Sunday, December 8, 2013


Fashion is something very close to my heart.
Oh, I love being a stylist, a fashion blogger and a wardrobe consultant!
Whatever I matter how simple or extravagant it is,
People just never fail to commend me for my exquisite taste.

I guess I'm just really naturally living up to my name, SOPHIEsticated.
As I am reaching my quarter life crisis,
Believe it or not, I already have designers in mind for my wedding gowns.
Two designers have topped my list: FRANCIS LIBIRAN & VELUZ REYES

Indeed, it was a privilege for me to have attended my fashion icon's fashion show!

And yes, one of my dreams is to be a model on the catwalk!
So this is a dream come true...
Another check on my bucket list!
Shoes | FOREVER 21
Bag |
Aranaz x R2R bag
So let me show you Francis' amazing collection:
Even before F.L. designed for Maricar Reyes & Megan Young,
I have already fallen deeply in love with F.L.'s exquisite and sophisticated taste!
 Best of all, his designs are very elegant, intricate & wearable.

Oh, meet my dates for tonight DAVID MATSUNAGA,
And of course, Marc for this opportunity and Brian & Jason for the photos!
Brian, Marc (Special Mention), Yours Truly, Jason
Let me show you guys some of Veluz' collection,
Which surely... you'll fall in love with too.
Credits to Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto
Credits to Pat Dy Photography
Credits to Bordoy Viterbo
So there...yes, I somehow believe in fairytales & happy ever afters.
I hope one day I'll find my Prince Charming so I can finally wear one of my dream gowns.
Yes, it's definitely a girl thing...a once in a lifetime kind of thing.

Now you know my taste,
It's definitely bejeweled, beaded, and embellished...
 Perfected by a sexy & SOPHIEsticated kick!