Friday, January 17, 2014


If I were to send an entry to be part of CANDY Magazine,
This will definitely be it!
With hues as vibrant and as bright as this,
Who knows I might just be the next Candy Cutie (kidding!)

As Prom Season & Valentine's Day are coming up,
It's time for me to show you how to sweeten & make any casual/formal look sizzle!
Don't be afraid to play with colors...
As this is what brings out the femininity in us girls! 

With the right cut, style & hue,
You'll definitely be the 'IT GIRL'!
And of course, your DATE will complete your night.
Oh surely, this will be nothing, but #PromPerfect & #PondsPerfect!
Asymmetrical Mullet Dress | Apartment8
Oh! I just really love the color block of this outfit.
Two favorite shades/colors + SOPHIEsticated cut = Perfect Style!
Don't you just find this dress unique & stylish?
It's very playful---naughty & nice at the same time!
Shades | Fly 
Shoes | Chelsea
Bag | Mango 
Say goodbye to dull and dark hues this summer,
And say hello to neons and brights!
Remember, how you dress up is also a testament your character.
In my world, I breathe FASHION in every sense of the word.
Need I say more?
To get this look, here's a snapshot of my accessories!

What do you think of my look?
Let me know & feel free to comment below.

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