Monday, July 28, 2014

Sweet Endings with My Cadbury Barkada

Hello roadtrip!
Goodbye, for now, sleep.
Oh yes, I just can't contain my excitement,
'Cause time-off with my barkada is always well spent.

You bet nothing else could make my day,
Except for something insanely sweet.
Oh! It’s not boys that make me fall in love day by day,
But chocolates that melt in my mouth every day.

Oh, believe it or not, chocolates fuel my trips.
It's just the instant adrenaline rush I always keep.
Come on, have a bite, and you will see...
How your day could change into something irresistibly sweet!

Our itinerary for today,
Cruising the Manila Bay!
Everything was just perfect.
Oh, who wouldn't enjoy the majestic sunset by the deck?
A taste of heaven in every Cadbury bite,
You certainly won’t mind saying “whoops!”
To calories that pile up in loops,
Oh my, it’s just so damn good!

Marry me Cadbury,
Oh, you're my dairy milk,
You're my fruit & nut, roast almond & hazel nut.
All I'm just saying is I can’t imagine life without you!
You make simple moments so grand & special.
You relax my nerves like no one else can.
You show me that happiness can still be bought.
In you, I always find sweet beginnings & sweeter endings!

Shoes | What For in Adora Greenbelt
Skirt | Plains & Prints
Earrings | PinkBox
Shades | Fly
Hat | Desigual
Just like falling for the charms of Gossip Girl’s Chuck Bass,
Who wouldn’t be obsessed over mouthwatering Cadbury?  
Just a sight…just a taste…just the aroma...would make you lust,
Screaming, ‘Oooooh, Mmmmm, I want mmmorrre Cadbury!!!’

Bag | Aranaz x R2R Bag

'Til our next roadtrip.
Oh, I can't tell when,
But surely, it'll be sweet endings with my Cadbury Barkada,
'Cause with friends & chocolates, it'll always be a 'HAHAHA!'