Saturday, August 23, 2014


I'm portrayed to be tall, thin & pink.
I have small, circular ears, yellow eyeballs, and a long tail.
Oh yes, you know who I am now.
I'm the famous PINK PANTHER!
Necklace | YHANSY (from Shangri-la Mall)
I stole no diamonds nor jewels,
But I surely stole a lot of captivating glares.
Oh yes, I'm loving my plains & prints Pink Panther look,
'Cause trust me, pops of neon can easily get anyone hooked!
Shades | FLY
To blend in more with my environment,
I decided to sport a simple casual yet dressy look.
So if you want to stand out, make sure you pair your plains w/ eye-catching prints,
As this is one combo that's surely a guaranteed win!
Picture taken from
Skirt | HONEY BUTTONS (from Greenhills Shopping Center)
Shoes | WHAT FOR (from Greenbelt Adora)

Most girls like pink.
Baby pink, hot pink or neon pink,
Whichever shade one picks,
You're surely in for a fashionable kick!
I just love my pencil skirt from Honey Buttons!
Vertical stripes just makes anyone look taller & slimmer.
So fashionistas, if you love them too,
Just visit Greenhills, Tiendesitas & Cash & Carry too.
Casual wears doesn't mean you have the excuse to look dull & boring.
In fact, it's days like this that you get the chance to mix 'n match.
Just dare to have fun and play with fashion,
As it's really you & me that adds color to this world! 
Pink just exudes femininity, sophistication and elegance, all in one.
When matched with the right accessories,
One's look can intrigue, entice and invite for that second look.
So what do you think of my Pink Panther inspired look?
In hot days like this,
Do make sure that you wear a wide brim hat & glam shades.
These two accessories never fail to ooze the hotness in me.
Just kidding! But seriously, these 2 are fashionista must-haves!
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