Monday, October 21, 2013

Pick Me Up with the FOTON Pick-Up!

Oh yes, girls, like boys, love cars!

Do Take Note: 
I don't drive just any car...
I drive only what gives me that perfect oomph!
Oh you know...power dressing will always be one factor of success.

Oh, what can I say?!
Yeah...I know my car ain't updated anymore.
It's just that I'm still waiting for the right one.
And finally the time has come...
Oh, I've found the next one!

I saw this poster below.
And in an instant, I fell in love...
Oh FOTON, where have you been all these years?
Finding you drove me to cry happy tears!

Click this link to be as amazed as me:

I particularly got my eye on the FOTON THUNDER.
This is perfect for my family of 5!
Why would I swap my old car for a FOTON?
I just had it with a trunk so limited.
I hated having my gadgets & gizmos sit on my passenger seat.
Oh, I just need a stylish pick-up with a spacious trunk!

Only 2 people can sit on the trunk of this one!
More than space, FOTON's going to be a life saver!
Oh, compared to a small car, the view up there will definitely be amazing.
Say goodbye to flood repairs...
And hello to more roadtrip adventures!

Oh, I just can't wait to take a ride with you.
In fact, I'm already imagining my ride with you!
I'm totally revving up my ride this time.
It's time for me to ditch my old car...
It's time for me to make the FOTON switch!

Like choosing one's wardrobe, 
There will always be styles & trends of the season.
There will be high & low seasons.
But with this car, I know it'll be a classic.
That's why this is the car I seek!

So to all my loyal readers, family & friends...
 What are you waiting for???

Join Foton’s Big Show 2013′s Grand Launch at the World Trade Center on October 25 and witness the launching of the new FOTON View, the 1st dancing wheel loader in the Philippines.
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Receive amazing giveaways just for coming and you get even more when you test drive our passenger vehicles or attend our forums and trainings. No entrance fee!

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This is your chance too to attend the test-drive at Foton's Big Show 2013!
Don't get left behind this time.
 I won' should you!

See you there!