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November 18, 2015
Dear Diary,
Call me a HOPELESS ROMANTIC, a Taylor Swift fan or a Princess Diaries Kind of Girl, I care not, ‘cause they're all true! Oh, this is who I am in a nutshell. Welcome to my Oh-So-#Wonderful World, where L-O-V-E is the force that makes my world go around.
At 26, many have asked me this question: “Why are you still single?” To be honest, it’s a question that makes most single ladies cringe. But I always tell them, "Single doesn’t mean lonely. Single doesn’t mean you’re not good enough.Being single today is a choice." You see, my being a bachelorette really boils down to sticking to my non-negotiables. Why change for someone who cannot accept your imperfections? Why be with someone who can only be with you when you’re up there, and not when you’re down there?! 

Oh, you bet I'm still a bachelorette ‘cause I haven’t found the one yet! Yes, I’m a self-confessed HOPELESS ROMANTIC alright. Thanks to the inspirational LOVE STORY of my grandparents Lim Eng Hong & Eugenia, I believe true love does exist.
As you can see, even at their 80s, they still can't take their eyes off each other. Their laughs are just magical. Even simple gestures like taking out each one's favorite food & preparing each other's cup of coffee with the right amount of sugar and cream makes me go 'Aww'. They walk hand in hand when they go out. They change each one's diapers when they're at home. It's really the personal touch & genuine concern that keeps their love overflowing. 
Lately, I've been playing Dr. Love: a match-maker, a consoler, a love guru. So I decided to finally write about how love, being a HOPELESS ROMANTIC makes my world and your world #wonderful.
Finding Mr. Right nowadays is really difficult. Gone are the days when everything seemed as simple as a fairytale story. It’s easy to begin a “Once Upon a Time”, but a "They lived happily ever after" takes more than a simple “I do.” Surely, you'd agree that it's really the 'Til death do us part' which is the most challenging for couples.
Ed & Rdee Go Love Story
LOVE is a BURGER-BUN Relationship. It takes more than just a recipe to make it work. It's always the personal touch that matters most. The constant effort to make everything fall into place is just as important.


There is no such thing as a 6-month rule or whatever time frame there is to passing LOVE 101 or BREAK-UP 101. You'll just know when your heart's ready to move on & love again. No matter how perfect things may seem, when the timing isn't right, the relationship just doesn't work. Love, like burgers, enters different cooking time:

*Rare-The feelings are still raw. You may just be a rebound at this stage. Trust me, settling for the next best guy/girl won't mend that broken heart of yours.

*Medium Well- Mutual feelings are starting to develop. Wounds are already starting to heal. You've past the bitterness stage and the bland couple of years.

*Well Done- Commitment & level of maturity has been established. You're ready to love without hesitation. Congratulations, you've reached the "Us Against the World" Stage!


This is the Meat of the Relationship! Is the relationship pure fat, lean meat, mixed fat, or 100% meat? Here, the laws of attraction will be tested. Yes, opposites do attract, but life is filled with different perspectives so you can't always agree with each other. In the end, a relationship needs a solid foundation to last. Did you guys start out as friends or did you guys skip the friendship part and go straight to being lovers? Does the relationship have history or is it just the hormones doing the talking? The patty gives the main flavor so if both of you clicks, then let the relationship stick!
Oliver & Chole Baterina Love Story

It takes two to tango. It takes two individuals to be labelled 'In A Relationship'. Love will not flourish if only one works for and in it. The bun makes everything fall into its place. Two people should want to be together, be there for one another, through thick and thin. The buns –toasted, burnt or freshly baked, can withstand anything as long as love, the binding force is present.


These are the condiments we add to make those Oh-so-delicious, rich and Calorie-fic burgers! This is what makes every relationship different from another. The level of attraction, the level of commitment and the degree of love differ based on what both lovers have to offer.

*Bacon-Too much pleasure is deadly. Too much fat kills. Too much of everything is just bad. When sex, worldly pleasures & material things become the binding force of the relationship, please don't be afraid to wave the white flag already.

*Cheese-This is usually the most common and addicting add-in. It is the flavor enhancer of the relationship. The effort in making every surprise extra special and extraordinary gives every knight in shining armor an advantage. Now, that's love in action!

*Tomatoes & Lettuce-This is the healthy part, the key to restore balance in every equation. A walk/jog in the park or a relaxing spa session will help re-kindle the love. No gadgets & no social networks. Have some couple time---a ME & YOU only time! 

*Mayonnaise-This makes the relationship rich and creamy. This is when the suitor woos his girl with typical flower bouquets, chocolates, candlelit dinners and movie dates. You can never go wrong with these sweet classic gestures.

*Ketchup-A condiment usually deemed as an insult to the cook. As ketchup can mask a taste, remember that material things mean nothing if the intentions are not genuine. Look into the heart of the person and you will know what to do. Choose wisely! 
Ed & Rdee Go Love Story
Don't get me wrong: I've been hurt too. But I'm still confident I'm worth loving. When you love, you learn. When you get hurt, get back up. You know you have truly loved someone when you value someone else's happiness more than your own. He becomes your daily dose of coffee and overly sweet dessert. It is love that keeps you going when you're at the brink of giving up. Oh, truly, my grandparents' love story is a living testament that it's the love, not the hurt, not the imperfections that we should focus on.

In truly loving, there really is no best befores and no expiration dates. Love is really a BACK-BACK RELATIONSHIP, A BURGER-BUN RELATIONSHIP. It is a vow of togetherness in all walks and talks of life. Love makes nothing else matter but being with each other. Truly, love is an unspoken binding force that stands the test of time, distance & boundaries. And my grandparents are a testament of this kind of love. 

Most of the time, you'll fall for someone you least expected---maybe your best friend, your new found friend or a complete stranger. You may end up falling for someone that's not your type, someone completely out of your league or lucky you if it's Mr./Ms. Right. 

Love is magic at its quietest kind. It is an unexplained phenomenon. That's what makes falling in love exciting, right? Some may end up perfect, but some may not. At the end of the day, love really makes the world go around. So single ladies and gents out there, go mingle. Who knows, Cupid might just release those arrows for you like these love birds.
Ed & Rdee Go Love Story
Oh this is not just a confession of a hopeless romantic with her list of non-negotiables, realizations and inspirational stories. It’s really more of a continuous search for Mr. Right. Yes I know, there are a lot of fish in the sea, but what’s important is how good the catch is. A good catch doesn’t mean marrying someone rich and good-looking. A good catch means finding someone authentic, someone sincere and someone real to you. Don’t be pressured to say ‘Yes’ when you know he’s not the one. Don’t let age dictate your decision to finally change your status from ;Single' to 'In a Relationship.' 

Being a hopeless romantic is not being naive. It's not being immature nor unrealistic. Loving doesn't need any reason. You love because you love. It's more than just attraction and commonalities. It's accepting and loving all the good and bad things because all those are you. And when you find that real connection with someone, don't let it go because LOVE is a powerful force that makes our world #wonderful!
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