Tuesday, May 14, 2013


The concept of tribal chic is very playful.
Mix and Match your geometric pieces for that exotic Tribal Chic Look!

Shades | Fly 
Skirt | Apartment8
Bracelet | Ethnu
Shoes | Tory Burch
Take note of my Tribal Statement Pieces:
Wear those chunky ethnic accessories. 
You'll be an instant headturner with your edgy look.

So my stylista tip for you today:
Dare to look different!

So with this look, I was off to Solaire Resort & Casino...
Of course, to have fun, lose money (win some), and to celebrate Mother's Day!

Grand Entrance of Solaire!
Since Fresh Buffet was fully packed, we decided to give YAKUMI a try!
For taste, quality & food presentation, YAKUMI will definitely pass with flying colors. 
Price wise, you'd better prepare your pockets as this is definitely a big catch.

Tori Teriyaki (Php750)-For grilled chicken, this is way too expensive. This was quite dry, but you can tell that this was grilled and marinated with less soy sauce and seasonings. 

Lamb Saikyo Yaki (Php 1339)-This is my ultimate favorite! The Australian lamb chops were absolutely tender and juicy. I could have finished this dish if this was the only entree we ordered! A must-order!

Buta Kankuni (Php723)-This braised pork belly dish was served in 3 pieces. It looks very tempting, but I'm not a fan of pork belly so I passed. My father, however, finished this dish so it must mean it tasted great!

Kamo Kuwayaki (Php 857)- The duck was beautifully and artistically presented in an imported Himalayan Slate. Trust me, the slate was too heavy to carry or even move. I can just imagine how tormenting this is for waiters to carry this dish. But I have to commend how tasty and tender the duck tasted. It's incomparable!

Farewell Solaire, until we meet again, which is soon!
Check out Solaire's Water Parade I took below: