Tuesday, August 27, 2013


A relationship that is not bound by distance,
A relationship that is not measured by age,
A relationship that has proven to be life-changing.
That is CHOLE & OLI's Love Story.

To witness their special event, my look was CELESTIAL.

Lipstick | MAC
Eyeliner | MAC

Weddings occasionally have themes and motifs.
Theirs were primarily BLUE with black or yellow as accent.
Ladies & gents, it's best to follow the dress code as a sign of respect.
Don't worry, you can still stand out while blending in!

1. Don't be too monochromatic. Play with at least two hues of blue.
This will surely make you stand out while still blending in. 
2. Accessorize with just a ring and a statement bag if your gown is already beaded. 
You wouldn't want to look like a Christmas Tree, do you?
3. Wear something RED! You'll never go wrong with this vibrant color.
Paint your nails and lips red to add drama to your over-all look!
Shoes | Platform
Gown | After Six by Cinderella
Bag | Heelz . Hobbo
Nail Polish | Bobbie
Oh it was such a STARRY STARRY NIGHT!
A 'Happy Ever After' filled with blight.

Reception | Blue Leaf Events Pavilion
Just gaze at the angelic face in white,
Oh! You'll know she's found her dashing knight!
Don't you just love how Nichole, the lovely bride looks?
The unique ribbon. The bejeweled headpiece. The elegant gown.
All these accentuate her angelic and royal look.
 Oh, I just love how her wedding gown flawlessly drapes through her petite figure!
I've got only one tip for all brides-to-be,
'Cause surely, make-up & gown are already taken cared of.
SMILE!---It can make or break how you look!
Something so simple, yet often times forgotten.
I can't help but fall in love with Nichole's smile.
Don't you agree, ladies & gents???
It's genuine. It's natural. It spells 100% happiness.
Her radiant smile just makes her glow tenfold.
Oh, she's just one of the happiest brides I've ever seen!

So remember this single ladies & gents, lovers & couples:
"The key to succeeding in a Relationship is not finding the right person;
 it's learning to love the Person you found."

There is no perfect relationship.
There will always be petty and silly fights.
And there will always be someone who has to give in and lose the fight.
But at the end of it all, don't forget to look back at why you both got married.

Oh, weddings just never fail to move me.
There's always an amazing story behind those 'I DO's!'
I hope someday I can find someone who can make me smile like that.
And that man, who I utter my 'I DO' to, I will always love no matter what!

Sunday, August 11, 2013


"If you want to feel the rush, you have to take the risk."

Lately, my life has been a roller-coaster ride!
Yes, I've been through my share of ups & downs...
And these have led me to see life in a different light.

Feeling Blue?
No, I'm not sad nor depressed. 
In fact, I feel that I'm looking for that Blue Energy.

Oh, yes, I'd love to stroll by the beach...
Oh to go yachting perhaps as well.
Oh, I just love the calming waters!

There's always something in the color blue that makes me fall in love with it.
Blue just makes anyone look effortlessly good when paired with the right colors.
As blue is very calming and majestic, my vibe for today is LOOKING BEYOND.

Hat | Desigual Singapore
I don't know where I'd be in 5 years time.
But lately, life has made me reflect and look back.
Yes, many things and people have changed my life.
And I hope that one day, someone will say, "Oh, she changed my life!"
Bangles | ThailandWhite & Gold Bracelet | Forever 21
Life has taught me to:
 Look back at the past with no regrets...
Hold on to the present with a happy heart...
Aim for a future that I'd be proud of to share...

In the end, SMILING about it just makes everything feel and seem better.
Mullet Skirt | Plains & Prints
Necklace | from Cebu

                  I hope I have somehow moved you to enter in your BLUE WAVE as well. 
                      Remember, just look good whatever your mood as how you look changes your mood.