Monday, November 17, 2014


What is that one fabric that gives you the four S's?
 Style. Substance. Sexiness. And Sophistication---rolled in one!
Oh, baby, it's simply a case of LACE.
Lace, when worn right, becomes every girl's crowning glory.

Don't you agree?
Surely, pairing off a nude colored top is a no-brainer.
Trust me, any and every color spectrum of the rainbow will be perfect.
It's pretty easy---either your bottom will stand out or your accessories would.
In my case, Honey Buttons top w/ my peek-a-boo playful skirt perfects my lace story.
Oh yes, the devil is in the details alright.
If there's one color I can always trust aside from the classic black & white,
It'll definitely be the seductive color of red!
I just love how red makes you effortlessly stand out,
Instantly multiplying every strand of confidence a woman has.
Lace, no doubt, is the fashion industry's choice for elegance.
It's simply an intricate work of art,
Sewn in delicate web-like patterns,
Emphasizing a woman's thirst for glamour & sophistication.
Hat | SOLO
Shoes | DUMOND
I'm definitely not a plain Jane.
I love outfits that bring out the personality in everyone.
I'm obsessed with cuts & styles that portray classic modernity,
My, my, how fashion has evolved throughout the years!
If you want a seductive and sexy outfit,
Just find a dress made out of lace.
Anyone can easily be turned-on with this flattering fabric.
A little bit of skin achieves that sexiness without revealing too much.
So how do you like my lace story?
Let me know if you've been laced up as well. 
Lots of love,