Friday, January 3, 2014


New Year???
What's new if there's nothing to change?
What's new if there's no bigger dreams & goals to pursue?
What's new if you don't grow a year older & a year brighter?

Parties, here, there, everywhere.
Oh yes, 'tis the time to be fat & jolly!
'Tis the time to shine like diamonds.
'Tis the time to live like the Great Gatsby!
Oh, I just love this magical event...
Where I witnessed LOVE that bloomed via FACEBOOK!
So what did I wear to the Great Gatsby event?
Gown | ASIA
Bracelet | TRUNK SHOW
Of course, something colorful & festive!
Rule: Skip the monotones during parties.
Brighten everyone's mood with pops of color everywhere.
Just make sure not to overdo it.
You wouldn't want to look like a clown, do you?!
Shoes | FOREVER 21
Bag | 
Aranaz x R2R 
New Year isn't just about living your kind of glitz & glamour.
It's having one more chance to turn those 'what ifs' & 'could have beens' into reality!
It's celebrating those countless blessings & paying it forward.
Oh, it's simply you & me changing for the better!

UCB @ Iloilo (So Candid!)
"What's the difference of every year?", you may ask.
It's the Chances we take that changes us.
It's the Changes we embrace that mold us.
It's the Choices we make that define us.

Oh yes, it's time to open a new book once again!
Let's not just stop & stare at blank pages.
Let's start writing and doing,
As words are just as empty without actions that prove it.

Yes, this is the start of 'A Once Upon a Time',
Dragons & Thorns might hinder us along the way,
But these should never lead us astray,
From finding 'Happy Ever Afters' that take our breath away!
Image taken from Kristine's Facebook Page
Image taken from Vago Nozze Studios, Inc.

Congratulations again Mr. & Mrs. Fong!
Be someone's reason to change,
Be someone's reason to fight,
Be someone's reason to love,
As 'tis the season to make it right!