Monday, November 24, 2014


Cersei Lannister . Daenerys Targaryen. 
Sansa Stark. Margaery Tyrell.
Lady Sophie.
Oh yes, I'm vying for the Iron Throne too! 
Watch out for me in HBO's Game of Thrones Season 5.
*In my Dreams*
Hair Braids. Fur Capes. Embroidered Dresses.
Oh, I can't get enough of the fashion of the 7 Kingdoms.
Having an eye for intricate details,
You can actually tell the lineage of each character with their embroidered gowns.
My look for today is very much inspired by the Game of Thrones.
With a touch of modernity and medieval times,
I'm definitely the modern day Sansa Stark!
Check out our woven gowns' neckline ornamented w/ flowers.
Costume Designer Michele Carragher
 Be careful whenever you choose a side,
As the battle for the Iron Throne can cost your head too.
Who will be killed off in the next season?
Oh! One thing's for sure---we will never get tired of guessing!
So if you want to flaunt that regal look too,
Ditch your shorts, jeans and T-shirts,
And revamp your wardrobe!
Game of Thrones fashion is all about furs, capes & embroidered gowns.

I just can't wait for Season 5 in 2015!
Who wouldn't be when it's a non-stop game of power, succession & domination.
Not to mention several treachery & lechery that weave characters' lives together.
Games of Thrones is The Game of Clothes.
Fashion is Power so make sure you dress your part!
Winter is coming,
You too may get my Modern Game of Thrones look here at SHEINSIDE !!!
Navy Spaghetti Strap Vintage Floral Two Pieces Dress

Monday, November 17, 2014


What is that one fabric that gives you the four S's?
 Style. Substance. Sexiness. And Sophistication---rolled in one!
Oh, baby, it's simply a case of LACE.
Lace, when worn right, becomes every girl's crowning glory.

Don't you agree?
Surely, pairing off a nude colored top is a no-brainer.
Trust me, any and every color spectrum of the rainbow will be perfect.
It's pretty easy---either your bottom will stand out or your accessories would.
In my case, Honey Buttons top w/ my peek-a-boo playful skirt perfects my lace story.
Oh yes, the devil is in the details alright.
If there's one color I can always trust aside from the classic black & white,
It'll definitely be the seductive color of red!
I just love how red makes you effortlessly stand out,
Instantly multiplying every strand of confidence a woman has.
Lace, no doubt, is the fashion industry's choice for elegance.
It's simply an intricate work of art,
Sewn in delicate web-like patterns,
Emphasizing a woman's thirst for glamour & sophistication.
Hat | SOLO
Shoes | DUMOND
I'm definitely not a plain Jane.
I love outfits that bring out the personality in everyone.
I'm obsessed with cuts & styles that portray classic modernity,
My, my, how fashion has evolved throughout the years!
If you want a seductive and sexy outfit,
Just find a dress made out of lace.
Anyone can easily be turned-on with this flattering fabric.
A little bit of skin achieves that sexiness without revealing too much.
So how do you like my lace story?
Let me know if you've been laced up as well. 
Lots of love,

Friday, November 7, 2014

Fashion 101 w/ SSI (SOPHIEsticated Styling Institute)

Forgive me FASHION for I have sinned.
I must admit that I'm obsessed with SSI!
Oh yes, I can't get enough of Store Specialists, Inc. (SSI) Brands.
Thus, my Fashion 101 w/ SOPHIEsticated Styling Institute (SSI) post!

So, let's start off with this simple basic look,
Spiced up with a bit of colorful accessories.
Dress | ZARA
Don't you just love how versatile this Zara dress is?
I just love its skin tone color as it gives us the freedom to play with color palettes!
From Girl Next Door to Corporate Executive to Audrey Hepburn,
Just a splash of accessories could change your look!

SOPHIEsticated Styling Institute shows you how to wear 1 dress several ways!
Just Mix-n-match baby and you'll never run out of stylish get-ups.
Spruce up your look with this 5 simple yet SOPHIEsticated must-haves:
Play it chic & casual with a boyish touch.
A vest always stands out when paired with a neutral color.
Invest in accessories.
A statement piece will definitely make any monochromatic outfit stand out!
Bring out the fierceness in you with a little bit of glamour.
Shades is no doubt the easiest way to steal attention.
Be it a Fedora hat, flower crown or a hairband,
No style can be too dull with a stylish hair twist.
Bag | DUNE
You can never go wrong with a stylish lace blazer!
It's instant sexy look without revealing too much.
Oh, I just love how corporate I look even in a party dress.
So girls, just blazer up your trendy dresses and you're good to go!
This is the ultimate deal breaker!
Your footwear defines your whole look.
Bag | DUNE
So are you a fashion trendsetter or just a mere follower?
If you ask me, I'm actually a mix!
I love sporting stylish, unique & sophisticated outfits,
But at the end of the day, I value functionality & versatility too. 

How can you flaunt something when you can't wear it, right?!
Just make sure you're always dressed for the occasion.
So which look did you like best?
Let me know.
Dress | ZARA
Remember, fashion is self-expression.
You don't have to force yourself to wear something that you're not.
Confidence, at the end of the day, is the best accessory,
Perfected with a smile that says, "Look at Me."