Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Cadbury Sweet Endings

It's Love at Every Bite!

Nothing could beat the summer-winter heat,
Except for something insanely sweet!
Yes! Heaven is no longer an unreachable dream,
With a daily dose of Cadbury with my Sweet Endings Team.

Cadbury knows that each and every one of us needs a break.
So when Cadbury offered me a trio date, 
I knew there and's just a privilege I had to take!
So for those who missed it, this is for your sake.

My date with all Cadbury Barkadas was held at Shangri-la Mall.
From the (3) FREE Guardians of the Galaxy Tickets with Popcorn & Drinks,
To the Pick-a-Prize Booth with a chance to win an Ipad Mini,
My Cadbury experience definitely became a sweet ending!
Taken from Nuffnang Facebook Page

Upon entering theater 2, 
Who could ever resist singing along with Cadbury's Jingle?
BUT word of caution, this is gonna be your Last Song Syndrome!
With this video running 30x on repeat, you & me are having LSS!

♫ Baby, baby, baby, baby, heaven sent you,
Maybe, Maybe, Maybe, we were meant to,
Be together, be forever, two little hearts go boom." 
No one left empty-handed,
'Cause there's surely a box of ultimate sweetness for everyone.
Thank you Cadbury & Nuffnang for this night,
It was definitely a Sweet Ending done right!

Taken from Nuffnang Facebook Page

A gift from my love with a love letter:
"Nothing like a box of chocolates to share with your Cadbury Barkada 
as a sweet ending for July. Thanks for coming. Enjoy!"
‘Shake, Rattle & Roll.’
‘Twist, Lick & Dunk.’
Styles of the past,
Which surely wouldn’t last!

Rip. Bite. MM-Melt. Enjoy.
My, my, this is definitely yummier than any other boy.
Oh, I just love my Cadbury...
With him, no heartaches, no heartbreaks, no worries.
My 4-Step Cadbury Ritual
Just RIP the exquisite royal purple and gold packaging.
Take a BITE into that tempting little thing.
Savor the MMM-Melt-in-my-mouth-moment.
And finally just ENJOY by repeating the ritual that's heaven-sent!

Marry me Cadbury,
Oh, you're my dairy milk,
You're my fruit & nut, roast almond & hazel nut.
All I'm just saying is I can’t imagine life without you!

You bet nothing else could make my day,
Except for something insanely sweet.
Oh! It’s not boys that make me fall in love day by day,
But chocolates that melt in my mouth every day.

A taste of heaven in every Cadbury bite,
You certainly won’t mind saying “whoops!”
To calories that pile up in loops,
Oh my, it’s just so damn good!

Just like falling for the charms of Fifty Shades of Grey's Christian Grey,
Who wouldn’t be obsessed with the luscious Cadbury day by day?  
Just a sight…just a taste…just the aroma...would make you lust,
Screaming, ‘Oooooh, Mmmmm, mmmorrre Cadbury, always a must!’

Oh Cadbury, your taste alone is my Sweet Ending!

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