Tuesday, February 17, 2015


What do V-DAY, B-DAY, CNY & PROM have in common?
Oh, silly, it's simple!
I'd definitely wear RED in all these occasions.
With red, it's always 'Sssshhh...Enough Said!'
Shades | SUNNIES


Red has that irresistible magnetic attraction.
It's simply the easiest eye-catching tool one can think of.
Who could say No to the Scarlet Fever,
When red's such a powerful 'Oh Yes!' language.

SHEINSIDE is definitely my most favorite online shopping site.
Trust me, you'll find the most exquisite outfits at very affordable prices.
You would think that what I'm wearing right now is couture, but it's not!
Now you know why I just love Sheinside, always the Red Carpet Effect.
This is by far my most favorite Valentino Look.
Of course, every one wants to look smokin' hot on V-day!
Who knows Cupid might just be around the corner.
You bet, when this happens, I'd feel like I'm Rosalinda.
Shoes | DUMOND
Aside from the month of hearts.
Prom Season is just around the corner.
And if you need my Stylista Advice:
"When In Doubt, Always Wear Red!"

Red never makes you feel under-dressed nor over-dressed.
It just gives you that serious boost of confidence,
That sexy sophisticated feeling that turns people on.
Oh, trust me, you'll always be on the spotlight, not fade in the background.

Red Long Sleeve Embroidered Backless Lace Dress

If you like my outfit as much as I do,
You can get it here too at:
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Shoes | WADE
I celebrated my 26th birthday on February 13 & Valentine's Day on February 14.
Chinese New Year would be coming up on the 19th.
And what better to welcome the year with a bang than wearing Red!
But of course, the best outfit will always be that smile on your face.

Red is hot so let's show them what we got.
Oh, I just love the sexy-back look.
It is effortlessly stylish & sophisticated without revealing too much. 
With red, no accessories are needed,
'Cause red is the color of passion, it is the language of the heart!
He loves me...he loves me not...Oh he loves me.
I'd love to have it that way. *Hahaha!*
Being a self-confessed hopeless romantic,
I'll keep believing that someday my Prince will come & show me that my ideal man does exist.

Red Long Sleeve Embroidered Backless Lace Dress

February is definitely my SCARLET FEVER!
It's the month where you bring out your best & brightest red OOTDs.
I've got to be honest with you my readers,
I even feel like a celebrity walking down the red carpet with my Sheinside Dress.
Shoes | FOREVER 21

Like a red stop light,
People do stop when they see me in this outfit.
I think it's just the 'Vavavoom Vroom' Effect of this red dress of mine.
Oh, what can I do?
I guess the power of red just took effect!

Let's paint the town RED with the SCARLET FEVER

P.S. For those asking, my dress can be bought from: