Monday, September 26, 2016


Rain, rain, go away.
Come again another day.
Oh, Little Miss Sunshine wants to play.
Let's hear what she gotta say!

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Before we finally welcome the sweater weather,
Allow me to say goodbye to the warmth of summer.
For now, less brights, less pastels, less revealing OOTDs.
Hope I've got you hooked with my Little Miss Sunshine look!

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So why am I called Little Miss Sunshine right now?
It boils down to my 3-point A-lister tips:

Yes, you too, can stand out no matter where you are, fellow A-lister!
Don't be afraid to stand out. You are what you wear. It's the simplest statement you can make. Dress to impress? Dress to confess? Dress for success? Yes, dressing up plays a big role in determining what's in store for you and how well you can be treated. People say I inspire them with my vibrant fashion sense. And I love it when I naturally radiate a positive yet charming vibe. Oh, wanting to look good and presentable is never a sin! Choose to wear something bright, something light or just accessorize and you'll be an eye-catching sight.


Don't be afraid to speak up. Support initiatives close to your heart. I am for Renewables. I am for Clean Energy. Don't you just find how the sun rise and how the sun sets truly inspiring? The sun, it's abundant, it's free, it's the most certain thing there is every day! Yes, Solar Energy, no doubt is a game changer in the Philippines. And I'm proud that ATN Holdings, with its subsidiary ATN Philippines Solar Energy Group, Inc., is continuously promoting Solar Energy, as a generator of clean energy via the sun. If solar is not your type of investment, there are other corporations listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange which support other renewables like wind, hydro, biomass and more.   Let's go green and create a scene worthy to be seen, shall we?!
I've always had a cheerful and bright disposition in life. Don't you just agree that happiness attracts happiness while sadness caves in sadness? So no matter how cliche it sounds, a smile will always be your best accessory. Who would want to talk to someone who always pouts, right? A smile can be so inviting, so alluring, so inspiring that it can simply warm a person's heart in more ways than you can imagine. Let happiness be contagious because sometimes, something as simple as a smile on your face can make or break a person's day! Be positive because no problem is ever solved with a negative perspective.
So how do you like my Little Miss Sunshine OOTD?
Hope I've beamed a smile on that pretty face of yours too!
Smile 'cause it'll make you walk that mile.
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'Til my next post.