Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Aye Aye Captain!
Finally, our ship's ready to sail!
Time to welcome 2015 with a clean slate.
Off to another journey elsewhere...
Off to another road of self-discovery.
Dress | ZARA
Shoes | ADORA
Bag | SO FAB!
Wow! How time flies.
I can't believe I'm turning 26 already next year.
Oh yes, I've somehow surpassed my quarter-life crisis,
Assuming I live 100 years. (haha!)

Honestly, I have no fears of ageing.
It's more of the rising expectations, added responsibilities & future commitments.
I'm just not the kind of girl that lets anyone down,
As I, too, expect them not to let me down.
Everyone loves to travel---it's a given!
In my case, it's just pretty hard to balance work & play.
But once in a while, in my own little world,
I dream of packing my things and leaving everything behind.
(**Just for a couple of days** haha!)
 Yes, I'd love to sail across the Aegean Sea,
Waking up with a majestic and scenic view,
Have a bountiful breakfast in bed,
With a view deck that just leaves you oh-so-speechless.
Dress | ZARA
Shoes | ADORA
Bag | SO FAB!
Reality Check:
Life's just a roller-coaster ride!
Sometimes you're up, sometimes your down.
Often times, you'll fall down, get swerved by or be bumped off.

But whichever path you are in, 
Always have that 'game-face' on,
And let your positive attitude shine. 
Confidence is just like a sunshine that continuously radiates.
Let it affect people. 
Let it have an effect on you.
 To all my readers & supporters,
I wish you all love, happiness and success this coming 2015.
Remember that your past shaped your present,
And your present is your stepping stone to the future.
So start your year right, of course, with a bright outfit.
Wear something with circles or something that sparkles to celebrate the New Year with a bang!
I'm ending this year with a very relaxed sophisticated look,
With a chic, stylish and sexy look rolled in one.
Life should not be full of "What Ifs" & "What Could Have Beens".
Life should be an experience of everything unexplainable.
Laugh-Cry. Love-Hate. Be sheltered-Be Vulnerable. Break-Up-Make-Up.
Once you've been here & done that, you've LIVED.