Friday, December 18, 2015


They say, nothing can mend a broken heart,
but I say, they haven't tasted real love yet! 
Yes, it’s not boys that make me fall in love day by day,
But desserts the melt in my mouth every day.

A taste of heaven in every chocolate truffle,
Oh, you certainly won’t mind saying “whoops!,”
To calories that pile up in loops,
Oh my, it’s just so damn good alright!
The right kind of chocolate can obviously fix anything.
You bet, even the sick and the weak would certainly wanna take a peek.
Once you've seen what Rocky Mountain offers,
You'll definitely want to take a lick of that Apple Caramel Stick!
Now, you might be wondering...
 "Where can I have a bite of these oh-so-tempting luscious apples?!!"
Get your ass down to UP TOWN Center because Rocky Mountain just opened 3 days ago!
I just can't thank the Dacay family enough for FINALLY bringing Rocky Mountain in town!
Yes, they're certified chocolate fanatics alright.
Imagine they never leave any country with a Rocky Mountain in it empty-handed.
From the Airport to their house,
 they'd each carry their caramel apple like it's their best souvenir ever!
Rocky Mountain is the King & Queen of Hearts.
You just can't blame it for making people fall in love easily.
Just one bite, just a sight, just a taste, would make you lust for it,
Screaming, ‘Oooooh, Mmmmm, I want mmmorrre !!!’

There's just something for every sweet-tooth or any bitter person out there.
With Rocky Mountain, you'll never feel sad nor mad,
'Cause 'tis a relationship you'll always feel 100% sure of.
Now I've proven that a Rocky Mountain Love Affair can still have a happy ending after all!
So this Christmas, why not share the universal love language?
If you're planning to make her say 'Yes',
 make sure Rocky Mountain chocolates are on hand.
Yes, chocolates are one of the best gifts that girls couldn't resist.
It's a sweet treat that more or less would do the magic trick.

Trust me, it's chocolate like you've never tasted before.

It's a love affair that you won't say 'No' too!