Monday, November 17, 2014


What is that one fabric that gives you the four S's?
 Style. Substance. Sexiness. And Sophistication---rolled in one!
Oh, baby, it's simply a case of LACE.
Lace, when worn right, becomes every girl's crowning glory.

Don't you agree?
Surely, pairing off a nude colored top is a no-brainer.
Trust me, any and every color spectrum of the rainbow will be perfect.
It's pretty easy---either your bottom will stand out or your accessories would.
In my case, Honey Buttons top w/ my peek-a-boo playful skirt perfects my lace story.
Oh yes, the devil is in the details alright.
If there's one color I can always trust aside from the classic black & white,
It'll definitely be the seductive color of red!
I just love how red makes you effortlessly stand out,
Instantly multiplying every strand of confidence a woman has.
Lace, no doubt, is the fashion industry's choice for elegance.
It's simply an intricate work of art,
Sewn in delicate web-like patterns,
Emphasizing a woman's thirst for glamour & sophistication.
Hat | SOLO
Shoes | DUMOND
I'm definitely not a plain Jane.
I love outfits that bring out the personality in everyone.
I'm obsessed with cuts & styles that portray classic modernity,
My, my, how fashion has evolved throughout the years!
If you want a seductive and sexy outfit,
Just find a dress made out of lace.
Anyone can easily be turned-on with this flattering fabric.
A little bit of skin achieves that sexiness without revealing too much.
So how do you like my lace story?
Let me know if you've been laced up as well. 
Lots of love,

Friday, November 7, 2014

Fashion 101 w/ SSI (SOPHIEsticated Styling Institute)

Forgive me FASHION for I have sinned.
I must admit that I'm obsessed with SSI!
Oh yes, I can't get enough of Store Specialists, Inc. (SSI) Brands.
Thus, my Fashion 101 w/ SOPHIEsticated Styling Institute (SSI) post!

So, let's start off with this simple basic look,
Spiced up with a bit of colorful accessories.
Dress | ZARA
Don't you just love how versatile this Zara dress is?
I just love its skin tone color as it gives us the freedom to play with color palettes!
From Girl Next Door to Corporate Executive to Audrey Hepburn,
Just a splash of accessories could change your look!

SOPHIEsticated Styling Institute shows you how to wear 1 dress several ways!
Just Mix-n-match baby and you'll never run out of stylish get-ups.
Spruce up your look with this 5 simple yet SOPHIEsticated must-haves:
Play it chic & casual with a boyish touch.
A vest always stands out when paired with a neutral color.
Invest in accessories.
A statement piece will definitely make any monochromatic outfit stand out!
Bring out the fierceness in you with a little bit of glamour.
Shades is no doubt the easiest way to steal attention.
Be it a Fedora hat, flower crown or a hairband,
No style can be too dull with a stylish hair twist.
Bag | DUNE
You can never go wrong with a stylish lace blazer!
It's instant sexy look without revealing too much.
Oh, I just love how corporate I look even in a party dress.
So girls, just blazer up your trendy dresses and you're good to go!
This is the ultimate deal breaker!
Your footwear defines your whole look.
Bag | DUNE
So are you a fashion trendsetter or just a mere follower?
If you ask me, I'm actually a mix!
I love sporting stylish, unique & sophisticated outfits,
But at the end of the day, I value functionality & versatility too. 

How can you flaunt something when you can't wear it, right?!
Just make sure you're always dressed for the occasion.
So which look did you like best?
Let me know.
Dress | ZARA
Remember, fashion is self-expression.
You don't have to force yourself to wear something that you're not.
Confidence, at the end of the day, is the best accessory,
Perfected with a smile that says, "Look at Me."

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


I'm a Barbie girl, in the Barbie world
Life in plastic, it's fantastic!
You can brush my hair, undress me everywhere 
Imagination, life is your creation 

Come on Barbie, let's go party! 
Come on Barbie, let's go party! 


Oh, you've caught me!
Thanks to SHEINSIDE , I'm a Barbie Girl, alright.
Who doesn't wish for Barbie's wardrobe collection?
Who wouldn't lust over her pink convertible & ultimate accessory, Ken?

Shades | FLY
So what do you think of my Barbie look?
Yes, I know, my body won't even pass the supermodel standard,
But thanks to SHEINSIDE fashion, I know my outfit is Barbie standard approved!
Who else wears pink best than the ultimate Barbie doll?
I simply accentuated my Barbie look with a flower accessory and a pink bangle.
As my outfit is already a statement in itself, extravagant jewelries are not needed.
We wouldn't want to offend the Angelina Jolie strike a pose, would we?
Kidding aside!
Oh! It's just fun being a girl.
I love playing dress up, looking fresh and different every time.
I just can't imagine myself being a boy,
Oh! Fashion would be so boring with the predictable plain T's & striped tops. 
I just really love my halter sleeveless pleated dress,
It makes me feel playful, stylish and sexy all at once.
Who says you have to show too much,
When you can always leave something more to the imagination.
Why fit in when you can stand out?
Why be a follower when you can be a trendsetter?
Fashion is really all about confidence in what you wear.
It's simply your personality shining out, effortlessly making a statement.
So I hope I have once again inspired you with my fashion tips.
When you're in doubt, go with a monochromatic outfit and just accessorize like I did!
Go grab your Barbie OOTD and feel free to hit me up if you were Barbie-fied.

If you want my look too, get it exclusively from SHEINSIDE either in blue or pink.

Monday, October 20, 2014


Oh yes, ladies, there's such a buffet without the calories!
Ever since I heard of Clothes Buffet Manila, I was very much intrigued with its concept.
Who wouldn't be when the statement:
 "1 bag. 15 minutes. 30,000 clothes. Grab-all-you can!" makes anyone's adrenaline rush!
Since I've been lucky enough to be able to have the All Star wave pass c/o my sister,
I can't help but thank Nuffnang x Clothes Buffet Manila for one hell of an experience!
I was very much up for the challenge of beating the 19pcs record in a 33cm x 23cm buffet bag,
But when I was actually inside the Ariato Penthouse, Il Terrazzo buffet floor,
I told myself: "Scratch the idea. It won't be worth the Php1999 buffet bag."

So this was the view as I stepped in the buffet floor.
I must admit, I was like a crazy kid running back and forth,
Eager to buy all the fab finds from the 10 arrays of clothes.
Thank God for the big wall timer,
To remind me that I had to allot 3 minutes to shove everything in the bag!

So how many was I able to bring home???
Yes, 8 is definitely my lucky number!
Oh, I'd definitely go for quality and style over quantity.
What's the use if I can't wear my fab finds right?!
15 minutes was just right for my time pressured shopping.

So here are my loots!
I just love the 8 pieces I grabbed.
Oh, this shopping spree was just worth it.
Average per outfit is just Php250. :)

Believe it or not, I was actually able to finish every rack!
Don't be fooled though,
It's not 30,000 clothes in 1 wave,
It's the summation of all clothes in all waves.
Check out a glimpse of the actual Clothes Buffet Shopping.
Oh, yes, you won't get fat here.
You'll just be on your toes,
Rushing to grab your size & style before someone grabs it first!
So don't worry,
Just remember to enjoy your panic buying shopping.
 I bet, you too, can beat the clock.
Just know thy style and you'll definitely win this game!

To know more about Clothes Buffet Manila,
Read about it at 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Once Upon A Time,

There lived a girl with a not-so-perfect life.
Oh, she was not happy in the confines of her own home.
But her dream was simple: 
To Someday Find her Prince Charming!
Suddenly, out of the blue,
A fairy godmother appeared!
And with a flick of her magic wand,
I unbelievable became a Cinderella!
Yes, I must admit.
I am a hopeless romantic.
Who wouldn't want to find a man that can change you?
Who wouldn't want to have someone that loves you for all of you?
For all those people asking me where I got my Cinderella outfit,
I got this gorgeous light powder-blue gown from SHEINSIDE !
Believe me, this would make you feel royal too,
Ready to waltz your way into any ball.
My Cinderella dream has not been fulfilled yet.
But I have witnessed a Cinderella Story that I can't help but share.
Theirs was not a story of love at first sight;
Theirs was a story of serendipity.
Their fairytale ending was not by chance;
It was a 'Happy Ever After' made by choice.

Ed & Rdee's love story was more than 7 years in the making.
Ed, the sweet & handsome Prince Charming that he is,
Would always escort Rdee, his Cinderella home.
'By the strike of midnight,' he committed to her.
Now that Ed & Rdee are finally married,
There's no more curfew for these two inseparable lovers.
Cheers to forever in each other's arms,
To waking up each day with a smile that warms & calms.

Love changes you in more ways than you can imagine.
Love makes you vulnerable,
Love makes you accept all imperfections,
Love makes you strive to be better for the other.
Weddings make me emotional,
It's simply a 'Happy Ever After' for every Prince & Princess.
I specifically love the personal exchange of vows,
When a lifelong commitment has been sworn & witnessed by many.

Ed's Vow to Rdee
"You are my favorite daydream,
And I have so much of it in my heart.
I look forward to our first morning together,
When I'll see your smile waking me up first thing in the morning.
I promise to learn that favorite cup of coffee of yours,
Walk your two favorite dogs,
And travel with you all around the world
I vow to always hold you with tenderness,
And to live within the warmth of your heart."
Blue Sleeveless Hollow Pleated Chiffon Dress SHEINSIDE

Someday, I too, will have my Cinderella Story.
For now, let's celebrate love in its actuality,
Love is encapsulated in John Legend's All of Me,
Like how Ed has found his happiness in Rdee!

"'Cause all of me
Loves all of you
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections
Give your all to me
I'll give my all to you
You're my end and my beginning
Even when I lose I'm winning
'Cause I give you all of me
And you give me all of you, ohoh"

For now, I'll keep dreaming & believing that someday my Prince too will come.
And to that day, my Cinderella Love Story will finally be written!

SOPHIEsticated Cinderella