Tuesday, October 23, 2012

White's Hot: SNOW WHITE

“ Mirror, mirror on the wall / Who is fairest of them all?”

Skin white as snow, lips red as blood, and hair black as night.
Cloaked in white, this girl’s young, hot and divine!

"Sophie Ng is fairest of them all, my queen."

Let’s admit it! There’s just really something in the color white that makes you instantly stand out. Why do brides wear white gowns? Why do doctors slip on white coats? Why are bleaching creams and glutathione so famous here in the Philippines? It all boils down to white beauty. White just reminds me of Snow White!

Yes, you got that right! That white look will give you an instant tummy tuck, nose lift and botox in just seconds! Just be sure to put on some colors. You wouldn't want to scare all those Prince Charmings away, do you? 

Goddess. Princess. Snow White.

White is Royalty. White is Elegance. White is Beauty 24/7. You don’t have to sparkle in gold nor wear neons from dusk to dawn just to get noticed. With white, you need not say more.

Girls, are you born to stand out or are you born just to fit in? Well, I don’t know with you, but I never liked being stuck with the latter. Yes, LBD will always be the safe choice, but come on, LWD has so much more to offer. So, stop being predictable! Unleash the stylista in you.

Headpiece from Rockwell Bazaar                                                          Hat from Greenhills Bazaar
Expandable belt from Taiwan                                                                  Studded Belt from China

See, white is never dull & boring! In fact, it's so fresh, versatile and fierce that you can do so much with it. Look at how a simple headpiece and a belt can alter your look in a split second. Whether you're headed to a cocktail party or just a casual gathering, girl, you're definitely good-to-go!  As long as you know how to accentuate your look with the right accessories, you're always photo-ready, so don't worry!

And not to mention, a perfect pair of shades will add serious chicness to your entire look! 

Shades by Fly
     White's Hot! It doesn't make you look fat! Yes, black really has that slimming effect compared to white, but this shouldn't stop you from wearing white! As long as the cuts and the fabric of your dress perfectly highlights the contours of your body and hides those flaws, then you’ll look fab without a doubt!

Shoes by Platform
Lace Skirt by Preview
Sheer Top by Kirin Kirin
Sheer without being tacky. 
Lace without intentional flirtatiousness. 
Sexy, but still demure.  
Now, that’s instant hotness for me!
So, are you already whitewashed?
Just a word of advice. Beware of the Huntsman! Surely, you’ll be his next target.

Clutch by Choix

"Mirror Mirror on the Wall, who is the fairest of them all?"
Those in White!, my queen.

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