Sunday, September 21, 2014

Fifty Shades of Blue

Oh, I know what you'll say!
"Where is Christian Grey???"
Ladies & Gents, don't be dismayed,
As I'm definitely not here to show you how to get laid!
Shades | Calvin Klein Accessories
Top | Honey Buttons
Now, you've probably guessed,
I'm just here to inspire you to look your best.
So don't you dare go out & look like a mess,
As you might bump into Prince Charming in this Fifty Shades of Blue quest!
Bag | Mango Accessories
I just love every tint and variation of blue.
Why? 'Cause it instantly creates that regal aura too!
I've always associated blue as a color of royalty,
As its hues are captivating & enchanting like the deep blue sea.
Bracelet | Trunk Show
Shoes | Chelsea
Persian Blue. Columbia Blue. Powder Blue. Cornflower Blue. Celestial Blue.
Blizzard Blue. Baby Blue. Imperial Blue. Peacock Blue. Air Force Blue.
Oh! The list could go on and on...
My, my, I didn't realize there's more than fifty shades of blue!

In this day and age,
Most women out there are still looking for Mr. Right.
In fact, some are even searching for the ideal Christian Grey,
Young, handsome, business-savvy and oh-so-charming, what can I say!
Mullet Skirt | Trunk Show
Lo and Behold,
Beneath those charming and enchanting looks,
Is a man with a dark side, with an opposite tide.
Don't you worry, whatever shade, if we are meant to be, we will collide.

Prints when paired with a bright hue will never fail to stand out!
Oh, I just love my off-shoulder top from Honey Buttons,
As it gives a sophisticated twist with a subtle vibe of sexiness too.
Don't you just love the richness of Fifty Shades of Blue?

I'm definitely looking forward for the movie Fifty Shades of Grey,
As it offers something mysterious & intriguing in every single way.
Fashion can tell a story,
But the wearer, that's a different story!