Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Forgive me FASHION for I have sinned.
I have been obsessed with you ever since I was a teen!
Oh, why do you have to make me fall in love with you every day?
Your trends, styles & cuts, it surprises me in every way!

Styling has always been my passion.
Oh, I just love dressing up for every occasion.
And now that summer has arrived,
Let's all welcome it with a playful vibe!
Shades | Fly
   Shoes | What For (Adora)
Skirt | Trunk Show
Accessories ALWAYS make or break an outfit!
Don't over accessorize. Keep it simple.
If you're already wearing earrings, opt for bangles, not necklaces.
Prints are best worn with Plains!
You wouldn't want to over-do it and look like a clown right?!
Make colors pop by simply wearing contrasts.

Don't be afraid to be naughty & nice with fashion!
Fashion is a freedom of expression, a visual shout-out.
It's simply daring to stand out by sporting playful cut-outs.

Wear the wrong shoes & you've got everything to lose!
Wedge is usually my favorite pick for casual days,
It's comfort and style that's meant to last you all day. 

SIMPLE is NOT part of my fashion vocabulary!
I'm am SOPHIEsticated in every sense of the word.
I just love anything and everything unique and vibrant.

 Dressale.com is my newest fashion addiction!
I just can't help, but be mesmerized by this A-list online shopping website.
Trust me, this site has every thing for every kind of girl!

Gowns are my Achilles' Heel!
I just love dressing up for proms, balls and special occasions.
It's my kind of fairy-tale even if it's other girls' nightmare.

I'm currently obsessed with 2 gowns, 1 shoe & this necklace from dressale.com 
What do you think of these beauties??? 
It's just my ultimate wishlist!
Glamorous Spaghetti Straps Mermaid Prom Dress with Shinning Crystals

Oh, the moment I saw this elegant mermaid gown,
I just knew I had to have this or else I'll frown!
Oh, this is just love at first sight.
Surely, anyone wearing this will be a captivating site!

Charming Designer Long Black Cocktail Dress in Illusion Tulle

No need to fly all the way to Paris & New York for Vogue,
As this black cocktail dress is my kind of world-class Vogue!
Oh, I just love its one-shoulder asymmetric design,
It's just the perfect wear for any special occasion with dinner & wine.

Adorable Peep Toe Mesh Sandals with Rhinestones and Rear Zipper

This peep toe mesh sandals is indeed another unique find.
I just love how mesh and rhinestone blend to perfect this one-of-a kind find!
This is my idea of a statement casual look at LookBook,
With this shoe, surely, anyone will get hooked!

Wedding Jewelry with Classic Design

To glam up any simple outfit,
Is of course, accessories that fit!
I just love to shine with diamonds,
Just remember my fashion Do's & Don't's!

Shades & lipstick are my 2 must-haves!
Where there is sun, shades will always make you look great.
And where there is red/pink lips, you're always ready to date!

Wear your confidence!
Love what you're wearing or take it-off.
Trust me, a look that says, "I'm Confident" always pulls anything off!

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