Wednesday, November 28, 2012


It all started when I found my dad's laid-back polo, buried in his closet.
The aztec-inspired design. The intricate pattern. The vibrant color palette.
It just told me: "Wear Me, Wear Me, Wear Me!"
And I just knew I had to.

Male Polo | Generation
Size 38 made all the difference.
Something this hot shouldn't just be stored to rot!
So I just had to transform it into something sexy, stylish and eye-catching.
And VoilĂ ! This is how I exactly pictured it to look!

See...something so boyish can be this girlish with the perfect stylista touch!

Bag | From Spain
Ivory Necklace | Charlotte Russe USA
Girl Tube | Generation

A wrap-around tube is perfect for that instant sexy and sophisticated look!
To enhance this look, you can even pull your hair up to emphasize your style.

And of course, who wouldn't shine with the perfect pair of sunnies and a glam hat?!

Tribal patterns will instantly give you that trendy look you're aiming for.
With patterns like this, you can always keep your accessories to a minimum.
The aztec look is already a statement in itself, need I say more?

Watch | Techno Marine Sport

He wears.
 She wears.
 All that matters is you dare...
You dare to look different,
You dare to experiment,
You dare to take the challenge,
Just to have an edge!
Now, that's what fashion is all about!
And that's what I'm talking about.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Black Forest Edition

You might ask...
How did I get invited to this event???
My addiction is my winning entry.

Check it out below:

Dairy Queen has/is/will always be my Daily Quencher! 
DQ is my other half. 
Every DQ bite is always love at first cream bite! 
It's not boys that make me fall in love day by day,
But DQ Concoctions that melt in my mouth everyday. 
With DQ,
 you certainly won't mind saying "whoops" to calories that pile in loops. 
Oh my, it's just so damn good! 
Marry me, oh luscious strawberries & cream, 
Oh sinful cookies & cream,
Oh creamy temptations that make me scream! 
Just like falling for Gossip Girl's Chuck Bass, 
Who wouldn't fall for DQ's heavenly treats? 
Just a sight, just a taste, makes me scream for more ice cream! 
Ooops, DQ, you've did it again! 
Only you have the power over me! 

And yes, my love for DQ definitely won me and my +1 (my twin) an exclusive invite!

Shoes | Platform
Necklace | USA
Dress |  Shangri-la

Black & Red.
Colors that pop up like no other.
Such bold colors that instantly make a statement,
Just the perfect theme for DQ's BLACK FOREST LAUNCH!

It was definitely a different experience!
 The Ladies of Bb. Pilipinas was dressed by 8 competing fashion bloggers.
Of course, the attire should highlight the flavor of the night, Black Forest!

3rd Placer
Out of the 8, these 3 are my personal favorites.
2nd Placer
And yes, even Hottie # 3 can't take his eyes of Bb. Pilipinas # 4!
Too bad...hottie # 3 didn't win. :(
Of course, Bb. Pilipinas # 4 won 1st place!
From the moment I saw her...
Her walk, her attire, her confidence...
There's just nothing more to say.
Black Forest, you just make me a Goddess!

My twin & I with DQ!

Oh, you just have to try DQ's BLACK FOREST!
'Cuz you deserve nothing but the best.

To find out more of DQ's amazing concoctions, visit their link below:

Sunday, November 4, 2012

All American Girl!

Blue Jeans.
Blue Top.
Blue Generation.
What is all the fuss with denims?!

Denim Top| USA
Denim Jeans| August Jeans
Denims are simple yet stylish!
You'll look fab...without trying too hard.

I love how versatile denims are! You can practically match it up with everything. It looks good with plain, great with prints and stunning when worn double denims.

Blue Bag | Gift chosen by Euge & Stan from GH Bazaar
Wedge Shoes | Wade
Necklace | Rockwell Bazaar

Mastering the stylish denim look is as easy as learning Fashion101. Trust me, denims are already style in itself! All you have to do is explore new cuts, styles and shapes to give you that Stylista look you're aiming for. So whatever your agenda for the day or for the night is, you'll never go wrong with denims.

Just remember these 3 things:
1. When wearing double denims, go for a contrasting shade. Go for light and dark to give you that 'oomph' factor.

2. Always add a feminine touch to your denim look. Accessorize or glam up with the perfect make-up and lipstick to complete your look. You wouldn't want to look All-Cowgirl/Cowboy, do you?
3. Finish your look with a hot pair of shoes---stilettos/boots would be perfect depending on the occasion.

I say, wearing Denims is all about the Details!
With denims, you always look great out of the BLUE.