Monday, January 21, 2019


"Roses are redViolets are blue,
Sugar is sweet. And so are you.” 
Yes, V-Day is just around the corner & so is my B-day!
Aaaah! In 3 weeks, I'm going to be THIRTY, FLIRTY & THRIVING.
February is a very special month for me for 4 reasons:
1) February 5- Chinese New Year
     2) February 13-My twin & I's Birthday
        3) February 14- Valentines Day with BF
           4) February 25- 2nd Anniversary with BF 

This is why I make sure that I have the perfect dresses for all reasons & all seasons!
Thanks to DressLily , a reliable online shopping site that's so affordable and stylish,
All my wardrobe updates and fashion obsessions come to life.
Yes, I know I'll be the Belle of the Ball when my OOTD came from DressLily.
 I'd like to give my readers some style tips for this coming V-day! 
Whether or not you're single, dating, in a relationship or happily married,
Dress up to impress your S.O., dress up to keep the flame alive, dress up to make heads turn, just dress up because of the occasion.
Grab your eye-catching OOTDs 'cause Cupid might just strike his arrow, sweetheart.
If you don't know what to wear, you can go with RED or PINK for that instant fix.
Red is the color of passion, love & attraction so you can pick this for that head-turner effect!
Pink is for that more subtle Girl Next Door, sweetheart type of look.
Perfect your look with any strappy high heel to make you look sexy & seductive.

You can go with any florals too if you don't prefer to wear a solid red or pink dress.
Sporting a floral look is blossoming, perfect for V-day!
So say goodbye first to denims and blazers this Valentines Day,
'Cause floral dresses, bows/ribbons, see-through dresses & colorful prints take the spotlight.
There is so much to be thankful for as I turn 30 years old.
Yes, it may be a scary number especially for single or dating women,
'Cause society somehow dictates that this age should be the stage for tying the knot.
Yes, I'm turning 30, but I don't pressure myself to settle down just yet.
I do believe, however, that in God's special timing,
 everything will make perfect sense!
So there's no need to rush things just 'cause you're part of the 30s club.
Just enjoy your life & prepare yourself for a more challenging year.

Life has taught me to be a fighter.
Every door closed is an opportunity for another door to open.
Just remember that those things that are truly worth it never comes easy,
'Cause success is truly 99% perspiration and just 1% inspiration.
How do you like my Sweetheart look? 
This will definitely be one of my looks this February.
With RED, it's always enough said.
It's such a bold powerful color that says: "Let's Paint the Town Red!", Shall We?
Til the next style secrets,