Monday, February 5, 2018

February Sweetheart

Swipe left, swipe right!
Can my display pic find a match?
Just kidding!
I don't do Tinder.

Oh, you don't need Tinder or any dating app just to have fun this month of hearts!
Single or not, V-day is all about spending time with the ones you love.
Go out with your boyfriend, fiancee, husband, friends, or family.
'Tis the perfect time to show people they matter.

Valentine's day is just around the corner.
It's a bittersweet occasion alright.
It may be memorable for some,
And it might be heartbreaking for a few.
But no matter how the month of hearts has treated you,
Do make sure that you have your OOTD IG-ready!

There's no excuse not to dress up.
Who knows your Prince Charming may just be around the corner right?
Dress up and let those heads turn baby.

Let's paint that February Sweetheart look in (5) Red/Pink Outfits from Zaful.
So here are my style picks from my favorite online shopping site this coming V-Day! 
Their Valentine Day Special is definitely a steal for me. 

Check them out:

Backless Cami Mini Dress 

This is perfect for those who have barbie-like built. 
Heads will definitely roll with this sexy backless design.

Open Back Self Tie Bowknot Blouse

Cover your arms, flaunt with your back!
 This blouse is perfect for those who are not confident baring their arms.

Floral Belted Bowknot Cut Out Romper 

Some people feel more confident in pink than in red.
Feel free to glam up your regal look with this floral belted bowknot cut out romper.

Bowknot Tube Lace Mini Dress

Lace and ribbons when paired together brings out that modern Princess look.
Who wouldn't love the intricate design of this pastel dress?!
The off-shoulder look is always so classy on everyone.
And with red, you can seduce anyone.
Just wear RED, enough said.
It's such a vibrant color that captures the passionate tale of love.
It’s the perfect cheery color to spice up the love this V-day.
If red is too loud for you, then Barbie pink will be the next best choice too.

Trust me, you’ll fit in while standing out.
Don’t be afraid to be an eye-candy, sweetheart.
There's no reason to lock yourself at home,
When everyone deserves to be loved and give love.
Come in your best RED outfit, 
whether you're single or not!

Grab those Zaful OOTDs now 'cause luckily they're on Valentine's Sale as of the moment!

Your Fashion Stylist,

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