Friday, March 22, 2013


This is how I'm feeling right now!
Is it because of the Solaire Bandwagon?
Or is it just the sun telling me: 'Shine Bright!'
Lace Skirt | Apartment8
Wedges | CATCH
Yes, it's finally time for the brights.
So bring out those sunnies & hats,
Let's have that summer look comin', shall we?
Watch | Michael Kors
Shades | Fly's 'Mora' Shades
Lipstick | MAC

One of my personal favorites is my Fly Shades!
They just instantly bring out the SOPHIEstication in me.
 Chic, elegant and stylish in every sense of the word  See... It's just glam!
Yellow is rarely won. But this color can truly make wonders. 
As it is bright, it catches attention like no other. 
It's not too much, but you're sure you're doing it right. 
Simple yet stylish, plain yet seductive. 
That's exactly the look I'm eyeing for. 
Top it off with that perfect summer wedges and you're definitely good to go!
I'm just so excited to visit Solaire,
That I just had to dress up "Brighter than the Sun"
I feel like the Goddess of Sunlight.
Everyone just gazing at me,
Oh, what an eye-popping experience!
I'm feelin' perky right now.
A little playful, I should say.
I just can't wait to try my luck in this newly opened resort & casino.
Let's keep it rolling, baby.
See you, Baby.