Friday, November 13, 2015

My Belkin Wishlist

Move over James Bond,
'Cause you've found your match!
Yes, this Belkin Girl 's a catch.
Oh, you bet, you'll meet her at the Battlefield.

So what do James & I have in common?!
Simple---we can't last a day without gadgets.
Being professional agents & mission-oriented individuals,
Our gadgets serve as our lifeline.
Yes, we have the need for speed,
'Cause we bleed to lead, to accomplish every deed!

Just like the Bond World,

The Belkin World is about securing the fastest & most reliable connection.
Yes, my fate depends on my gadgets & gizmos.
To live or to die, I never leave my life to chance.
Would you?!

So I'll be sharing with you the top 5 survival must-haves of a BELKIN Girl:

#1 : Belkin Mixit 4000mAh Power Pack

Oh, you wouldn't want to be disconnected from MI6 even for a second. 
Yes, I can never be out of coverage area when I'm working. 
My boss would never accept a 'low batt-no batt' kind of excuse. 
Now, with my 4,000 mAh power bank, 
No matter where I am, I'm sure I'll always have a back up battery! 
I just love how lightweight it is, very ideal for my missions!

#2 : Belkin Single 2.1A USB Car Charger 

with 4' Lightning Cable

Oh, you got that right! 
I'm always on-the-go.
Time is gold for me. 
So whether at home or inside the car, 
I definitely need a fast charge. 
And Belkin is my Skyfall--- 
Fast charge at 10 watt/2.1 Amp speed each.

Phew! Thank God I have my Belkin. 

I always make it a point that my gadgets are as versatile as my outfit. 
From day to night, I always make sure I have my Belkin handy. 
'Cause a battery boost always saves my ass from board room to charity ball.

And I love these chargers because they're...

This Belkin Girl is an Apple Girl too you know. 

Oh, I just love this "One Kit For All My Charging Needs!"
Now, I'm worry-free, everywhere I go.

I just love how stylish and sleek my devices are. 

Yes, Q will be so impressed with this Belkin Girl.
Who knows, this Belkin Girl might just be the next Bond Girl too. 

Watch out this March 2016.

#3 : Belkin Car Navigation with 
Charge Mount for Apple iPhone 5/5s 

Yes, I admit that I'm a multi-tasker alright.

I talk, text and aim while I drive.

Oh, with my new Belkin Car Navigation with Charge Mount,

I can now keep my hands on the wheel without taking my eyes off the road.

It's simply the perfect navigation tool, perfect for my iPhone5!

Imagine I can charge and navigate at the same time.

#4 : Belkin Car Vent Mount for Smartphones
When I just have to hide my phone from the outside view,
It's best for me to use my Belkin Car Vent Mount! 

Keeping a low profile would buy me more time from being the next target. 

Best of all, mounting this to my car's dash is easy--- 

No suction cup or adhesives required! 

And yes, this is compatible with all my other phones. Yay!

#5 : Belkin Dual Swivel Charger 
with Lightning to USB Cable  
I love the 4' USB Cable and it's fast charge 10 Watt/2.1 Amp per port.

It's amazing how it could sync everything into my laptop in seconds.

Yes, timing is everything in every mission.

And my swivel charger never keeps me hanging.

Imagine even at crowded or harder-to reach outlets,

I can still charge no matter what angle!

You see...nothing is impossible with my Belkin!

Now, you know the Belkin World,

Even at Casino Royale,

I don't dare gamble my life.

In my world, I make sure that what I operate on is fast, reliable & portable.

One call, one text, one additional bar---oh, these can save my life!

This is the Belkin Difference!

Check-out the Belkin products I'm eyeing on right now in Lazada through this link:

Yes, this is my #BelkinWishlist ,

It's a Christmas Wishlist I can't wait to have!

So if you want to be the next Bond Girl too,

Start by being a Belkin Girl just like me.

Oh, you definitely won't regret it.

Over & Out,