Monday, May 6, 2013


This look reminds me of Tinkerbell!
It's probably 'cuz of my Peter Pan Collared Blouse.
Don't you agree???

So you may call me Tink for now.
It just feels great to be a fairy once in a while.
Shoes | Cardam's
Blouse | Greenhills Bazaar
Skirt | USA

My look is very flowy and glittery.
 It's just like the pixie dust Tinkerbell leaves when she moves around.
Unfortunately, you won't fly when you get mesmerized by my pixie look!
You'll just have to wait for your boy/girl to blow you away.

Shoes and shades are accessories that always give you that instant glam!
So always work on it, girls and boys!
It'll help you steal the show.

So here's more of my Tink Looks!
Personality-wise, I am similar to Tink!
Creative, inventive & sassy. Yes, that's me.
But I may be hot-tempered, jealous & feisty too if the situation calls for it.
Don't worry, I have yet to find my Peter Pan.

"I'm a tinker. It's who I am. And tinkers fix things."
Tink (SOPHIEsticated)

So this is the modern day Tink outfit I thought of. 
What do you think???