Sunday, July 27, 2014


Life waits for no one.
This is the truth of life.
Ready or not,
Life will continuously move on.

Sometimes though, life can be too exhausting,
Most especially when so much people rely on you.
Just look to the left, look to the right,
Oh! Most probably it'll be a busy, bustling sight!

Life just gives us endless possibilities & opportunities.
Things may happen in the least time we expect it,
Leaving us haphazardly stressed and depressed.
But in the end, it's all about knowing one's priorities.

Oh yes, I'm a dreamer and an achiever.
I love accomplishing things in the least possible time,
As life is as fragile as a glass.
Oh, time just waits and stops for no one.

My schedule is very hectic.
Sometimes it just makes me sick.
I'm not complaining that I'm a Jill of All Trades,
But sometimes, I just can't seem to multi-task anymore!

 So you may ask what's my medicine for sanity?
Chocolates---oh yes, happiness can be bought!
 There's a reason why stressed is desserts spelled backwards, right?
Just one bite of this creamy goodness always brings back my might!

Now, you know my secret formula to getting right back on track.
Oh yes, I want to unlock the skill of time management and multi-tasking,
So I can cross out more things in my bucket list.
Oh just having my well-deserved KitKat breaks never fails to fill me with bliss!

KitKat always makes me break the impossible.
Oh KitKat, it's always a pleasure to have a chitchat!
With you, I can always say hello to happiness,
And goodbye to stress and a whole lot of mess!