Thursday, May 18, 2017


'Tis the reason why Hollywood A-listers' wardrobes consist of white staples.
White's just a very versatile, chic and eye-catching color,
That you can never be under dressed nor over dressed in a white OOTD.
There’s just really something in the color white that makes you instantly stand out.
Why do brides wear white gowns?
Why do doctors slip on white coats? 
Why are bleaching creams and glutathione products so popular? 
It all really boils down to white, being a color associated to beauty & power. 
Oh, I just love wearing whites & so should you.
It's such a simple yet effortless fashion statement, without having to say much.
This color just makes me feel like a goddess with the number of stares I get.
Trust me on this one, my valued supporters.
Lately, I've been obsessed with online shopping.
And ROMWE has caught my eye with their stylish collections.
They have everything to style you up from the boardroom to the ballroom!
How cool is that, right?

Of course, I didn't stop my white obsession.
Why would I when it's just perfect for summer?!
Take a look at my favorite picks at ROMWE .
You may click the links below if you want to get one for yourself too.

White is Royalty.
White is Elegance.

White is a Statement,
That plains are never dull & boring.
Yes, a classic is a classic.
No matter how cliche it sounds.
My OOTD looks fresh and stylish.
I'm sure, by now, you know my secret---Slipping on this WHITE maxi dress!
Very simple, right?
Feel free to accessorize and give your look an 'oomph' factor!
Wear your favorite pair of sunnies or your favorite pair of stilettos.
And you're definitely ready to go in no time.
Don't be afraid to add pops of colors or simply stick with a monochromatic look if you wish.
To perfect your look, wear that confidence with a smile that shines like sunlight.
Who knows your Prince Charming might have already spotted you.
Seize the moment now, Snow White.
           What do you think about my all-white affair?
Feel free to let me know.
If you need help in styling, your stylish is just here for you too.
Oh, I'm lovin' my Street Style Look.
It took me less than 5 minutes to get ready.
No problemo with mix'n match,
'Cause with a white ensemble, I'll always be a catch.
‘Til my next post,