Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Life, at times, is an empty canvas,
Black & white pages as I call it.
But as we get inspired by people, things & events surrounding us,
We tend to realize that life was never meant to be dull & boring;
It was meant to be lived with excitement & a sense of mystery.
So reveal your personality with a canvas splashed with watercolor.
Life as we call it is way better with colors:
Where beauty is appreciated in every sunrise & sunset,
Where adrenaline rushes in every cup of coffee,
Where love drives you nuts every single time,
Where moments highlight our reason for existence.
 Time & life are two priceless commodities that wait for no one.
So as we get older, we learn things we never thought we are capable of.
There will always be victories & failures,
As there will be 'Happy Ever Afters' & 'Series of Unfortunate Events'.
Every choice we make ultimately leads us somewhere,
As every commitment we make pleases someone out there.

As much as possible, I try to see the beauty in people & circumstances.
Sometimes, it gets a bit hopeless when you see the pains & hurt in this world.
But when that glimmer of hope starts to fall,
Something suddenly happens that show you that life is still worth it.
Yes, I admit, the future is quite scary.
You may either end up as to how you envisioned yourself to be or the exact opposite.
Life's predictability lies in the choices we make,
So let's make the right ones for our sake, shall we?
People once told me:
"There's no such thing as forever."
"There's no such guy!"
"Relationships just ruin your career."

Well, no matter how negative life can be,
I still choose to live a life of possibilities & positivism.
Being vulnerable to people who mean the world to you ain't really stupidity.
It's simply truth to Hercules' words: "People do crazy things when they're in love."
No matter how simple an act is as long as you know it came from the heart,
No doubt, it is appreciated in every single way.

I remember those days someone cut several classes just to tutor me.
I remember those days someone bought me brownie a la mode to cheer me up.
I remember those days when someone actually prepared a candle-lit dinner for me.
And I remember those days when one stayed by my side even if I didn't loved him back. 

I just can't help but be thankful to those people who have made my life special.
They have never given up on me and have stayed with me through thick & thin.
Yes, at some point in our lives, we have somehow fallen apart,
But that shouldn't make us less of a person.
'Cause the mere fact you & I are still standing means better things are yet to come.

With me, there are no really regrets.
Yes, we may have those so called 'What Ifs' & 'What Could Have Beens',
But in every decision I make & every step I take,
I know that I have truly wanted it once in my life.
I wouldn't be who & what I am not if not for the things I've experienced.
Every day has been a journey to a destination that I have been working & praying hard for.
And someday I know I'll get the watercolored life I deserve,
As you & I know that there will always be something & someone behind that every smile.

<3 SOPHIEsticated