Thursday, May 22, 2014


                                                     The X-Men vibe is finally here!
Oh, you got that right, I'm very much excited as you are.
So if I were a mutant, you may call me METALLICA!
Yes, I'm like a magnet---either you're with me or your not. 
Shoes | Chelsea
Bottom | Tango
Who doesn't love earth-toned colors?
Gold. Bronze. Silver.
This trio is just my instant Red Carpet kind of look!
Trust me, you can never go wrong with metallic.

Top | Santiago de Manila 
Bag | So Fab!
Watch | Seksy
To add that instant SOPHIEstication,
Play with see-through fabrics & metallics,
But never go overboard.
You wouldn't want to look slutty right?!

It's always fun to look naughty & nice at the same time.
Dull and boring are just not part of my fashion vocabulary.
Don't be afraid to stand out...
Remember, today's secret trick is the metallic kick!
So what do you think of my look?
Let me know.
Can I make it to the next casting?
Oh, I'm just dreaming to be part of the show! 
Shades | Calvin Klein
                                                                  <3 StylistaSharesSecrets

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

20 Ways You Can Be The Best Friend Ever!

20 Ways You Can Be The Best Friend Ever!

1.      Share your wardrobe collection. 
‘A Project Runway’ Moment!
2.      Go on a Shopping Spree!
It's a 'Project Makeover'!
3.      Travel together & get lost in an unknown land. 
Be amazed w/ an 'Open Sesame' Moment!
4.      Go on a food trip. 
Definitely ‘A Pig Out’!
5.      Don’t be afraid to criticize your friend constructively. 
It’s a truthful ‘Aha’ Moment!
6.      Bring ice cream to melt the stress away. 
Sweeten the ‘End of the World’ moment!
7.      Wake up and stay up at wee hours of the day & night!
 Oh hello, ‘Cuckoo Bird’ Moments!
8.      Back her up and defend her when he/she has any enemies. 
Be the ‘Knight in Shining Armor’!
9.    Know someone's birthday without being reminded by Facebook Alerts. 
No need for an ‘Alarm Clock’ Moment.
10.   Come up with a surprise birthday bash.
 It’s an ‘Oh-My-God’ Moment!
11.   Selfies in the car, in the room, anywhere/everywhere 24/7! 
It’s a ‘CamWhore’ Moment!
12.   Best friends share secrets that even parents don't know.
It’s a ‘My Lips are Sealed’ Moment.
13.   You watch the craziest/cheesiest/most serious movies together. 
 ‘You're my lover’ moment!
14.   Secret code names for crushes, rivals and friends.
It’s a ‘Secret Kodigo’ Moment.
15. The excuse to your parents for late nights.
It’s a ‘Ghost Story’ moment.
16.   You take culinary/arts/fashion lessons together. 
It’s a ‘Can you build a Snowman’ Moment
17.   You hate her and keep silent for 1 hour, and then you’ll love her back again like nothing happened during the day. 
It’s just a ‘Magnetic Reaction!’
18.   Both know that they are the first ones to be contacted for happy/sad news. 
It’s an ‘Emergency button’ moment!
19.   You show that fairytales still happen and good will always defeat evil no matter what. 
It’s definitely a ‘Maleficent’ Moment!

20.    A real friend calls!
 'We have a'GLOBE-al Connection'!
With GoUnli20, it’s now easy to call without a need for a prefix and it’s just P20 for unli calls, 15mb of mobile surfing, and 20 texts to all networks! Kaya if you need a friend, don’t call me, I’ll call you!
To know more about this connection,

Sunday, May 11, 2014

X-MEN: Days of Future Past

Imagine yourself as a mutant.
What would be your stand?
Would you fight for peace?
Or would you bring war over the seas?

Surely, at one point in our lives,
We have hoped to have these superhero vibes!
Things would definitely be so much easier,
Everything would surely be resolved faster.

Can you tell who I want to be with my Mutant Inspired OOTD?

Oh yes, I'm Blue-Skinned w/ Red Hair Hue.
Oh, I can turn into anything just for you!
I can imitate any physique.

As a shapeshifter,
I can simply be whoever & whatever.
You want Marilyn Monroe?
Yes, I can simply give you a show!
Oh, I can also be Cruella De Vil!
Just let me know if you want me to sport good or evil.
Superpowers can always be a blessing or a curse.
So knowing what to fight for should be first!
I just can't wait to watch X-Men Days of Future Past.
I'd definitely want to be Mystique if I could audition as cast.
Changing looks and forms so fast,
Oh, that would indeed be a powerful blast!