Thursday, May 22, 2014


                                                     The X-Men vibe is finally here!
Oh, you got that right, I'm very much excited as you are.
So if I were a mutant, you may call me METALLICA!
Yes, I'm like a magnet---either you're with me or your not. 
Shoes | Chelsea
Bottom | Tango
Who doesn't love earth-toned colors?
Gold. Bronze. Silver.
This trio is just my instant Red Carpet kind of look!
Trust me, you can never go wrong with metallic.

Top | Santiago de Manila 
Bag | So Fab!
Watch | Seksy
To add that instant SOPHIEstication,
Play with see-through fabrics & metallics,
But never go overboard.
You wouldn't want to look slutty right?!

It's always fun to look naughty & nice at the same time.
Dull and boring are just not part of my fashion vocabulary.
Don't be afraid to stand out...
Remember, today's secret trick is the metallic kick!
So what do you think of my look?
Let me know.
Can I make it to the next casting?
Oh, I'm just dreaming to be part of the show! 
Shades | Calvin Klein
                                                                  <3 StylistaSharesSecrets