Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Don’t you just love it when baristas give your name a shout-out:
“One Caramel Macchiato for Sophie!”
Oh yes, I must admit that I’m a Starbucks kind of girl.
And this is my cup of tea.
But let’s do the math, shall we?
We can’t afford to do Starbucks everyday.
Not only will this burn our pockets, but also pile up tons of calories.
Just imagine spending Php150 daily for a Starbucks Mocha Frappe.
That’s automatically Php1,000 weekly, Php4,000 monthly & Php50,000 yearly!
But what if I tell you that gourmet coffee or a creamy cup of latte need not be expensive?!
Yes, you’ll even get to satisfy that urge for one fresh cup of Joe in an instant.
Trust me, you’re not even going to notice that your coffee came from a sachet.
It’s just that authentic,that aromatic, 
The kind of coffee you'd wanna wake up too.
Move aside Starbucks 'cause now I'm obsessed with  One Fresh Cup!” alright.
For Zombie Mondays, I like it strong & black.
Yes, the strongest caffeine kick will definitely turn my work mode on.

So let me tickle your nostrils and activate your taste buds a bit.
 One Fresh Cup’s 7 wonders of Drip Coffee are:
 Italian Roast, French Roast, Gourmet Dark Roast, Sumatra,
Guatemala Antigua, Golden Mocha and Decaffeinated.

If you ask me what makes 'One Fresh Cup' Drip Coffee Aaaah-mazing?
It's their revolutionary filter system!
Don't worry, it's very easy, trust a first-timer too, will you?! 

Waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee is more powerful than any alarm clock.
In fact, it’s not the irritating type, but a calming one.

On most days though, I’m more of a Latte kind of girl.
I like my cup of Joe with sugar, spice & everything nice.
You bet, I’m  totally obsessed with One Fresh Cup’s 6 creamy variants!
Yes, that's 6 flavors to spice up my Tuesday to Sunday routine.
 South African Rooibos Milk Tea, French Green Tea Latte, 
Swiss Hot Milk Chocolate, Dutch Dark Chocolate, 
Old San Francisco 3in1 Coffee & Old San Francisco 2in1 "No Sugar" Coffee.

As a businesswoman, an entrepreneur & a lifestyle blogger,
 I must admit that my busy schedule expects & demands instant gratifying results.

 Instant doesn't mean sacrificing quality though. 
Instant, for me, is having a taste of perfection in the least possible time! 
And 'One Fresh Cup!' exactly gave me this feeling.
Oh, it's definitely love at first sip.
Yes, one fresh cup of “One Fresh Cup” is possible without a coffee maker! 
Don't you just love its revolutionary filter brewer system?
Cheers to no more messy clean ups & wasted bag of beans!
This is definitely the most portable coffee maker you can ever find.
Now, we can all pack light & impress our bosses at the same time. 
Who’d know gourmet coffee came in a sachet right?

Sssshhh, it’s our little secret!
Let's just perfect our mixing so we'll not get caught. haha!
Yes, coffee’s ready in 1 minute. 
It’s quality I can trust.
And price's just right.

I've always got this mantra:
When you can serve good coffee, 
you know you deserve attention!
Sweet without too much calories.
Delicious without the whip cream.
Satisfying without the need to splurge.
That's "One Fresh Cup!", coming right up!
Yes, I'm craving for another cup alright.
My energy's just low already...

Now you know...
It’s all in the beans, the filter, the right mix of sugar, spice & everything nice!
With One Fresh Cup’s coffee beans,
I just feel like I've traveled from Brazil, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Colombia, Yemen, Central to South America all in one week!
I just know gourmet when I've sipped it.

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Monday, May 23, 2016


Let me start off with the (5) best quotable quotes I've heard tonight.
Yes, love makes you cheesy especially @ the AW-LIM Nuptials!

"Marriage is not a game of chess, you never sacrifice your queen."
"Coincidences are God’s way of remaining anonymous."
"We used to call each other LL (Lesbian Lovers), but now she can't be my LL anymore because she's now a Lim Lover."
-Aileen Ang (Maid of Honor)
"You are the gravy to my beef tenderloin." -Christine (bride)
"I'll make this my life goal: That you'll start & end your day with a smile on your face." -Christine (bride)
Yes, marriage is a voyage of two people heading towards the same destination.
Throughout the journey, you may be stranded, hit by an iceberg or put off-course.
The trip may be postponed & delayed by unforeseen events,
But as long as the captain & his first mate are in synced,
Then docking in any destination is never next to impossible. 
Who wouldn't be gushing over this adorable sailor &
a flower girl who stops walking down the aisle for a picture taking?
Let's all welcome the proud parents of the bride Christine Aw.
Willy & Cynthia Aw

I'm 100% sure that Jason is an amazing guy!
How can I make this statement when I've not really known this guy right?
With the exception of seeing him in pictures and coincidental Hi's & Hello's.
Oh, I've known C.Aw since Grade School days and I must say that she is one of the two nicest girls I know, if not the best in the batch!
Mind you, she's even ICA's Valedictorian.
Indeed the best catch, right?!

For someone as extraordinary as C.Aw, the purple cow, 
who possesses the complete package: Beauty. Brain. Brawn.
Indeed, it takes an exceptional guy to convince her to move out from her parents and move in with her husband-to-be, considering how tight knit she is with her family.
Believe it or not, she still writes long letters & hugs her parents every night until now.
What an amazing girl right?! 
Oh, you can tell how emotional this day was for the bride.
I'm glad I was able to capture this heartwarming moment with her grandma.
I was literally in tears when her grandma walked her down the aisle.
C.Aw is the epitome of a woman of substance.
I've always looked up to her.
She is the Achie I never had.
I'm so happy for her because this is her widest smile ever,
considering she makes it a point to greet everyone with a smile on her face.
Isn't she just one of the most radiant brides ever?
I just love how gorgeous her gown is.
Every beaded detail makes me swoon over her look.
She just looks regal, just the way I wanna look the next time I walk down the aisle.
And what makes their kiss really special is it's definitely worth the wait.
Yes, ladies & gentleman, this is the FIRST ever kiss on the lips!
Indeed juicy, right?! <3
C.Aw deserves nothing but the best.
I've known her since Grade School and she is that girl who never fails to brighten your day with her infectious smile.
No matter how much I bug her, she'd never be pissed off at me.
Oh, I just love how her smile is tattooed on her face,
which gives me more reasons to bug her again. (Haha!)
Maid of Honor & Best Man with the Bride & Groom
 Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Lim! 
I wish you both more love & happiness.

Surely, with Christine's life goal,
that Jason will always start & end his day with a smile on his face.
You'll know that this will not remain as a mere promise, 
but a sure hit target each day.
Oh yes, we'll have Christine & Jason Jrs. real soon!
Aw, Aw, Captain Lim!

 The reception was held at Edsa Shangrila Hotel.
It stayed true to its theme: Let's get NAUTIcal with Christine & Jason!

Walter Aw (brother of the bride) does a selfie with the bride
 For those who weren't been able to celebrate with Jason & Christine,
I hope I was able to make you feel like you were on-board too!
Yes, Jason & Christine's love story is like a fairy tale story.

They never met when they were studying in St. Jude nor Ateneo,
But their love story started with the exchanging of calling cards at an alumni event.
Christine, being her witty self, was marketing motor oils to Jason.
And Jason perhaps pretending to be interested with motor oil because he was already interested winning Christine over! (Haha! Smart Move Jason. Smooth)
And you know, the rest is already history.
Coincidences are really God's way of remaining anonymous!
I hope someday I may be able to write about my love story too,
The kind of love that will make me want to be a better version of myself every day.

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 "No matter the winds, no matter the sea, I will set sail forever with thee." 
-Jason & Christine

Thursday, May 19, 2016


This Summer has been extremely hot!
Surely, everyone will agree with me on this one.

Aside from floral prints, 
Saying hello to backless has been one of my style pegs this summer.
Yes, I'm definitely skipping the conservative look in this kind of weather alright.
Sexy back is back!
Summer bloom is all about playing with colors.
And staying fashionable in this scorching heat is indeed a challenge.

But with my favorite online fashion site, SHEIN
I'm always sure that I'll always Shine In & Shine Out.
Don't you agree?
Trust me, floral is the easiest way to glam up your look.
Yes, you'll definitely feel like a girly girl in this one.
Under-dressed nor being over-dressed will always be out of the equation.
Why fit in when you can stand out this summer right?
The sun shines so bright, that you'd have to reciprocate the same energy too.
Just like a white canvass splashed with watercolor,
This look is fresh, vibrant & youthful.
Yes, you too can dare to go bare this summer.
Whether it's in the beach, the streets or just a casual gathering.
Just feel confident with whatever you're wearing & you're good to go!
There's no room for hotheadedness this summer.
Oh, just be cool lest you'd wanna look like a bull.
At the end of the day, your smile will always be your best accessory.
Let your smile be as infectious as your confidence!
This summer, let colors be your best friend.
Let it change you and color your perspective just like a rainbow.
So what do you think of my outfit? 
Feel free to let me know.