Thursday, May 31, 2018


What to do in my version of Flores de Mayo?
Let's try out FLOSSOM Kitchen + Cafe!
Of course, I have to be in my best floral OOTD to be in full blossom!
So let me tickle your tastebuds in my newest food trip.
Be captured with this simplistic laid back garden themed cafe,
Where every entree served is oozing with so much flavor & goodness.
Oh, I have an insider tip for you!
Request that orange couch for that IG-worthy snap.
Yes, you can make reservations,
And I suggest that you as this place is always packed especially on weekends.
So we started our Flossom experience with their version of Buffalo Mac & Cheese!
The kick of this dish was unique & interesting. 
I just loved how perfect the fusion of the blue cheese & spice cheese was.
And the buffalo chicken tenders was simply AAAAH-mazing.
So if you love seafood & risotto like me then your best pairing bet would be this!
Flossom's Pan-Grilled Salmon with Mushroom Truffle Risotto deserves a round 2 with me.
If you ask me, this is Flossom's must-order dish.
The salmon was simply a fresh catch on the bed of the aromatic risotto.
The Four Cheese Pizza needed some extra work.
Wished this was cheesier and wished they had an all-meat pizza!
Hope you enjoyed my Flores de Mayo experience!
May went by so fast and summer's almost over.
But no worries, florals will always be "IN" no matter what season nor reason.
Check out Flossom too & let me know if you enjoyed my recommendation.
'Til my next food trip!
187 N. Averilla St, Sta. Lucia, San Juan
(02) 238-5857