Wednesday, June 5, 2013


At 24, I can't help but ponder how my life will be in 4 years time.
Questions like 'What ifs' & 'Could have beens' once again baffle my mind.
Oh, I know answers to my crazy and not so crazy questions will come in due time,
So I'll patiently wait to find whatever it is I'm looking for...

This is the look I was aiming for!
Mullet Dress | ZARA
Hexagon-Shaped Bag | WADE
Multi-Color Strapped Wedge | RUSTY LOPEZ
For what is this ANGELIC look, you may ask.
It's for a Baptism Ceremony I'm attending to as a Ninang!!!
Meet Hugh Conrad, my little angel below.

Hugh & Ninang Moments | Car Ride

So my stylista tip for you today is to keep your look simple & elegant!
Don't be just a Plain Jane though. Go and accessorize!
Make a statement by wearing accessories and shoes that scream: "Look at Me!"
Fashion is having fun with details. It's daring to be bold...daring to be different.
 And I have to say Rusty Lopez knows me too well.


I'll share with you my awesome readers some sneak peeks of June 2's Ceremony:
Hugh with his beautiful mom Cara
Herbert, Hugh & Cara=ONE HAPPY FAMILY

Hugh's Reception took place at Century Park Hotel Manila.
Thanks for the awesome feast!
You never fail to satisfy my taste buds.
And of course, for the sweet tooths like me,
Krispy Kreme definitely made this place a Disneyland to remember!
Hugh, Ninang loves you.
Gosh! You're oh so cute!
I'm here to 'adopt' you...anytime Hugh.
Someday, but not today, I'll be a loving wife and mom.
Someday, but not today, I'll have someone to love and to hold.
Someday, but not today, I'll have a family to call 'My Home.'
For now, I'm happy that I have this little angel.
Oh my turn, when will it be? Time will tell.