Sunday, November 3, 2013

Cruella de Vil

Guess where the CRUEL DEVIL strikes next?
Honk Honk!
Of course, Cruella goes to the fashion capital of Asia!
Oh, it's time to flash the black-and-white ensemble,
Oh, it's time for that animal-skin elegance!
Oh, it's time to skin new breeds for my newest collection.
Top | New Team
Shades | Fly
Headpiece | Girl Shoppe
Shoes | The Carrier Pigeon Project's Red Brogues

Oh, this is upper class fashion alright!
Don't fret Cruella wannabes,

To achieve that Cruella elegance...
Just keep in mind that MONOCHROME will do the trick.
Just break it with statement bold pieces,
Voila! Cruella de Vil you'll see!
So where did I wear this devilish look?
To hunt for dogs of course!!!
G/F-1/F, Kok Pah Mansion, 58-60 Cameron Road,
Kowloon, Tsimshatsui, HongKong

How could I kill these cutie pies for fashion?
Oh, my heart can't take it so I'll just leave Snoopy to entertain me this time!
Charlie Brown Cafe just looks too magical.
It's like being literally part of the Peanuts comics!
Just look at how this 4000 square foot themed cafe was made.
The interiors and customized pieces are just amazing!
You'll surely find the kid in you at this place.

Oh, who wouldn't be captivated by the world of Charlie Brown?!
SOPHIEsticated was.
This is SOPHIE's kind of world!
More of this CRUELLA look below...

By the way, for those asking for my Cruella Shoes, check out:

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