Thursday, November 26, 2015

5 Tips to Boost Your Immunity during the Holidays

Life may be a gamble at times,
But HEALTH is one thing I never leave to chance.
Sometimes we just gotta decide if it's a 'Deal or No Deal!',
Or just simply a 'Stop, Look & Listen!' kind of thing.

Let's remember we're not Superman nor Superwoman,
Oh, we can't do everything in a blink of an eye.
Commitments, responsibilities, work, oh they just never cease.
But sometimes all we really wanna say is, "Give me a break please."
As I grew older, I realized that Health is really Wealth.
Health is not something we can really buy.
Oh, good health, it's something we build over time! 
So 'Just Say No!' when your health's already at stake,
'Cause you know a poor heart's indeed a deal breaker.

So I've come up with 5 tips to boost your immunity during the holidays. Oh! No one wants to look like the Queen of Darts so let's reign like the Queen of Hearts, shall we?

1. Inhale positivity. Exhale negativity.
A change of atmosphere will always do you good. As they say, "Laughter is always the best medicine." Learn to look at the bright side. Just laugh your stress away and this will keep the doctor away. Remember to give yourself a break too once in a while 'cause I know you deserve it too. For an instant escape, cruise Manila Bay. It's simply a majestic view. And the view of the sunset, it's something you shouldn't dare miss. There's always a relaxing and positive vibe in looking at nature. It helps you breathe in and breathe out. It's definitely an instant re-charge! Oh, celebrate moments and make memories with people that matter to you. Positivity is just like a sunshine that radiates positive energy in your life. Let it affect people, let it have an effect on you. Don't be too serious, learn to laugh at your mistakes too. Most importantly, learn from it and move on.

2.Don't keep feeding yourself, feed others too!
Don't eat all the fats & calories, share the blessings too! Yes, skip that Frappe and feed a child. Make time to reach out & volunteer. It's the best calorie counter ever! Instead of gaining all the pounds by pigging out, why not share a meal this time, right? Reaching out is more filling than you think. It keeps your heart healthy, your mind sound and your soul happy. It's a fullness you can't explain. It's genuine happiness without conditions and expectations. And come to think of it, you'll get to stick with your diet too. It's simply a heart-warming way to be fit & healthy. Yes, even the simplest Jollibee meal treat can make homeless, abandoned kids smile. Their satisfaction is beyond belief. Try it out too and you'll know the kind of immunity I'm talking about. Be the glimmer of hope, you'll give them a chance to cope. Share and you'll be rewarded in ways you can't imagine.

3. Get Active, Not Passive!
Oh, health and wellness can easily be seen in one's lifestyle! Stop being so engrossed with updating your social network. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram doesn't give you the real thing. It's gives you a distorted and detached reality. Go out, mingle & hang out with your friends, that's the real thing! Don't just lie down and be a couch potato. One day, you'll be sorry for it when you realize how big your ass and belly already became. Be active, not passive. Hit the gym. You can watch TV too while on the treadmill you know. Just use your muscles. Swim. Dance. Do Yoga. Just burn those calories. Yes, you've just gotta sweat it out. In fact, you don't have to force yourselves to physically exercise, you can try out more exciting activities such as the firing range, archery or even mountain climbing. Just don't sit on your health, work for it. Have a fitness goal and it'll show. Remember, start while young. It's never too late to start being healthy. You won't regret it.

4. Say 'No' to Vices & 'Yes' to Pampering!

Vanity can be truly rewarding if used properly, not excessively. Oh, sleeping late, smoking, drinking---all these vices are silent killers! Not only do they make you look old, your skin sag and your health deteriorate, they make you age like ugly duckling as time passes by! Think about it. Who would want to date someone with big eyebags and pimples all over? Who would want to kiss someone with bad breath that smells like ash tray? Who would want to talk to a drunkard talking trash? Oh, if you really love yourself, you should prioritize your health! Once in a while, "Just say 'No' to Vices & 'Yes' to pampering." If you can't say 'No' completely, just remember, moderation is key. Work & play should be balance. Have a short vacation, a facial spa or even a staycation. This will help you keep your sanity when you're at the brink of explosion. Prolong your life by not adding more stress to your health. Time to catch some ZZZzzz's! Sleeping Beauty, here we come.

5. Take FERN-C & you'll see the difference.
Fern-C instantly became my partner-in-crime. For 10 years now, it has been like my spinach pill! Every intake made me feel more alive & radiant! I just feel more immune, protected and safe from all the germs and bacteria lurking out there. It's my 24/7 instant energy booster. Believe me, the effects are amazing! My wounds healed faster. I feel more alert! I don't get sick with coughs and flu as often as before anymore. Fern-C is definitely a game-changer in my life. It's my secret to my 'Game-Face' look alright.

And oh, what I love about Fern-C is it's made of Sodium Ascorbate and not the more common Ascorbic Acid. You may ask me why, "what's the difference?" And I'd say it's really more of the tummy ache factors! Because Sodium Ascorbate is non-acid, I don't encounter stomach upsets anymore. Less trips to the C.R and no more bed rests. Thank God for its alkaline content which neutralizes acidity caused by Ascorbic Acid. Phew! And best of all, I've read at that Sodium Ascorbate is more or less absorbed in the bloodstream 95% compared to Ascorbic Acid's 25% absorption. Yes, with Fern-C, you see the difference!

Learn more about Fern-C by visiting  Fern-C website ( and follow Fern-C social media accounts to be updated with their latest promos & health benefits: 

                          Fern-C Facebook:
You can't always bring an orange to boost your immunity, but you can always bring your Fern-C! Oh, no matter how much we wash our hands and spritz our hands with sanitizer, we're still not that immune to germs and bacteria...not until I've witnessed the Fern-C difference. It's gonna be a stress-free Christmas with Fern-C now that I'm in my best shape ever. Try it and you'll know what I'm talking about. Why worry when you've got Fern-C?

Life just gives us endless possibilities & opportunities.
But in the end, it's all about knowing one's priorities.
Healthy living has never been this easy. 
Just follow my 5-pack step to boosting your immunity. 

And you too can say 'Hello' to happiness & 'Goodbye' to stress & a whole lot of mess! 
No more *sniff sniff* and *cough cough*, downers & kill-joys in our lives.

Now, you know my secret formula to getting right back on track.
Oh yes, stress-management and time-management works back to back.
Just remember, don't let health reach a critical level,
'Cause when it does, Life's simply a 'Game Over!'

Thursday, November 19, 2015


November 18, 2015
Dear Diary,
Call me a HOPELESS ROMANTIC, a Taylor Swift fan or a Princess Diaries Kind of Girl, I care not, ‘cause they're all true! Oh, this is who I am in a nutshell. Welcome to my Oh-So-#Wonderful World, where L-O-V-E is the force that makes my world go around.
At 26, many have asked me this question: “Why are you still single?” To be honest, it’s a question that makes most single ladies cringe. But I always tell them, "Single doesn’t mean lonely. Single doesn’t mean you’re not good enough.Being single today is a choice." You see, my being a bachelorette really boils down to sticking to my non-negotiables. Why change for someone who cannot accept your imperfections? Why be with someone who can only be with you when you’re up there, and not when you’re down there?! 

Oh, you bet I'm still a bachelorette ‘cause I haven’t found the one yet! Yes, I’m a self-confessed HOPELESS ROMANTIC alright. Thanks to the inspirational LOVE STORY of my grandparents Lim Eng Hong & Eugenia, I believe true love does exist.
As you can see, even at their 80s, they still can't take their eyes off each other. Their laughs are just magical. Even simple gestures like taking out each one's favorite food & preparing each other's cup of coffee with the right amount of sugar and cream makes me go 'Aww'. They walk hand in hand when they go out. They change each one's diapers when they're at home. It's really the personal touch & genuine concern that keeps their love overflowing. 
Lately, I've been playing Dr. Love: a match-maker, a consoler, a love guru. So I decided to finally write about how love, being a HOPELESS ROMANTIC makes my world and your world #wonderful.
Finding Mr. Right nowadays is really difficult. Gone are the days when everything seemed as simple as a fairytale story. It’s easy to begin a “Once Upon a Time”, but a "They lived happily ever after" takes more than a simple “I do.” Surely, you'd agree that it's really the 'Til death do us part' which is the most challenging for couples.
Ed & Rdee Go Love Story
LOVE is a BURGER-BUN Relationship. It takes more than just a recipe to make it work. It's always the personal touch that matters most. The constant effort to make everything fall into place is just as important.


There is no such thing as a 6-month rule or whatever time frame there is to passing LOVE 101 or BREAK-UP 101. You'll just know when your heart's ready to move on & love again. No matter how perfect things may seem, when the timing isn't right, the relationship just doesn't work. Love, like burgers, enters different cooking time:

*Rare-The feelings are still raw. You may just be a rebound at this stage. Trust me, settling for the next best guy/girl won't mend that broken heart of yours.

*Medium Well- Mutual feelings are starting to develop. Wounds are already starting to heal. You've past the bitterness stage and the bland couple of years.

*Well Done- Commitment & level of maturity has been established. You're ready to love without hesitation. Congratulations, you've reached the "Us Against the World" Stage!


This is the Meat of the Relationship! Is the relationship pure fat, lean meat, mixed fat, or 100% meat? Here, the laws of attraction will be tested. Yes, opposites do attract, but life is filled with different perspectives so you can't always agree with each other. In the end, a relationship needs a solid foundation to last. Did you guys start out as friends or did you guys skip the friendship part and go straight to being lovers? Does the relationship have history or is it just the hormones doing the talking? The patty gives the main flavor so if both of you clicks, then let the relationship stick!
Oliver & Chole Baterina Love Story

It takes two to tango. It takes two individuals to be labelled 'In A Relationship'. Love will not flourish if only one works for and in it. The bun makes everything fall into its place. Two people should want to be together, be there for one another, through thick and thin. The buns –toasted, burnt or freshly baked, can withstand anything as long as love, the binding force is present.


These are the condiments we add to make those Oh-so-delicious, rich and Calorie-fic burgers! This is what makes every relationship different from another. The level of attraction, the level of commitment and the degree of love differ based on what both lovers have to offer.

*Bacon-Too much pleasure is deadly. Too much fat kills. Too much of everything is just bad. When sex, worldly pleasures & material things become the binding force of the relationship, please don't be afraid to wave the white flag already.

*Cheese-This is usually the most common and addicting add-in. It is the flavor enhancer of the relationship. The effort in making every surprise extra special and extraordinary gives every knight in shining armor an advantage. Now, that's love in action!

*Tomatoes & Lettuce-This is the healthy part, the key to restore balance in every equation. A walk/jog in the park or a relaxing spa session will help re-kindle the love. No gadgets & no social networks. Have some couple time---a ME & YOU only time! 

*Mayonnaise-This makes the relationship rich and creamy. This is when the suitor woos his girl with typical flower bouquets, chocolates, candlelit dinners and movie dates. You can never go wrong with these sweet classic gestures.

*Ketchup-A condiment usually deemed as an insult to the cook. As ketchup can mask a taste, remember that material things mean nothing if the intentions are not genuine. Look into the heart of the person and you will know what to do. Choose wisely! 
Ed & Rdee Go Love Story
Don't get me wrong: I've been hurt too. But I'm still confident I'm worth loving. When you love, you learn. When you get hurt, get back up. You know you have truly loved someone when you value someone else's happiness more than your own. He becomes your daily dose of coffee and overly sweet dessert. It is love that keeps you going when you're at the brink of giving up. Oh, truly, my grandparents' love story is a living testament that it's the love, not the hurt, not the imperfections that we should focus on.

In truly loving, there really is no best befores and no expiration dates. Love is really a BACK-BACK RELATIONSHIP, A BURGER-BUN RELATIONSHIP. It is a vow of togetherness in all walks and talks of life. Love makes nothing else matter but being with each other. Truly, love is an unspoken binding force that stands the test of time, distance & boundaries. And my grandparents are a testament of this kind of love. 

Most of the time, you'll fall for someone you least expected---maybe your best friend, your new found friend or a complete stranger. You may end up falling for someone that's not your type, someone completely out of your league or lucky you if it's Mr./Ms. Right. 

Love is magic at its quietest kind. It is an unexplained phenomenon. That's what makes falling in love exciting, right? Some may end up perfect, but some may not. At the end of the day, love really makes the world go around. So single ladies and gents out there, go mingle. Who knows, Cupid might just release those arrows for you like these love birds.
Ed & Rdee Go Love Story
Oh this is not just a confession of a hopeless romantic with her list of non-negotiables, realizations and inspirational stories. It’s really more of a continuous search for Mr. Right. Yes I know, there are a lot of fish in the sea, but what’s important is how good the catch is. A good catch doesn’t mean marrying someone rich and good-looking. A good catch means finding someone authentic, someone sincere and someone real to you. Don’t be pressured to say ‘Yes’ when you know he’s not the one. Don’t let age dictate your decision to finally change your status from ;Single' to 'In a Relationship.' 

Being a hopeless romantic is not being naive. It's not being immature nor unrealistic. Loving doesn't need any reason. You love because you love. It's more than just attraction and commonalities. It's accepting and loving all the good and bad things because all those are you. And when you find that real connection with someone, don't let it go because LOVE is a powerful force that makes our world #wonderful!
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Friday, November 13, 2015

My Belkin Wishlist

Move over James Bond,
'Cause you've found your match!
Yes, this Belkin Girl 's a catch.
Oh, you bet, you'll meet her at the Battlefield.

So what do James & I have in common?!
Simple---we can't last a day without gadgets.
Being professional agents & mission-oriented individuals,
Our gadgets serve as our lifeline.
Yes, we have the need for speed,
'Cause we bleed to lead, to accomplish every deed!

Just like the Bond World,

The Belkin World is about securing the fastest & most reliable connection.
Yes, my fate depends on my gadgets & gizmos.
To live or to die, I never leave my life to chance.
Would you?!

So I'll be sharing with you the top 5 survival must-haves of a BELKIN Girl:

#1 : Belkin Mixit 4000mAh Power Pack

Oh, you wouldn't want to be disconnected from MI6 even for a second. 
Yes, I can never be out of coverage area when I'm working. 
My boss would never accept a 'low batt-no batt' kind of excuse. 
Now, with my 4,000 mAh power bank, 
No matter where I am, I'm sure I'll always have a back up battery! 
I just love how lightweight it is, very ideal for my missions!

#2 : Belkin Single 2.1A USB Car Charger 

with 4' Lightning Cable

Oh, you got that right! 
I'm always on-the-go.
Time is gold for me. 
So whether at home or inside the car, 
I definitely need a fast charge. 
And Belkin is my Skyfall--- 
Fast charge at 10 watt/2.1 Amp speed each.

Phew! Thank God I have my Belkin. 

I always make it a point that my gadgets are as versatile as my outfit. 
From day to night, I always make sure I have my Belkin handy. 
'Cause a battery boost always saves my ass from board room to charity ball.

And I love these chargers because they're...

This Belkin Girl is an Apple Girl too you know. 

Oh, I just love this "One Kit For All My Charging Needs!"
Now, I'm worry-free, everywhere I go.

I just love how stylish and sleek my devices are. 

Yes, Q will be so impressed with this Belkin Girl.
Who knows, this Belkin Girl might just be the next Bond Girl too. 

Watch out this March 2016.

#3 : Belkin Car Navigation with 
Charge Mount for Apple iPhone 5/5s 

Yes, I admit that I'm a multi-tasker alright.

I talk, text and aim while I drive.

Oh, with my new Belkin Car Navigation with Charge Mount,

I can now keep my hands on the wheel without taking my eyes off the road.

It's simply the perfect navigation tool, perfect for my iPhone5!

Imagine I can charge and navigate at the same time.

#4 : Belkin Car Vent Mount for Smartphones
When I just have to hide my phone from the outside view,
It's best for me to use my Belkin Car Vent Mount! 

Keeping a low profile would buy me more time from being the next target. 

Best of all, mounting this to my car's dash is easy--- 

No suction cup or adhesives required! 

And yes, this is compatible with all my other phones. Yay!

#5 : Belkin Dual Swivel Charger 
with Lightning to USB Cable  
I love the 4' USB Cable and it's fast charge 10 Watt/2.1 Amp per port.

It's amazing how it could sync everything into my laptop in seconds.

Yes, timing is everything in every mission.

And my swivel charger never keeps me hanging.

Imagine even at crowded or harder-to reach outlets,

I can still charge no matter what angle!

You see...nothing is impossible with my Belkin!

Now, you know the Belkin World,

Even at Casino Royale,

I don't dare gamble my life.

In my world, I make sure that what I operate on is fast, reliable & portable.

One call, one text, one additional bar---oh, these can save my life!

This is the Belkin Difference!

Check-out the Belkin products I'm eyeing on right now in Lazada through this link:

Yes, this is my #BelkinWishlist ,

It's a Christmas Wishlist I can't wait to have!

So if you want to be the next Bond Girl too,

Start by being a Belkin Girl just like me.

Oh, you definitely won't regret it.

Over & Out,

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Taking Gifting to the Next Level

Dear Santa,

Oh, you know what I want for Christmas! Thing is, I'm not too sure whether or not I've been NAUGHTY or NICE this year!!! So I'll let you in a little secret, alright?!

Hmm...I've been a little spoiled for the past couple of months. Oh, what can I do when 'BER' months have this 'time to splurge' effect on me? Truth is, I just can't help it whenever SM Malls are on SALE. Imagine shoes, bags and clothes at half the price. Who would dare miss that kind of treasure hunt?! Yes, I'm guilty! I'm a shopaholic alright!

Phew! I thought, you'd never ask me, Santa. Of course, my Christmas Wish List is ready. I've come prepared, knowing you might just drop by my chimney anytime soon.
 Oh, please know, I've been good too!

Christmas is the time when I feel most generous to myself and my family. 'Tis always the time when I break my piggie bank and splurge on the people I love the most. It's my simple way of thanking them for taking care of me 24/7. Seriously, I wouldn't be who I am right now if it weren't for them. Oh, my family is my home and they will always be worth melting for.
To avoid the Christmas holiday rush, I usually do my Christmas shopping every November. Yes, you've guessed it right Santa! I'm done with my Christmas shopping 'cause at SM Malls, they've got it all for me and for everyone. Oh, there's just so many wonderful choices, so many exciting finds, that I've exceeded my Christmas Shopping budget. Oh well...
 Whatever season, SM Store always gives me reasons to keep on coming back.
 And not to mention that they already have a roster of international brands exclusively at SM! 
Now, there's no more reason for me to fly to Hongkong when SM's got it all for me---aside from it being my initials too...Sophie Miles! haha!

I'll give you a sneak peek of my gifts. Oh Santa, maybe, you can slash it off your list if I got it right. Give them something else or give it to me. Haha! What do you think of my cart full of Christmas goodies? Yay! I'm excited to see my family's faces.

You know why I know I'm nice too? Oh no...I'm not showing off nor am I asking for recognition or gifts for my good deeds. I just want to share the priceless feeling I get every time I do something for strangers. It's the best feeling ever...knowing that in some way, even in the most simple way, I have somehow made a difference in someone's life.

Last year, I bought a parol to sponsor a family's Noche Buena feast. Oh, as I was hanging my parol up there, I was smiling crazily inside out, knowing that I'll be able to feed a family who ain't as blessed as me. I'm glad that even for just one night, I can make them feel loved. It's really one simple way of giving back for the many blessings I've received. I love supporting advocacies like this 'cause when you 'Pay it Forward', the effect multiplies. :)

So how do I plan to give back to others this Christmas 2015, you may ask?

Here’s one way: I'd support the SM Cares Bears of Joy campaign!!! Oh yeah, I'll skip my Starbucks Frappe and spend that Php200 to support the SM Cares Bear of Joy Campaign instead! Imagine for just Php200, I get to keep one bear and donate the other to children from various orphanages and charitable institutions through the SM CARES Program. Isn't this aaaah-maaazing?! I get to keep a cute bear too! Aww. 

So Santa and all the Secret Santas out there, do check out the SM Cares Bears of Joy campaign and know how you can take part in the season of “gift-ing” too! <3 
 “For more updates about this year’s “Merry SM Christmas” campaign, visit SM’s official Christmas microsite ( and follow its official social media accounts at Facebook (, Twitter (, and Instagram (; and get an insider access to all the fun happenings at SM Supermalls nationwide through Viber ( Shoppers can actively share their holiday merriments inside the SM Supermalls by posting their photos on social media and adding the hashtag #MerrySMChristmas2015.”

Let's all remember the reason for this season. It's not simply a gift giving season, it's the season of spreading LOVE. May Love be a viral disease where every person simply 'Pays-It-Forward' to create that world of 'Happy Ever Afters' for every family. :)
Yes, I've been good too Dearest Santa, so love me like you always do! :)
Oh, I seriously can't wait to see you!
Have a #MerrySMChristmas2015 this #SeasonOfGifting !
    <3 SOPHIEsticated