Monday, February 25, 2013


Hey Bloggers! 
Gossip Girl Here.

 And I have the biggest news ever!
One of my many sources hotbitch91 sends us this. 

"Spotted in the Philippines. 
Blair Waldorf taking a vacation!"

OMG! Don't believe me? 
See for yourself.
Lucky for us, hotbitch91 sends us proof.

Shoes | Chelsea
Clutch | From Dubai
Watch | Seksy

"The Queen Bee"

Yes, girls like me can relate to the Upper East Side.
Definitely, Blair Waldorf is just the epitome of this social elite.
From cars, boys, gadgets to the latest Vogue fashion,
This is just what the GG World is mostly about.

Blair is a girl of extremes.
Sometimes snobbish, sometimes sensitive.
Sometimes unpredictable, sometime over dramatic.
In the end, she's just a normal girl who loves like no other.

Social Status. Power. Ambition.
She's just a real person in a real world.
She's a girl of no pretense,
Someone who just wants to stand up for the name Waldorf.

Call her a bitch.
Call her a witch.
She just loves schemes,
That's just the Waldorf Way!

Like Blair, I just love to dress up!
No matter where I go or what event I have to go to,
I just have to look my best,
Who Prince Charming might just be out there!

Never a hair out of place,
Blair is just known for her signature headbands, tights and diamonds.

Studded Swarovski Watch | Seksy (From Greece)
Dressy Top | 168 Bazaar
Fashion is what sets us apart. 
It's not just about attention. 
It's an expression of  who we are.

That's who I am.
And yes, Blair Waldorf has just landed in the Philippines.
And you're looking right at her.