Thursday, November 26, 2015

5 Tips to Boost Your Immunity during the Holidays

Life may be a gamble at times,
But HEALTH is one thing I never leave to chance.
Sometimes we just gotta decide if it's a 'Deal or No Deal!',
Or just simply a 'Stop, Look & Listen!' kind of thing.

Let's remember we're not Superman nor Superwoman,
Oh, we can't do everything in a blink of an eye.
Commitments, responsibilities, work, oh they just never cease.
But sometimes all we really wanna say is, "Give me a break please."
As I grew older, I realized that Health is really Wealth.
Health is not something we can really buy.
Oh, good health, it's something we build over time! 
So 'Just Say No!' when your health's already at stake,
'Cause you know a poor heart's indeed a deal breaker.

So I've come up with 5 tips to boost your immunity during the holidays. Oh! No one wants to look like the Queen of Darts so let's reign like the Queen of Hearts, shall we?

1. Inhale positivity. Exhale negativity.
A change of atmosphere will always do you good. As they say, "Laughter is always the best medicine." Learn to look at the bright side. Just laugh your stress away and this will keep the doctor away. Remember to give yourself a break too once in a while 'cause I know you deserve it too. For an instant escape, cruise Manila Bay. It's simply a majestic view. And the view of the sunset, it's something you shouldn't dare miss. There's always a relaxing and positive vibe in looking at nature. It helps you breathe in and breathe out. It's definitely an instant re-charge! Oh, celebrate moments and make memories with people that matter to you. Positivity is just like a sunshine that radiates positive energy in your life. Let it affect people, let it have an effect on you. Don't be too serious, learn to laugh at your mistakes too. Most importantly, learn from it and move on.

2.Don't keep feeding yourself, feed others too!
Don't eat all the fats & calories, share the blessings too! Yes, skip that Frappe and feed a child. Make time to reach out & volunteer. It's the best calorie counter ever! Instead of gaining all the pounds by pigging out, why not share a meal this time, right? Reaching out is more filling than you think. It keeps your heart healthy, your mind sound and your soul happy. It's a fullness you can't explain. It's genuine happiness without conditions and expectations. And come to think of it, you'll get to stick with your diet too. It's simply a heart-warming way to be fit & healthy. Yes, even the simplest Jollibee meal treat can make homeless, abandoned kids smile. Their satisfaction is beyond belief. Try it out too and you'll know the kind of immunity I'm talking about. Be the glimmer of hope, you'll give them a chance to cope. Share and you'll be rewarded in ways you can't imagine.

3. Get Active, Not Passive!
Oh, health and wellness can easily be seen in one's lifestyle! Stop being so engrossed with updating your social network. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram doesn't give you the real thing. It's gives you a distorted and detached reality. Go out, mingle & hang out with your friends, that's the real thing! Don't just lie down and be a couch potato. One day, you'll be sorry for it when you realize how big your ass and belly already became. Be active, not passive. Hit the gym. You can watch TV too while on the treadmill you know. Just use your muscles. Swim. Dance. Do Yoga. Just burn those calories. Yes, you've just gotta sweat it out. In fact, you don't have to force yourselves to physically exercise, you can try out more exciting activities such as the firing range, archery or even mountain climbing. Just don't sit on your health, work for it. Have a fitness goal and it'll show. Remember, start while young. It's never too late to start being healthy. You won't regret it.

4. Say 'No' to Vices & 'Yes' to Pampering!

Vanity can be truly rewarding if used properly, not excessively. Oh, sleeping late, smoking, drinking---all these vices are silent killers! Not only do they make you look old, your skin sag and your health deteriorate, they make you age like ugly duckling as time passes by! Think about it. Who would want to date someone with big eyebags and pimples all over? Who would want to kiss someone with bad breath that smells like ash tray? Who would want to talk to a drunkard talking trash? Oh, if you really love yourself, you should prioritize your health! Once in a while, "Just say 'No' to Vices & 'Yes' to pampering." If you can't say 'No' completely, just remember, moderation is key. Work & play should be balance. Have a short vacation, a facial spa or even a staycation. This will help you keep your sanity when you're at the brink of explosion. Prolong your life by not adding more stress to your health. Time to catch some ZZZzzz's! Sleeping Beauty, here we come.

5. Take FERN-C & you'll see the difference.
Fern-C instantly became my partner-in-crime. For 10 years now, it has been like my spinach pill! Every intake made me feel more alive & radiant! I just feel more immune, protected and safe from all the germs and bacteria lurking out there. It's my 24/7 instant energy booster. Believe me, the effects are amazing! My wounds healed faster. I feel more alert! I don't get sick with coughs and flu as often as before anymore. Fern-C is definitely a game-changer in my life. It's my secret to my 'Game-Face' look alright.

And oh, what I love about Fern-C is it's made of Sodium Ascorbate and not the more common Ascorbic Acid. You may ask me why, "what's the difference?" And I'd say it's really more of the tummy ache factors! Because Sodium Ascorbate is non-acid, I don't encounter stomach upsets anymore. Less trips to the C.R and no more bed rests. Thank God for its alkaline content which neutralizes acidity caused by Ascorbic Acid. Phew! And best of all, I've read at that Sodium Ascorbate is more or less absorbed in the bloodstream 95% compared to Ascorbic Acid's 25% absorption. Yes, with Fern-C, you see the difference!

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Life just gives us endless possibilities & opportunities.
But in the end, it's all about knowing one's priorities.
Healthy living has never been this easy. 
Just follow my 5-pack step to boosting your immunity. 

And you too can say 'Hello' to happiness & 'Goodbye' to stress & a whole lot of mess! 
No more *sniff sniff* and *cough cough*, downers & kill-joys in our lives.

Now, you know my secret formula to getting right back on track.
Oh yes, stress-management and time-management works back to back.
Just remember, don't let health reach a critical level,
'Cause when it does, Life's simply a 'Game Over!'