Thursday, January 8, 2015


Do you have those days when you didn't feel like waking up?
Do you have those days where dreams were just better than reality?
Do you have those days when you just felt the world was watching over you?
Oh boy, this is seriously one of those days!
Jumpsuit | APARTMENT8
Shades | SHANA

New Year=New Look! 
What better way to start off than with the color that spells CLEAN SLATE best?!
Oh! White is a statement color in itself.
And obviously, an all-white jumpsuit can make anyone look glam.
I feel like a tennis player/supermodel/race track driver in this outfit!
Not only did I have those "wow" stares, but also that "donya" effect.
Oh surely, I can pass as a tennis player in the Wimbledon Tournament,

Or a Green Living Endorser,
Or even a race car driver.
With a solid color such as this, how can you not score some hearts?
Oh, something sophisticated, edgy & elegant---my kind of peg!
Imagine after all my photoshoots & tournaments,

I was still able to have a day tour of Japan,

A 5-star dinner at a posh Italian Restaurant,
And of course, a taste of Belgium's best!
Oh, it was just a silly dream!
'Tis the effect of my trip to the City of Dreams in Manila.
Oh, it's like enjoying Dubai all over again! <3