by my sparkly round necklace.
Believe it or not, these accessories are so affordable that every fashionista wouldn't think twice to buy these. I got these ultra-stylish pieces from SM Accessories WWW!(What Women Want)! They're one of my favorite brands when it comes to fashion accessories. They never fail to make my outfits an A-Lister! Do check out their collections. So how do you like my hairstyle? It's my D-I-Y look as I had no time to go to the parlor. I'm sure you didn't notice, but this is just a fake hair clip-on! Cool, right?! I was able to look fab in just seconds. All my hair is stylishly in place. Oh, I just feel like a Barbie doll with this look.
Necklace | SM Accessories WWW!Earrings |  Bodhi
Oh, weddings always have a soft spot in me. Yes, I'm just a hopeless romantic who loves seeing people find their 'happy ever afters.' Every couple's love story is unique. Some could have met in a business meeting, a formal party or via social dating app. No matter how the love story started, it would always be special and unpredictable! That's how exciting love is. It comes when you least expect it.
Keane and Kim's love story is a relationship tested by distance. Keane's from Manila and Kim's from Cagayan de Oro. Truly, with constant communication, long distance relationships can stand the test of time. And now, they're finally married! The smiles on their faces show how happy they are. It's just so contagious.
As the wedding in Manila Cathedral happened at 10am, we decided to spend time and check out what's new at City of Dreams as the reception would follow at Century Park hotel. City of Dreams has this interesting place called 'The Garage', where there was an infusion of two entertainments concepts:  A more classy food trailer truck concept & a Bandai Namco VR Game Zone! This is surely a hit for kids & kids at heart.
'The Garage' is very spacious, which boasts of a 2,700sqm space, currently having around 10 beautifully designed food trucks with artistic murals in every corner. Some of the notable food stalls were Pink's Hotdog, Pizza Grigliata, Hokkaido Ramen Santouka, Katsu Sora, Little Flour and El Chupacabra, amongst others.
After trying out these delicious Pink's Sausages & milkshakes with a flavorful twist, we decided to go to Nobu Hotel to take some more pictures and have a change of scenery. It was so convenient to explore City of Dreams & Nobu Hotel because of the annex.
The interiors & exteriors of Nobu Hotel is so AHHH-mazing and picturesque. So much IG-worthy spots. It's definitely worth a stroll here.
Nobu Hotel
After a fun-filled day of exploring City of Dreams, time to go to the wedding reception now. Hands down to the team behind the decors & backdrop of Keane & Kim's wedding reception. It was dreamy and romantic! 
Aside from the fact that Century Seafood Resto served delicious & mouthwatering dishes, I also enjoyed the wedding because my boyfriend and I were able to participate in the trivia game and we won Php1,000, which we split in half for team effort!
Wishing Keane & Kim (Team K.K.) a happy marriage. No distance can separate them from each other. Cheers to Keane for giving up Manila for CDO, to start a life and family of his own with the love of his life! What a brave and bold move. Congratulations to the love birds.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Flesh For Summer!

Summer is finally here and it's time to flaunt a little more skin this summer. So how do you look fresh this summer? Say it with Flesh!

Earth tones, nudes or skin toned outfits give you that instant oomph factor. It's so sexy, classy & figure flattering. For a 5'1 petite girl, I look taller & more elongated right?! Yes, the secret is wearing skin toned or nude colors to create that illusion effect.

Sporting the monochrome look can make you a head-turner. Imagine your curves will be more emphasized and you will instantly have a more elongated & slimmer look. Oh, I'm just a 5'1 petite girl, but I do look taller and thinner with my flesh heels right?! I always love stand out pieces--- either studs, laces, see-through pieces, tie-me-up onesies or velvet cutouts here and there. Yes, I like making bold & stylish statements. And my outfits says it all. It's just so effortless. 

This March 2019 has been so crazy for so many households including ours. Unfortunately, we are part of those households still experiencing the crazy water interruption schedules. For over a week now, we have been on our feet, filling up dozens of pails during the 3-4 hour window every day. I have never imagined that water can run out, so now, I've realized that every drop really counts.

So let me share with you my 5-Liter Water Challenge! Believe it or not, due to the unexpected & unannounced water shortage, I just had to resort to this crazy decision on the very 1st day when water ran out. After a long tiring day at work, of course, I just had to take a shower. I was deciding between spending Php5,000 to check-in at a hotel to have a decent shower with my family vs. spending just Php100 to shower with a 5-Liter distilled water I had at home. I initially hesitated to use the distilled water, but in the end, emergency is an emergency. I didn't want to end up smelly at the office right?! It was a very hard challenge for me to shower with so little water, but a little sacrifice can go a long way. Taking a shower in the pool too was also one of my options, but just thought of using pool water for flushing the toilet purposes.

Oh, it took me over 20 mins to shower with so little water because I had to strategize as to how to save and maximize my water usage. I ended up a bit soapy & bubbly but I managed to wipe everything off with a towel. I felt so good now! Yes, I just had to share with you guys my crazy water challenge. Now, I have gigantic pails with ample supply. Who's affected with these water interruptions too? What a nightmare, right?!

Keep fresh this summer by saying it with flesh! Summer is having fun under the sun, flaunting your curves, engaging in more outdoor activities and the perfect season to use as an excuse to wear sexier & more revealing OOTDs. Whether it's a body hugging long sleeved onesie with a sexy strappy look or a colorful crop top terno, just remember to wear everything with the right glow that's perfect for the summer vibe. Always maintain good hygiene, take care of your body and pamper yourself once in a while because you deserve it! Invest in your skin because your flesh and looking fresh are your greatest assets. Having great skin is always a win!

Monday, January 21, 2019


"Roses are redViolets are blue,
Sugar is sweet. And so are you.” 
Yes, V-Day is just around the corner & so is my B-day!
Aaaah! In 3 weeks, I'm going to be THIRTY, FLIRTY & THRIVING.
February is a very special month for me for 4 reasons:
1) February 5- Chinese New Year
     2) February 13-My twin & I's Birthday
        3) February 14- Valentines Day with BF
           4) February 25- 2nd Anniversary with BF 

This is why I make sure that I have the perfect dresses for all reasons & all seasons!
Thanks to DressLily , a reliable online shopping site that's so affordable and stylish,
All my wardrobe updates and fashion obsessions come to life.
Yes, I know I'll be the Belle of the Ball when my OOTD came from DressLily.
 I'd like to give my readers some style tips for this coming V-day! 
Whether or not you're single, dating, in a relationship or happily married,
Dress up to impress your S.O., dress up to keep the flame alive, dress up to make heads turn, just dress up because of the occasion.
Grab your eye-catching OOTDs 'cause Cupid might just strike his arrow, sweetheart.
If you don't know what to wear, you can go with RED or PINK for that instant fix.
Red is the color of passion, love & attraction so you can pick this for that head-turner effect!
Pink is for that more subtle Girl Next Door, sweetheart type of look.
Perfect your look with any strappy high heel to make you look sexy & seductive.

You can go with any florals too if you don't prefer to wear a solid red or pink dress.
Sporting a floral look is blossoming, perfect for V-day!
So say goodbye first to denims and blazers this Valentines Day,
'Cause floral dresses, bows/ribbons, see-through dresses & colorful prints take the spotlight.
There is so much to be thankful for as I turn 30 years old.
Yes, it may be a scary number especially for single or dating women,
'Cause society somehow dictates that this age should be the stage for tying the knot.
Yes, I'm turning 30, but I don't pressure myself to settle down just yet.
I do believe, however, that in God's special timing,
 everything will make perfect sense!
So there's no need to rush things just 'cause you're part of the 30s club.
Just enjoy your life & prepare yourself for a more challenging year.

Life has taught me to be a fighter.
Every door closed is an opportunity for another door to open.
Just remember that those things that are truly worth it never comes easy,
'Cause success is truly 99% perspiration and just 1% inspiration.
How do you like my Sweetheart look? 
This will definitely be one of my looks this February.
With RED, it's always enough said.
It's such a bold powerful color that says: "Let's Paint the Town Red!", Shall We?
Til the next style secrets,

Friday, December 14, 2018


You are cordially invited to attend 
a Christmas Dinner party!
Kindly come in your best laidback
 yet stylish get-up.
Oh, it's finally that time of the year when we can get to relax over the holidays.
Time to bring out those hot cocoas with mallows & warmly cuddle with your S.O.

So let me share with you 4 types of OOTDs you can stylishly flaunt this Christmas.
If you're curious, I got all my picks from my current favorite online shopping site DressLily!

DressLily is a global fashion online shopping site, selling Fashion Dresses, Home Decoration and Accessories. Recently, DressLily reached me via email, stating that they are offering an up to 90% off discount and free shipping for any price range instead of Free shipping above $39. So right there and then, I decided to give it a shot.
Believe it or not, despite the prices being relatively cheap, the quality is still impressive. Oh, the shipping is mailed quickly, which is faster compared to other fashion sites. The moment I got my package, I realized I have to share my experiences with everyone. 
DressLily not only provided a 25% off coupon and apply free shipping to World Wide. But also a celebrated activity for 12/12, two purchase for $19.99 by any of the following products. So my readers, do take advantage of their special offer because these promotions are only available between 12th -17th Dec. 

So let me share with you my top 4 picks from DressLily for those chill get togethers: 

This is the 'I'm cool & you know it look.'This is perfect for stylish people who want to look laidback yet dressy.  A very chill look without trying too hard to get attention.

Cold Shoulder Crisscross Tunic Sweater
   $17.8  $15.3  

There's no red dress that won't make you stand out. This is perfect for that festive look. Let's paint the town red by looking like sweetheart.

Dressing up is always a must for this fashionista. Whether it's just a simple thanksgiving dinner, she's still all out to make heads turn. Who knows, her Prince Charming might just be sitting beside her. Better look her best.
                Vintage Printed Flare Dress
                             $21.36 $16.36

This is the perfect couch potato outfit. These are for people who prefer to just sit back, relax, watch a movie with popcorns in hand all day long. Movie marathon is the main attraction for such a chill outfit such as this.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Meet me @ the SECRET BAR !

Can you keep a secret???
Oh, I've been obsessed with a secret bar!
Not the type that makes me drunk in love, but the one that makes me fall in love.
"Which bar?", you may ask.
That BLK 513 bar located at the UP TOWN CENTER.
This bar requires you to have a special key card with an access code.
Once you enter, you get a private moment with your special someone.
To top it off, you are handed an iPad for you to order from their secret menu. 
Feast your eyes & bellies as their menu is so sinful & indulgent.
1 minute ain't enough for you to decide on which of the 6 secret concoctions you want,
 'Cause everything just looks so damn good!

Pink Tea Cheesecake (Php340) & Frozen Hot Chocolate (Php330) were our picks.
MILK TART (not dark skim) is the base for their secret menus.
This is far more flavorful compared to their regular dark skim combinations,
As Milk tart is creamier & tastier 'cause it's made of whole milk Greek Yogurt. 
While the expert is preparing our orders, we were just enjoying the chill vibe of this place.
It's surely an experience I will forever remember as the concept is so cool & fresh.
I would definitely suggest this as one of the sweetest date places you can think of.
You'll definitely have her sweet 'Yes' for another date after being sugar high.
Verdict: BOTH flavors are so dreamy and sinful. The frozen hot chocolate is deadlier and heavier, so make sure you have room to finish this big serving. But who cares about the calories when it's this good, right?! Oh, I just love the fusion of flavors and the way the cookies, strawberries, earl grey mousse, chocolate mousse & malt sandwich melts in my mouth. It's an indescribable feeling of sweet surrender for ultimate satisfaction. It's the kind of sensation that lingers in my mouth whenever I crave for a sweet treat. Now you know why I always have BLK 513 on my mind whenever temptation kicks in.
Dig in with your lips and mouth of course!
It's too good not to dig in this sweet treat.
BLK513's SECRET BAR is one of our best & sweetest date places.
The SECRET MEU is the bomb & it's worth falling in line for.
Aside from this unique experience, privacy to enjoy the moment was a big plus!
Can't wait to witness their opening at Promenade Greenhills,
 As I have fallen head over heels with BLK513 the moment it touched my lips.

Your Food Hunter,