Monday, December 25, 2017

You BLUE Me Away!

'Tis the season to be jolly 
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
'Tis the season to bring out your best O-O-T-Ds
Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la
Don we now our BLUE apparel 
Fa-la-la, la-la-la, la-la-la.
Polo | ROMWE
Pants | Zara
Shoes | SO FAB!
Shades | Fly Shades
You are cordially invited to attend a thanksgiving party.
Kindly come in your best BLUE me away outfit!
As we celebrate Christmas & New Year, surely, there will be occasions here and there. Not all events require you to dress up in glitz & glamour, so you have to be ready too with a casual chic look that can easily make heads turn. 
Blue is that breezy cool color that can always perfect your bubbly personality. With a statement polo top, well-fitted pants & killer heels, you'd surely rock any party alright. For your finale, don't forget to swipe your favorite red lippie 'cause that one swipe will make all the difference. Go get that spotlight from the ballroom upto the boardroom. It's easy as 1-2-3, eh?!
Were you blown away with my look? It's simple yet effortless--- just the way I want it! The colorful embroidery instantly gives you that hint of sophistication. Keeping it classy & sexy doesn't require you to reveal too much skin. Just wear your look with confidence and your suitors might just fall head over heels for you.  
Yes, ROMWE BLUE ME AWAY! You see, this polo is just perfect if you're feeling blue. The color itself is so calm, inviting and breezy that you'll feel cheerful in no time. You'll never feel under-dressed nor over-dressed with a crisp classy polo. 
Notice too how versatile and stylish this Romwe polo is! You can easily step up or downplay your look in no time. If you want a more subtle corporate look, just wear the polo as it is. But if you want to oomph up your style one notch higher, go ahead and tie that ribbon specifically cut on the sides for easy styling. Who wouldn't feel sexier with that sexy ribbon?
Looking fierce and fabulous has never been this easy! Thanks to Romwe, one of my favorite online shopping sites, for offering so much stylish selections. They always got all my events covered from the most casual ones upto the most formal ones. I can't wait to go online shopping again this New Year. 
New Year. New Season. New set of clothes.
Your Stylist,

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Monday, December 11, 2017


Whoever hasn't gone loco over Italiano has never tasted gelato!
And whoever doesn't crave for pizza & pasta is a loco loco.
Seriously, who wouldn't fall for Italiano, eh?
Italy is known for being a country of romance. Not only are Italian men sexy, but their language is equally mesmerizing. And if given a chance, what makes me want to be an Italian citizen? Their food! Yes, I'm a self-confessed Pasta-Pizza combo kind of girl, with a craving for that melt-in-my mouth gelato!
Just a few months ago, I have noticed A.Mabini St.,Addition Hills started looking very busy 'cause of the quaint homey looking type of Italian restaurant called 'Francesco's Kitchen'. You wouldn't miss this resto near COOP & 7 Flavors as Francesco's Kitchen is the place where you'd find yourself lucky enough to get a parking slot. I've never seen the place half empty ever. 

As a food blogger, I'd always want to try something new. So let me share with you my delicioso experience at Francesco's. Bon Appetit!

My family and I ordered the following entrees:

1) Vongole Con Aglio E Zucchine (linguine with clams and zucchini in Garlic olive oil) 
Php 460
The pasta was Al Dente, rich and flavorful, just the way I like it. The clam broth and olive oil were perfectly mixed, bringing out the aromatic taste of fresh clams. Yum.

2) Pollo Al Mattone Con Spinaci Al Parmigiano (Marinated spring chicken, cooked under bricks with Parmesan spinach, thyme jus) 
Php 640
I just love how this chicken dish was served. Very creative and appetizing. The chickens were grilled perfectly tender. Everyone falls in love with BBQ. And this dish was no exception.

3) Risotto Nero Con Calamaretti E Polpa Di Riccio (squid ink risotto, baby calamari and sea urchin) 
Php 550
Risotto would always be a must-order for me because I love the gooey, rich & creamy feeling it leaves my palate. Francesco's version was a little bit scrimp on its ingredients and toppings though. So I'd personally recommend Wildflour's or Draft Gastropub's Risotto if you want to satisfy your Risotto cravings. They have generous toppings too!

4) Ossobucco in Gremolada Con Fettuccine Alfredo (Veal shank stew with Gremolada and Fettuccini Alfredo) 
Php 880

This is my favorite at Francesco's Kitchen! The Ossobucco was perfect even if the price was hefty. It's definitely 5-star quality! So if you have the budget, do order this. The Fettuccine Alfredo perfectly complemented this dish down to the last bite. Nothing overpowering, just satisfaction! This dish is a must-order because this is actually the reason why I'm coming back to dine at Francesco's. If there is only one dish to order, this would be it.

5) Francesco Pizza (tomato, mozzarella, fresh sausage, assorted mushroom, roasted bell peppers, gorgonzola ) 

Php 490
I'm a bit disappointed with Francesco Pizza. I would think that this would be the bestseller as the dish carries the restaurant's name. However, the pizza was actually my least liked dish. Frankly, it tasted plain and a bit bland compared to other pizzas I'm used to having. The pizza needs more meat and cheese for it to be tastier. Add more toppings or meat to your pizza selections. I'd still choose Duck & Buvette's Fennel Sausage pizza if you ask me.
My experience at Francesco's was indeed remarkable. It did not fail to satisfy my Italian cravings. It's indeed a restaurant I can recommend my fellow foodies to try dining at. Whether it's a romantic date or a simple catch-up or a family dinner, Francesco's Kitchen has something for everyone. Gelatos. Pizza. Pasta. Wine. And more. Try it and you'll know what I'm talking about. Bravo Francesco!