Sunday, April 7, 2013

C2 Classic Cuisine: The New Menu Launch!

I'm a self-confessed foodie!
Admittedly, a pig when it comes to great food.

My mantra: There's no such thing as DIETING when food is this good!

So where was I off to yesterday??? 
And what was my outfit, you may ask.

Let's go with what my outfit first to give you a hint of the event I'm attending!
My attire foreshadows an exciting event: A NEW MENU TASTING LAUNCH!
Shades | Fly
Lipstick | YSL
Shoes | Wade
Pants | USA
             As I am expecting this resto's fusion of spices to satisfy my demanding palate,
            My sophisticated and vibrant attire just says how excited I am for this event!

So what restaurant will be launching this exciting menu???

 I was luckily part of this event so...

Readers, let me share with you my C2 dining experience at Greenhills.

As you enter this place, you will be left in awe with its eye-catching ambiance.

The dwindling staircase,
 the artistically drawn wallpapers,
 and the stylishly decorated lights,
perfect this resto's modern vibe, with a cultural twist.

While waiting for the dishes, we were served with these to nibble on.
My gastronomic feast starts here. Feast your eyes!
'Corn Beef' ( as MM calls it)

This Beef & Corn Entree tastes so good, most especially as it's smothered with  gravy and garlic bits.
I can still remember how tender the beef are. Yum! Trust me on this! A must-order!
Rice | Jambalaya & Pandan
Soup | Sinigang 
Ginataang Laing
Oh my God! Can I just share that I'm the one who almost devoured this whole dish.
Believe me, I'm no vegetable eater, but this dish has turned me into a vegetable lover!!!
This is my 1st time to eat this Ginataang Laing and it's just oh-so-good!
I just love how creamy this dish tastes-the spicy coconut milk is the best!
Steamed Chicken
This is not that extraordinary, but it's quite good too!
Crispy Beef Ribs
This dish has impressed me since its flavors linger in my mouth after every bite.
Its crunchiness & crispiness tastes so amazing! 
Gising Gising with Shrimp & Pork
I'm not fond of beans so I just enjoyed the shrimps and pork cooked in shrimp paste & coconut milk.

Tortang Tinapa
Yes, any dish can taste like heaven when fried with eggs.
It's just Heaven & Eggs!!!

      And of course, no dining experience would ever be complete without desserts for the sweet tooths! 
Cakes | by Cravings
Suman Panna Cotta (Anaconda as Francis calls it. Haha!)
Buko Pandan Shake

 Buko Pandan Shake This is literally the perfect summer quencher!
This refreshing pandan drink with jelly cubes, buko strips and coconut milk is a must-order!

Cakes by Cravings Deliciously creamy, Cravings Cakes are just irresistible and moist.

Suman Panna Cotta This is the dessert I found most interesting.
This Italian dessert was Filipinized 'cuz it was laid on a bed of suman.
The rich vanilla cream smothered on the suman is just unbelievably flavorful!

So let's meet some of the attendees of the event too.
Dyud, MM, Francis (Amazing Family indeed!)
My +1 & Me
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Careful not to lose your senses as C2 will surely drive you crazy with their new menu!!!