Monday, August 11, 2014


Life, like it or not, brings so much ironies.
Sometimes we're up, sometimes we're down.
Sometimes undeniably strong, sometimes just vulnerable.
With a blink of an eye, life can already shift 360 degrees.

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But just as the sun and the moon signals every passing day,
So does life surprise us in every possible way.
Yes, things may happen in the moment we least expect it,
But it is in these moments that we learn to stand & get on our feet.

As black is to white, 
Happiness is to sadness,
Life is to death,
Yin & Yang too move in pairs.

Yes, life gives us a lot of love-hate relationships,
But believe it or not, opposites spice up every relationship.
We find joy in the absence and presence of someone,
Just like we find pain in something that's been lost then found.

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YinYang exists in everything,
As there's always something complementary in the other.
As the saying goes: "No Man is an Island."
It certainly takes two interacting forces to strike a balance.

There will be days where you will experience the Yin,
Where life seems pretty tough, negative, dark & passive,
But there will certainly be Yan days too,
Where days would seem light, positive, bright and active.

Life shows us the duality of things.
It's more than just "It takes two to tango!"
Life is a give & take relationship,
There'll be that inner voice in us saying, "Now, take the leap!"

Life is a bumpy road,
A roller-coaster ride.
Just remember that no matter how high the tide,
It is the journey, not the destination that matters in every ride.