Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hardys: It Gets Better with Time

 “Men are like a fine wine. They all start out like grapes, and it’s our job to stomp on them and keep them in the dark until they mature into something you’d like to have dinner with.” – Jill Shalvis (American Writer / Novelist)

Oh, I get better with time,
That's why you won't see me whine.
Oh yes, you'll see me drinking wine,
'Cause life, like wine, starts with a good & solid vine.

Yes, age is just a number.
But with a bottle of wine,
It's definitely a sign...
That this bottle should be mine!

Aging to perfection.
This is my ultimate vision!
Thus like wine, who & what I am grown to be...
Certainly defines the standard & quality of my lifestyle.
Swimming School
Scared as I was at a young age,
I didn't allow myself to get caged!
There's always the right way to grow.
All you need are the right conditions and the right exposure.

Water World

I learned to set myself free.
Can't you see?
With time, I definitely became carefree!
Oh, now, I just love the water and the deep blue sea.

See, things get better over time, 
Just like Hardys – after 160 years, it just keeps getting better!
Now, I'm not just a fashion trendsetter,
But a swimmer who loves to get Wet 'n Wild at any weather!

Oh! I just love Hardys Wine.
Its quality and consistency is something I always look for when I dine!
If it's another wine,
It's definitely not going to be fine!
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Wine elevates any social occasion or conversation.
Oh, I tell you, wine brings me extraordinary sensation.
There's no need for any conversation orchestration,
As Hardy's wine never fails to wipe out  my frustration & desperation!

Oh! I just can't live without wine!
'Cause every occasion with it in it feels divine.
I just cannot experience a wine shortage,
'Cause at this age, I'm definitely a sage.

Established in 1853
160 years of wine making experience
A broad range of Sub brands
 Strong appeal across a wide range of consumers

Cheers to Thomas Hardys5 generations of winemakers up to present day Bill Hardy!
My love and exquisite taste for quality wine...I definitely owe to your generation.

Oh your wines are pioneers of quality blending techniques,
Oh you certainly deserved your over 3000 awards in the last decade!

Oh Friends, make every occasion a Hardys' Occasion
Like me, love it & live it by simply liking & checking out: