Friday, April 21, 2017


Bodysuit | Shein
Skirt | Shana 
Shoes | Forever21
There are two dilemmas every fashionista faces: 
1) Having too much clothes &
2) Feeling you still have nothing to wear.

Yes, I am very much guilty of this scenario.
Oh, what can I do when I go loco or Gaaaah-Gaaaah over fashion!

Being an 'It' Girl means having that 'X' factor. Who wouldn't want to be a head turner or an eyecatcher, right? So I'm proud to share with my readers my addiction to Shein (, an online shopping site I always go crazy at. You be the judge 'cause I'm sporting one outfit from Shein alright.

To get that 'X' factor too, steal my look by experimenting on a similar combo:

1) Shein Crossed & Laced Bodysuits

Style and sophistication will always be Shein's winning statement. Need I say more when this outfit already says it all?! When I saw this laced up bodysuit, I just knew I gotta have it! It's just so me. So I instantly ordered it in Shein 'cause it's so unique that I knew it was a great catch. Oh, have a peek at this Purple Cross Long Sleeve Lace Bodysuit at

2) Backless

Dare to bare with skin that shines in & out. Go for that conservative front & party at the back! You'll definitely get those heads turning alright.

3) White Skirt

Don't let your statement bodysuit clash with your bottom. Neutrals would be best. Your skirt need not be tight 'cause the bodysuit hugs you in the right places. Move freely & go with the flow.

4) Gold block heeled shoes

Look taller with a nude/metallic pairYes, the perfect fit to your feet makes you stand tall with oozing confidence. 

5) Sunnies

Shades Up!
Add some spice to your sweet sexy look.
 It makes your character a more exciting mystery to solve.

At the end of the day, every look can only make a statement when one wears it with confidence. So smile and walk that mile because success looks its best even when you feel like a mess.
What do you think of my look?
 Was I able to nail that 'X' factor?
Hope you enjoyed the Crossroad with me!
‘Til my next post,