Sunday, May 8, 2016


Motherhood is 365 days, 24 hours, 7 days, 0 pay
Yes, it may be tiring, but seeing your child smile makes everything worthwhile!
Mom's life has revolved around housekeeping.
Yes, she'd say, "Love’s made with the oven too."
I couldn't agree more.
For 27 years, I know she loves me 'cause of her countless worries and incessant nagging.  
Oh, it is because of this genuine maternal love that makes our lives a bed of roses.
Yes, life is not perfect, but life is and will always be better with mom around!
So thank you Mom for this kind of love beyond compare.
I know that no matter how much I screw up, you'll still love me for me.
I know that when my times comes, I'll be a great mom too 'cause of you.

A Happy Mother's Day to you my dearest supermom!
You never fail to brighten up my life & put a smile on my face.
I may not be a perfect daughter, but do know, I'm trying my best to make you proud of me.
Your life has been revolving around the kitchen.
So this time around, allow me to treat you!
Yes, I know your cravings will be satisfied here at Cravings!

You've taught me to eat veggies even when you know I hated it.
Yes, you've forced me to eat and swallow those veggie concoction of yours.
Thanks for my rosy cheeks, which was a result of all those tomatoes you've blended for me.
So now, let me feed you with healthy good food too.
Yes, Lettuce be lovers because I love you so much.
I will always be your little girl no matter what happens.
Thank you Craving for preparing this gastronomic feast.
My mom enjoyed the salad & soup buffet to her main course down to the sweet treats.
You understand how Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice makes everything right,
And her day has definitely been cooked and baked right.

 Motherhood ain't easy, but you have given up everything because of love.
Sleepless nights & eyebags,
A Zombie-Look, you care not.
Your main priority, Sleeping beauties, we will be.

You gave up your world because we became your world.
I love you so much and nothing can change this fact.

I hope you had a blast with the little surprise treat I had for you at Cravings.
Mom, Me & Sharlyle of Cravings Katipunan