Monday, May 27, 2013


Pool Parties are not just about getting wet and wild!
It's about looking cool & fashionable even when wet!
The trick to stand out in cool parties is to play with colors.
Don't be afraid to wear bright colors, make yourself pop out in blue waters!

So I'll be sharing with you 3 pool party looks that you can actually pull off like me.
Remember, the secret in a pool party is your confidence, fun-loving attitude and playfully seductive accessories!

First look: Citrus Splash

Capri Pants | WWW
Necklace | from World Trade Center Bazaar
Shades | Fly
Bracelet | Ethnu
Second Look: Neon Twist

Bracelet | House of Luxe
Necklace | Catena
Inflatable Bed | from Toy Kingdom
Inflatable Ball | from Toy Kingdom

Pink Cover-Up | from Greenhills Bazaar
Third Look: Modern Rosalinda

Red Beret-like Cap | Girl Shoppe
Necklace | from World Trade Center Bazaar
Sarong | from SM Department Store

The look that won me an iPhone5 for SM Accessories Contest 
Bikini Top | Folded & Hung
Arm Bracelet | from Ateneo de Manila Bazaar
Oh, with these looks, you bet, I'm ready to take on my summer dream vacation to Maldives!!!
I'll definitely be one of the hot beach babe with these looks (Wishful thinking. haha!)
Oh, I just can't wait to have a romantic dinner at this breathtaking island.
Pictures alone makes me say 'Gosh', 'Whoah' and 'OMG'
Don't you just agree???
This is just my definition of PARADISE!
In fact, paradise may even be an understatement.
picture taken from
picture taken from
This luxurious place drives me crazy!
Who would have thought that such a magical place could exist?
But of course, I'd have to pay a hefty price of USD880/Night for a  bungalow.
I'll visit you, if not in the near future, then only in my dreams! :)
And of course, my beach getaway wouldn't be complete without Native Shoes as my beach shoes and SM Accessories as my fashion bling!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


The concept of tribal chic is very playful.
Mix and Match your geometric pieces for that exotic Tribal Chic Look!

Shades | Fly 
Skirt | Apartment8
Bracelet | Ethnu
Shoes | Tory Burch
Take note of my Tribal Statement Pieces:
Wear those chunky ethnic accessories. 
You'll be an instant headturner with your edgy look.

So my stylista tip for you today:
Dare to look different!

So with this look, I was off to Solaire Resort & Casino...
Of course, to have fun, lose money (win some), and to celebrate Mother's Day!

Grand Entrance of Solaire!
Since Fresh Buffet was fully packed, we decided to give YAKUMI a try!
For taste, quality & food presentation, YAKUMI will definitely pass with flying colors. 
Price wise, you'd better prepare your pockets as this is definitely a big catch.

Tori Teriyaki (Php750)-For grilled chicken, this is way too expensive. This was quite dry, but you can tell that this was grilled and marinated with less soy sauce and seasonings. 

Lamb Saikyo Yaki (Php 1339)-This is my ultimate favorite! The Australian lamb chops were absolutely tender and juicy. I could have finished this dish if this was the only entree we ordered! A must-order!

Buta Kankuni (Php723)-This braised pork belly dish was served in 3 pieces. It looks very tempting, but I'm not a fan of pork belly so I passed. My father, however, finished this dish so it must mean it tasted great!

Kamo Kuwayaki (Php 857)- The duck was beautifully and artistically presented in an imported Himalayan Slate. Trust me, the slate was too heavy to carry or even move. I can just imagine how tormenting this is for waiters to carry this dish. But I have to commend how tasty and tender the duck tasted. It's incomparable!

Farewell Solaire, until we meet again, which is soon!
Check out Solaire's Water Parade I took below:

Monday, May 6, 2013


This look reminds me of Tinkerbell!
It's probably 'cuz of my Peter Pan Collared Blouse.
Don't you agree???

So you may call me Tink for now.
It just feels great to be a fairy once in a while.
Shoes | Cardam's
Blouse | Greenhills Bazaar
Skirt | USA

My look is very flowy and glittery.
 It's just like the pixie dust Tinkerbell leaves when she moves around.
Unfortunately, you won't fly when you get mesmerized by my pixie look!
You'll just have to wait for your boy/girl to blow you away.

Shoes and shades are accessories that always give you that instant glam!
So always work on it, girls and boys!
It'll help you steal the show.

So here's more of my Tink Looks!
Personality-wise, I am similar to Tink!
Creative, inventive & sassy. Yes, that's me.
But I may be hot-tempered, jealous & feisty too if the situation calls for it.
Don't worry, I have yet to find my Peter Pan.

"I'm a tinker. It's who I am. And tinkers fix things."
Tink (SOPHIEsticated)

So this is the modern day Tink outfit I thought of. 
What do you think???