Monday, October 21, 2013


I decided to look playful & SOPHIEsticated for tonight's event.
Where do you think I'm headed with this look?

Clue: This is the 2nd time I'm attending a glamorous feast fit for the gods.
Check out the 1st time at HUNGER GAMES 
Maxi | Magic (from USA)
Shoes | Parisian
Bag | Girl Shoppe
Watch | Seksy (from GREECE)
So to break the monotonous color,
I chose to wear colorful feathered earrings and a hot pink bag.
Oh, I just love how the colors pop to complete my chic look.
So girls, remember, when done right, animal prints will always be a smart choice.
 It never fails to make anyone look stylishly fierce and confident in an instant.

So where am I off to with this ANIMALISTIC look?
Oh yes, you got that right!

Hello there:
October 16, 2013
7:30 pm

It's nice to be back for another FLAMING FEAST!
My outfit says I'm definitely ready for this.
Bring it on! Roar! 

It's Chef Ahwa's turn!

I'd like to congratulate the beautiful & amazing Ms. Candy Lim for another successful event!
It's unfortunate though that this will be the last Chef's Night for this year.
It's great that Gloria Maris accommodated 300 guests this time around.
The place was just packed with very excited guests!

Gloria Maris Shark's Fin Restaurant 
Gloria Maris' Staff's Grand Parade
Gloria Maris Greenhills staff & servers never fail to provide exceptional service.
Every server always has a smile on his face every time!
And of course, I'd like to commend Ms. Janet for the numerous years of VIP treatment.

So before your screens & keyboards get salivated,
I'll give you a snapshot of this uniquely concocted feast from start to finish already.

Salmon with Shrimp and Potato Wrap Drizzled
 with Wasabi Mayo Dressing

This is indeed a unique concoction.
I just love how the crispy potato wrap complemented the fresh salmon.
Baked Crabmeat and Shark's Fin in Crab Shell

Oh, this is my ultimate favorite for tonight!
The fusion of Crabmeat & Shark's Fin is just heaven.
Emperor's Crispy Chicken with Chiu Chow Sauce
Boiled Fookien Soup
This is quite ordinary for my taste buds.
I'd definitely go with the Three-Treasure Boiled Coconut Soup!
Stuffed Pigeon
Sliced Abalone with Ham & Vegetables

Oh yes, this is indeed a bountiful feast!
Taro with Hazelnut Filling

I just love the dry ice effect!
This, again, never fails to make a dramatic ending to the sumptuous feast.

If you were to ask me which of the two Chef's Night I enjoyed more?
Verdict: Emperor's Banquet (Dishes were 100% unique and exquisite)

Gloria Maris Greenhills is one of my most favorite restaurants.
You, my loyal readers may ask why???

Aside from its authentic Chinese fine-dining food & dimsum,
Gloria Maris has a world-class ambiance that never fails to meet my standards!
With Gloria Maris, there's no such thing as plain.
Even the plainest and simplest dish would always taste extraordinary.
Yes, it'll always depend on the catch...
But here, being and serving only the best is not an's always their priority.