Monday, October 20, 2014


Oh yes, ladies, there's such a buffet without the calories!
Ever since I heard of Clothes Buffet Manila, I was very much intrigued with its concept.
Who wouldn't be when the statement:
 "1 bag. 15 minutes. 30,000 clothes. Grab-all-you can!" makes anyone's adrenaline rush!
Since I've been lucky enough to be able to have the All Star wave pass c/o my sister,
I can't help but thank Nuffnang x Clothes Buffet Manila for one hell of an experience!
I was very much up for the challenge of beating the 19pcs record in a 33cm x 23cm buffet bag,
But when I was actually inside the Ariato Penthouse, Il Terrazzo buffet floor,
I told myself: "Scratch the idea. It won't be worth the Php1999 buffet bag."

So this was the view as I stepped in the buffet floor.
I must admit, I was like a crazy kid running back and forth,
Eager to buy all the fab finds from the 10 arrays of clothes.
Thank God for the big wall timer,
To remind me that I had to allot 3 minutes to shove everything in the bag!

So how many was I able to bring home???
Yes, 8 is definitely my lucky number!
Oh, I'd definitely go for quality and style over quantity.
What's the use if I can't wear my fab finds right?!
15 minutes was just right for my time pressured shopping.

So here are my loots!
I just love the 8 pieces I grabbed.
Oh, this shopping spree was just worth it.
Average per outfit is just Php250. :)

Believe it or not, I was actually able to finish every rack!
Don't be fooled though,
It's not 30,000 clothes in 1 wave,
It's the summation of all clothes in all waves.
Check out a glimpse of the actual Clothes Buffet Shopping.
Oh, yes, you won't get fat here.
You'll just be on your toes,
Rushing to grab your size & style before someone grabs it first!
So don't worry,
Just remember to enjoy your panic buying shopping.
 I bet, you too, can beat the clock.
Just know thy style and you'll definitely win this game!

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