Monday, July 17, 2017


If Cat Woman, Poison Ivy Or The Bond Girl are your fashion style pegs then your style is definitely that of a Femme Fatale!
Top | Romwe
  Skirt | Forever21
Shoes | Payless
Wearing a zip-front skirt is very stylish for me. I love how sexy the look is without revealing too much. To temper the sex appeal, I always choose to pair this leather skirt with a conservative plain top. This way, each piece of my OOTD becomes a statement in itself.
I just love how ultra-stylish and sweet my top from Romwe is. The fit of this Pink Mock Neck Frill Trim Long Sleeve Bodysuit is just perfect. I don't have to fix this top every now and then whenever I stand, dance or sit down. Oh, this bodysuit really complements the curves of your body all in the right places.
Sugar, spice and everything nice. Us girls change our looks as fast as we change ice cream flavors for the day. Sometimes we're sweet, sometimes we're sour. Sometimes we're plain vanilla, sometimes we're dark chocolate. Oh, don't underestimate the girl next as she too could be the best 007 spy if need be. 
As a fashion blogger, I love experimenting and spicing up my looks. Behind this sweet girl is a woman who isn't afraid to dress as she pleases. Trust me, by sporting lace & leather, you'll instantly change your look from a girly girl to a punk with attitude. Good or bad girl, eh? That's for them to find out. Just keep them guessing alright.
You got it right! Black & Leather combo are usually the choice of femme fatales. Aside from this tried and tested sizzling look, they also go for dark, sexy and bold colors. The aim is to flatter, seduce and catch the attention of the prey. Flirt a little, play a little, just don't get trap in your own game. Sometimes dressing up really is just for fun. It's all about the perfect Mix 'n match.

Seductive. Sophisticated. Mysterious. This is one interesting look we can sport either in black tie events, costume parties or date nights. Just make sure you have a sexy appeal, not a trashy one. You wouldn't want to be called a slut right?! So if you’re wearing a more revealing top, choose to wear a more conservative skirt with it and vice versa. Always choose to wear clothes that flatter and accentuate your assets.

Nothing else says stylish best than the perfect pair of shoes. Don't forget to wear killer heels that you can walk in. If you can't walk well in it then don't wear it. The streets are your runways so walk with confidence & you'll definitely steal the spotlight.
Wearing something sexy doesn't mean you have to expose a lot of skin. An off-shoulder look, a backless tease or a high slit will do the trick. Remember that if you reveal too much, you'll lose your tasteful appeal. It's best to tickle everyone's imagination and keep them wanting for more.

So what do you think of my look? 
Can I pass as the next Bond girl now? 
Haha! **Wishful thinking**

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