Monday, June 30, 2014


Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Love never crossed my mind
Until I met you.
GOWN | Apohl's Boutique 
BAG | Mango
Oh, I just love the color red.
It'll be all eyes on you when worn with confidence, enough said!
Oh, no other color can speak of love, seduction and passion,
As red simply creates an intense heartfelt sensation.
Fashion is all about expression.
Oh, please don't always wear something out of caution.
Yes, classics are classics, basics are basics,
But, once in a while, dare to be bold and try a different mix.
HAIR & MAKE-UP | La Manila (Nimfa Ferrer Salon)
@Greenhills Shopping Center

Love is indeed a four letter word that makes the world go around,
It's having that special someone who'd always make you feel safe & sound.
Love is a feeling yet a choice that no one can fully explain,
It's such a powerful force that when repelled can drive you insane.
Someday, I'll have my fairytale ending,
Someday, I'll finally get to wear my wedding ring.
One day, I'll get to meet my Prince Charming,
And when that day comes, I know it'll be an indescribable feeling! 
SHOES | Chelsea
After 13 years of love, trials and long distance relationship,
Chow & Jen's genuine love, no doubt, proved to be for keeps.
Oh, I just love how their love withstood the test of time,
This is definitely love & happiness at its prime!
All eyes would always on the girl in white,
                                  Most especially when she's a radiant and blooming sight.                                                                         Oh, I just really love Jen's impeccable taste,                                            Her gown---so dramatic & sophisticated with an embroidered lace!

"Love Doesn't Make the World Go Round.
Love is What Makes the Ride Worthwhile."
Love is a magical feeling,
It's something you can call like an imaginary wing.
Oh, it is love that makes people want to be a better person.
Love is a committed choice made together to go through life's journey & destination!

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